Probably Not a Species Game: Revival

(🔥😈🔥The Lord Of Bored🎄🎄🎄) #65

can i be on the waiting list?

(Radical Revolutionary) #66

Vote:better circulatory ayatem
Odd vote:a smell that attracts insects

(Uncertain Agent) #67

Regular Vote: Ability to survive being digested.
Odd Vote: Start hiding out near every corpse.

(cerealkiller) #68

Vote: try to develop a social structure to form little groups
Odd vote: try to get a gliding ability

(Merlok keeper of the liberty top-hat) #69

@kikygames you haven’t voted yet

(The Third Duke of Silly) #70

That’s because he’s suspended

(Merlok keeper of the liberty top-hat) #71

Oh didnt know, why was he suspended?


Im Kikys Sister and so u dont wait this is his vote
Vote 1: Make infected specimens get out of the herd and starv them selvs.
Vote 2: migrate to the next Best place
Why did i jump from 450cm to 50cm

(Eater of the Powder that makes you say yes) #73

I meant to write 45 cm the other turn.

(Merlok keeper of the liberty top-hat) #74

Why was kiky game suspended?

(The Third Duke of Silly) #75


(Merlok keeper of the liberty top-hat) #76

thank you for telling me

(The Collector Of Useless Information) #77

Can u plz become symbiotic or neutral so we both live if u decline i will try every immune system trick that can kill u i may even get poisonous blood!
Vote 1: Make the blood plasma contain cyanide (im gonna kill u parasite)
Vote 2: migrate to the next Best place
Also when is the next round it has been a week

(Merlok keeper of the liberty top-hat) #78

He will the game when he has time and SOVIET HAMSTER AWAY (flys with the power of communism)

(Eater of the Powder that makes you say yes) #79

Attention! A continent wide biological disaster has struck this planet. Due to the lack of predators, insects adquire huge sizes, sometimes larger than 20 centimeters. The ecossystem is incredibly unbalanced.

Rwunakriyi Eraquana (Biologicah)

Migrate (You’ll migrate to one of the adjacent biomes if successeful) - 1 (Unsuccesseful)
Get bigger - 5

The great beast of the Dying Dense Forest. Filled with insects almost it’s size, the beast struggles to keep itself alive. It grew bigger, but it’s eggs are constantly eaten by the giant insectoids. It rose with lush forest, but now that this sacred biome is collapsing, the beast collapses too.

Longevity: 3 years

Appearance: A 30 centimeter lizard with a greyish pigment. It has two bright green sacks in the sides of the mouth. When in passive mode, it exhibits several ramifications in it’s skin, going from it’s head to it’s tail. Upon feeling threatened, these spikes go up in the air, making the creature appear scarier and being effectively more dangerous.

Status: Endangered (-)

Amniota Circulata (Positive Tower)

Better Circulatory system - 6
Attracting Insects - 4

Amniota Circulata is still fighting against all odds in the Dying Dense Forest. It has evolved an extremely efficient 2 hearts circulatory system, allowing it to run for long distances without becoming tired. When one of the heart fails, it can continue to work with the secondary heart. It hunts the insects, but the main problem is it’s young being eaten by them.

Appearance: A 23 centimeter lizard with a very dark green pigment. It’s eyes have a strange, rectangular pupil. On touch, it’s skin feels hard. The long and slightly more muscular legs of this specimen end in sharp, thick claws.

Longevity: 5 years

Status: Near Threatened

Archeopteryx Archaicus (serialkiller)

Social Structure - 2
Gliding - 3

The long gone bountiful Treetops are now filled with pestilence, disease and giant dragonfly like creatures. Archaicus is barely managing to survive, keeping it’s anti social behaviour, but managing to glide short distances between the nearby trees.

Appearance: A 20 cm lizard with a green pigment. Its back legs are visibly bigger and more articulate than the front legs. A fine membrane covers the front legs and back legs, allowing it to glide short distances.

Longevity: 1 years


Pulgar Commone (AgentTine)

Survive being digested - 4
Necrophiliac behaviour - 4

The stench of death and disease fill the air. While others crumble in the Great Extinction, Pulgar only thrives. It has developed a mucus allowing it to survive inside a hosts body, eating off it’s sustenance. It’s numbers are now stable.

Appearance: A 4 centimeter lizard with a light green pigment. It’s mouth has developed a special apparatus for sucking blood. Several porous structures are on it’s skin, emmitting a greenish mucus.

Longevity: 2 years

Status: Near Threatened

Enalosauria Venenosa (KikyGames)

Blood with Cyanide - 2
Migrate - 4 (Fail)

The Giant of the Dying Dense Forest has developed a mutation, making it’s blood not efficient at carrying oxygen. It becomes impossible to run because of this disabling situation. It’s food supplies are also heavily dwindling, since the insects destroy most of the vegetation in the area.

Appearance: A 50cm reptile with a yellow pigmentation.

Longevity: 6 years

Status: Vulnerable (-)

Gaviota Migratora (Rednascar11)

Reverse bad mutation - 5
Migrate - 4 (Fail)

In the dying treetops, Gaviota has developed better feathers, now covering most of it’s body. The tumour-like appendages it had were reversed during generations of mutation and natural selection. The bountiful area it lived in is now being devastated by the giant insects, but it manages to survive by hunting the weaker of them.

Appearance: A 20 centimeter lizard with a blue coloring near it’s legs. Between the front and backlegs, this species a well developed glide structure, complete with feathers from head to tail. The claws on this specimen are bent inwards.

Longevity: 3 years

Status: Vulnerable

Reptilinae Nomadus (AnimalArmy)

Migrate - 4
Migrate - 3

Nomadus is the first one to leave the comfortable home that once was the Dense Forest. It has reached a more tropical climate, after wandering south. This jungle has a water source, but the effects of the Great Insect Expansion can still be felt here. May this Jungle be now known as The Equator Territory.

Appearance: A 4 centimeter lizard with strong front legs. It’s skin is a dark brown near the front and gradually becomes light green towards the back.

Longevity: 3.5 years

Status: Near Threatened


A New Realm : Migrate your species 3 different times, and find 3 different biomes.
Brains Over Brawns : Surprise me.
One Predator to Rule them All : Become the sole top of the food chain on this world.

Remember to be creative, just voting “get bigger brain” won’t be enough to get you the Brains over Brawns quest, for example!

World Summary

This is where you can see the geological and biological evolution of this world. Your actions will impact it.
The Dense Forest becomes the Dying Dense Forest
The Treetops start becoming more arid due to the insect plagues
The Equator Territory is discovered

(Merlok keeper of the liberty top-hat) #80

Vote: increase size
Vote: migrate (dont bring eggs but bring newly hatched lizards )

(The Third Duke of Silly) #81

Regular Vote: Become highly protective of eggs

(Uncertain Agent) #82

I think I’ll just decline that offer to have a beneficial symbiosis.
Vote: Start spreading harmful diseases to our hosts.

(The Collector Of Useless Information) #83

What if u kill me u have no one to eat?
Vote: Make Infected Specimen Suicide.

(Radical Revolutionary) #84

Vote:Larger size