Path of the Wild (Forum Game)


rest for a bit


Action: Follow the surface that covers the current, i can keep feeding while only having to feel around half the usual space in case of predators.

(Radical Revolutionary) #689

I will play as this(:belgium: the 20 characters are annoying)

(Immortal Dragon) #690

So sorry for disappearing people. Internet cut out for a while there. Thanks for the new round Stealth.

Action: Search for food nearer the entrance of the river.

(The Third Duke of Silly) #691

Action: Hunt around, away from the big scary arthoskulus

(Louix) #692

Woah, sorry for the late reply, going through Some personnal stuff, Action: REBIRTH!

(Ṁ̴͙͔͒u̴͐͛̓͠ͅś̴̛̮̰̖̑͆͠i̵͚̤̥̝̬̎͋̊c̸̨̛̦̱̯̽̋͛̍ M̴a̸͙̬̐͌̈̄͌ń̸̯̉̃̌̕ ) #693

Dance as i come into being once more