Permenantly floating creatures

This was just an example reason. Motility for light, motility to be able to gather more plankton, motility to do either, it doesn’t matter. The primary energy source of coral and coral like plants is plankton iirc. Anyway that was effectively just fluff text, it could begin movement for any number of reasons.

I’m not trying to defend it! I specifically said that is a major flaw. But it’s useless to repeat that over and over without constructive criticism. I am aware that as it stands right now, it is unrealistic. I acknowledged that. If you insist on still bringing it up, provide alternatives, how you would improve it. If you don’t want to attempt to do that, don’t keep on bringing it up when it has been acknowledged.

If I was actually trying to prove this could be in game, I would indeed have to prove why they wouldn’t evolve/how this would also be viable in the presence of other methods. However, I was and am simply trying to make a scenario where this is theoretically possible;

And for that theoretical scenario, it is best to assume such things have not evolved. This is for the sake of trying to prove that such things are possible in the first place, without trying to circumvent extra challenges.

This is true.

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a lot of corals are filter feeder mixotrophs and also by any definition other than the incorrect on of “anything that doesn’t move and photosynthesizes is a plant” corals are not plants and are actually animals as they are not fungi

i’m pretty sure in this scenario we are assuming that nothing can exist that uses softbody movement can exist so there has to be hardbody movement (ex: motors, wheels, propellers, wings, pistons, ect.)

keyword: “primary” as in “majority” not “all” something with it’s primary source of food being photosynthesis ex:

can easily move. they eat algae, process it through their leaves, and digest the photosynthesizing cells once they are no longer useful. this is called kleptoplasty though they do eat they mainly digest the algae for minerals not calories like carnivorous plants

To add to this, spotted salamanders merge with algae as embryos, allowing them to photosynthesize without eating or hosting photosynthetic organisms like most other photosynthesizing animals. Costasiella kuroshimae are part of an entire family of photosynthesizing gastropods called Sacoglossa. And many sea sponges and anemones host photosynthetic organisms like coral do. Pea aphids can generate ATP from sunlight using carotenoids.