Please implement modes like easy, normal and hard

There are many enviroments when playing the game, it seems that many of them are harder to survive. It’s too hard, sometimes resources like oxygen, amonian and glicogene aren’t find soo quikly, and they are spent very fast.

This was already discussed a while ago. I’m on my phone so I can’t easily send a link to it but it’s one of my earlier threads if you want to check it out. I’ll add a link once I’m at my computer

That’s the thread where we discussed this.

Having adjustable difficulty options is something that is planned. The exact details aren’t decided yet and it isn’t a high priority right now. But maybe part of a fun gameplay experience is adjustable difficulty, @tjwhale ?

Yeah I think adjustable difficulty is a good idea. I also think a good time to sort it out is right at the end, so we build a single solid set of mechanics and systems and then decide how people should be able to adjust them.