Petition for chris pratt to voice the creatures in thrive

we need him

  • chris pratt will voice the creatures

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let’s get 50 votes everybody
edit: for more detail he will make stock voices for the game that can then be mixed and matched for the player creatures and npcs
also he’ll be singing the music, even the ones without lyrics


let’s see who doesn’t

  • Chris Pratt will not voice the creatures

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Lets have a fair vote so It’s easier to see who voted what.

  • Chris Pratt does creature voices
  • Chris Pratt does not do creature voices

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Wait now I feel dumb…

This whole time I was reading this as ‘Chris Kratt’ and not ‘Chris Pratt’ lol.

Wait its chris pratt? I thought he was talking about someone named chris patt…
(idk either of them)

He’s the guy who played Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy.