Patch,patch Terrain,map,chemical cloud color

[Patch] should have 3 layer
big patch which now are using, and detail patch which I recommend to add.
I do see the new patch map concept # Progress Update 5/9/2020

But I think this still work like a big environment.
what I suggest is space slice as ceiling, middle space, ground(semi soil semi water)

[patch Terrain]
ceiling and ground can let player drill in as a plant or underground type creature.
the veiw should be Vertical 2D cross-sectional interface, but not a Bird’s-eye view.

player can press “M” to open the MAP and choose to move between small patchs(or patch Terrain)

Multicellular Stage should have a 3D space MAP

look like this cross grid interface,and show other Multicellular creature with color points.
right mouse click to drag surround player point.
map should unlock when they get some kind of eye. different type of eye should get different result.

[chemical cloud color]
when player become bigger, chemical cloud should get lighter color.

Yes, this MAP is made of MAP.
I agree that Multicellular should have a 3D map.

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I semi-agree with sz2000’s map idea, accept your cell would have it limited radius based on the sensory systems and their strength.