Personality Thread

Not sure if this kind of post is frowned upon but I didn’t see anything against it nor did I see any threads like it so I figured I’d make one. :upside_down_face: This thread is just more for getting to know each other better.

With that out of the way please feel free to post anything you might think describes you best or things you find interesting.

Ex: My Horoscrope sign is Sagittarius which is the element of fire and is represented by the archer. I was born in the year of the rabbit according to the chinese calander. I don’t have any favorite color because I think more in color combinations over flat colors. If someone were to ask me it would be one of the following; Black with Electric Blue highlights, White with Royal Blue, Silver with Lime Green highlights, Red and Gray highlights on a dark background, Red on White, Red on black, Etc.

Please use reason when making your post.

I sometime get really angry of stupidity

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Oh god, not on here too.

If you get angry from people less intelligent than you, especially if they don’t even mean any harm, your probably not very intelligent yourself.

Did you just call me dumb.
And it’s not that i get angry for people who are dumb,I get angry because I’m a retard myself.
I love Irony.

No, I did not call you dumb. I’m addressing the general attitude of “hating stupid people.”

I just hear this attitude everywhere, online, at school, even some relatives. There is always someone who complains about the intelligence of others. Everyone in the world is smarter or less smart than another person in the world, if we were to make fun of everyone less intelligent than ourselves this would turn into a vicious cycle of everyone bullying each other and getting bullied. This is why education exists, instead of getting angry at people less intelligent than you, correct them in their mistakes and add to their ideas.

And no combi, this isn’t directed at you, this is more directed at everyone reading this thread I feel like this thread as I feel like this is going in the wrong direction of topic.


Yeah,I agree with you.
Anyways,as for other aspects of my personality.
I would consider myself a pessimist,i justify this by saying that it makes everything good that happens in my life feel better.
And I criticize myself a lot.

This is why I said that. Please be respectful of other people’s opinions when you post.

I think what would best describe me is somewhat open minded, but I can be a little self minded at times. Usually, i’m open to critisism about most of what I make, whether it’s a Thrive Universe sapien or Story, i’d be happy to hear someones thoughts or if anything needed to be changed. Sometimes, however, I get a little defensive in my work. If it’s similar to something else some other person made, i’d probably argue that it isnt the same (though it probably is).

I also like to work on different projects with friends. Ryan, whos one of my friends on Discord, and I have been working on Thrive and non Thrive related things.

One of those things is called Britomartis, set in the Upsilon Andromadea system (which is real fyi), and he welcomed the Umbruke (one of my TU sapiens) to establish a research center their. We’ve been going over how they would work, how they could handle the weather and environment, and how they would study it. He said he would be making a forum account and posting it here, so theres that.

I just like to do general work with my friends and get things done with them. One of my closest friends who I know in real life, Jordan, is helping me with writing my dytsopian book. He’s also thinking about joining Thrive, but he hasnt been on his account since then, so i’ll have to talk to them.

Anyways, this is all I have for now.

Does that mean PositiveTower hates himself?

Yes and no

wow another necro jk this isn’t me trying to increase my post count I am genuinely interested in this thread

I guess I can say I’m somewhat more opened minded than I was before.

I’m usually constantly doubting my beliefs.

I accept criticism from other people but not like flat criticism like “Your art sucks!” without any reason why my art isn’t good.

I also strongly dislike conflict other than joke conflict. That is because I consider it a waste of time and I also think it would cause more harm than it would solve.

I fear death. To be more specific I fear the process of dying. I’m curious on what’s will come next after it.

I hope this helps you guys get to know me better.

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