Possibility of the starting location being a moon

(forgive me if this isn’t the right thread but I figured since it’s the starting stage it’s appropriate, and I couldn’t find if anyone has already talked about this or not)

Something that I just thought about is are we only going to be able to start on planets, or will we be able to start out on moons that are good conditions for life? I have no idea if this is a difficult thing to implement or not but I thought it would be a cool place to start out a game and have unique gameplay differences from starting out on a planet.

Not a dev so I can’t say for certain but I don’t see why it’d be hard to implement. A lot of the planets will probably have moons anyways. BEING a moon isn’t much different. As for whether it’d cause problems for life or not, I’m unsure. The worst things I can think of would be the potential for frequent eclipses if you’re orbiting a big planet, and large tides. But if you ask me neither of these things are bad. I don’t think having unique challenges for specific types of planets is a bad thing, in fact I think it’s a GOOD thing. That way the adaptations you use for each planet will be extremely varied. That will add replayability and make the evolution process smoother. Adaptations won’t be made to fit some continuous meta, they’ll be made to fit the experience you’re currently having.


Yeah I totally agree and was kinda what I was thinking, if done right you could literally NEVER have the same gameplay and will always have a different experience, which will be amazing