Outreach Idea (AMA on C++ reddit)

So, for the time being, new developers are always going to be welcome on the Thrive project. But obviously, we can’t just rely on hoping people stumble across us and maybe have the skills and desire to help out. If we want the best results, we’re going to have to encourage recruitment pretty actively. So, I’ve been thinking about how we would do some outreach.

Developers are currently the people most in demand for us right now. So, I was thinking that we could perhaps host an AMA on a community for C++ developers and talk about what Thrive is and some of the specifics. We could perhaps bill it as a learning experience for new coders, or even like a collective pet project for more experienced people. Either way, we be as transparent about our intentions and what joining us entails as much as possible. How does that sound?

We have posted in the past a few times on https://www.reddit.com/r/gameDevClassifieds/ and https://www.reddit.com/r/INAT/ in addition we have posted on the Ogre forums about a graphics programmer and the most recent time we posted on the new itch.io hobby developers board. So we have done that. But as far as I know I’m the only person who have joined Thrive because of ads like that. It would be nice to get a popular post on like C++ developers reddit, but I doubt we are big enough for them to let us do that.

Other than that in my experience the most amount of new developers we have gotten are posts on Spore related reddit posts or videos. Or quite big youtubers playing Thrive. So while your suggestion would be worthwile (but right now as me and @Untrustedlife are the only main programmers working on the game and we don’t have a ton of time to be mentors we can’t really advertise Thrive as “we’ll teach you how to develop games”), I think we should try to focus on other things.


I dont know where I should post this but this seems like good enough as anyplace.
one of the developers should reach out to this guy and see if he would do a video on thrive or even join the team

Ooh, I know this YTer and she’s popular enough. I’m sure she would love to play Thrive!

She knows about Thrive and even made a video making The Disturbance in Spore.

I watched most of that video and there’s even a point where Thrive is discussed and our trailer footage is shown. They definitely know about Thrive.

ya I seen that after I already posted it here