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So when is the next round

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Round 3

I think it’s about time you guys name your colonies, it doesn’t cost an action.

Populate the Oceans (4):
ARK decides it’s time to populate the oceans. They seed algae and bacteria into the water, making the water ready for larger creatures to move in.

Continue work on shrubs (3):
With more work, all the aforementioned problems with the shrubs are solved, though they are not favored after their previous failure, they still find a good market.

Plant Wheat Bamboo (1):
UGF design bamboo-like crop, which is enjoyed by many, especially for bread, but issues arise when cultivating it, as it requires cool and humid conditions, which seem to be very rare on Alterra, as most of the humidity is still near oceans, which kill the bamboo from the salinity.

Build a colony in the mountains (4):
UGF founds a new colony in the mountains for its patrons, becoming Alterras first city without an air seal. A few from the outside it has made accusations of blatant racism by only allowing genetically modified people in the city, but UGF assures them there is no issue with this.

Build a colony near a dry river (6):
Mirage decides to build a colony of their own, and they decide they need a river, but it seems Alterra hasn’t had water long enough to ever form a major river, but instead of giving up on the river, Mirage digs an enormous channel to make their own river, and it becomes the only major river on the planet. The colony is built shortly on a small ‘lake’ at the base of the channel.

Plant more water (5):
Mirage decides Alterra needs more water, so they import more water, filling the oceans further, while against their public choice, a group of people take to action to put water through the channel, digging a well at the bottom of the lake, filling it with fresh water and suppling the river.

Start a distant colony (3):
SGC takes their own venture with a colony placed far from others. It is built on a large island in a shallow ocean, the colony ends up being small and lonely, but it does make a nice exclusive base.

Plant pumpkins (6):
While other companies mess with around Genetically modified crops, SGC plants their traditional crop, the humble Terran pumpkin, with no modifications. Oddly, pumpkins seem to absolutely thrive on Alterra, growing better than they seem to on earth, this discovery leads to many farmer taking their chance to move to Alterra and farm pumpkins.

Generate a Magnetic field (IFC:5 DARK:5 Crest:6):
With the magnetic field being down for so long, IFC, DARK, and Crest get together and use their designs to make an effective new magnetic field generator. The generators are towering structures, powered by nuclear reactor each, able to cover entire regions in safety, only ~50 are made, but that is all that’s needed to cover the entire planet.
They’re high maintenance, but was worth the cost.

Release the bacteria (2):
The IFC releases the microbes that left for a decade, only to find that the bio-domes exploded from gasses released by the bacteria, on the bright side, a small marsh formed around them and is filled with bacteria.

Grow more life (3):
DARK attempts to grow something on the surface. They plant several species of moss, ferns, and conifers, all plants that don’t require animals to be pollinated. They don’t spread very fast or far, but it’s something besides barren soil.

Plant sour apples (1):
Rather Sour Apples plants their apples, they haven’t actually ever grown their own apples before, as they are a distributing company, but they start with the namesake product. The apples are terrible, they have an intense sourness that makes a good marketing campaign, but bad product, and nobody really wants to buy them.

Prepare nuclear defense (2):
After RSA fails to grow good apples, they work on their new species, and it must be kept safe. Nuclear weaponry is imported off the black market, ready to defend. Somehow, word got out that RSA was importing nuclear weapons, their funding was cut, and a company wide investigation was instigated.
The fate of the rest of the company is unknown, but the CEO and some loyal employees are still on Alterra, and the nukes were safely stashed on Alterras inner moon.

Improve The Colony (5):
As Crests influence on their colony shrinks, the attempt to improve it and increase their PR. They build several new factories for resources that previously came from off-world, and expand their available services to more utilities the common person can use. With the expansion, people seem to be doing better than ever on the colony.

Planetary Review:

An artificial magnetic field has been planted.
The oceans have risen (currently ~50% land ~50% water).
Fresh water is appearing.
The first river has been dug.
A marsh has grown.
The weather cycle is starting.
The oceans are populated with various types of plankton and algae.
Bacteria are starting to spread planet-wide.
There is moss, ferns, and conifers on land.

RSA has had a budget cut.

(Uncertain Agent) #66

Action: Retrieve the stashed nukes and nuke any city that doesn’t buy our RatherSourApples :tm:


OH [Belgium] THAT’S BAD D:

1: Take action to ensure the protection of the colonists and their livelihoods.
2: Create new specimens of trees to grow temperate forests.


For future reference, if you have lost funding, while you can’t have unlimited again, you can gain two votes again as long you can continually earn money through business, trade, or anything else.

(Evolution4Weak) #69

Colony Name: The First Alterrans

Action 1: Improve Colony
Action 2: Set Up A Satellite Network For Communication To Earth/ Other Planets

No Action Action 1 : Buy Some Sour Apples For Trade At Higher Cost

(Merlok keeper of the liberty top-hat) #70

Political Votes : ask flroida permission to keep tabs on rather sour apples because of them trying to get nukes (and be confused and laugh about why an apple company would want nukes)
Military vote: set up a small militia for the defense of the colony
Environmental vote: map the surface of the planet

Edit: sorry evo4weak i have no idea who is who in this game

(Evolution4Weak) #71

do you mean AgentTine trying to get nukes because i haven’t tried yet…

(Ṁ̴͙͔͒u̴͐͛̓͠ͅś̴̛̮̰̖̑͆͠i̵͚̤̥̝̬̎͋̊c̸̨̛̦̱̯̽̋͛̍ M̴a̸͙̬̐͌̈̄͌ń̸̯̉̃̌̕ ) #72

Political votes:

  1. Send a message to the funders asking for permission to ship in anti-nuke missiles.
  2. buy some rather sour apples, to avoid said nukes.

Naming votes:

  1. name our colony Occinium
    2 Name the bamboo like crop Spimbius


1: Modify the Spimbius to suit the planets conditions.
2: Engineer a edible fast growing coral like plant for the ocean

(Radical Revolutionary) #73

Vote 1:Start sending some robots to plant crops
Vote 2:put down any bacteria that could help the plant’s growth

(🔥😈🔥The Lord Of Bored🎄🎄🎄) #74

vote: put genetically modified filter feeders in the ocean near my…
vote: …colony! named DARK-land.
Political votes:

  1. Send a message to the people who run this asking for permission to ship in anti-nuke things.
  2. buy some apples, to avoid nukes.

(cerealkiller) #75

Okay so:

-release our mutated yersinia pestis in agenttines base. I’ll sacrifice my second vote for the greater good
-in order to regain our funds, sell some of the pumpkins that grow so well on this planet

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@oncpapa when will the next round start


Round 4

Hey, it’s Halloween, and what’s more scary than a mad man looking to cause nuclear annihilation because people don’t like his apples…

For everyone except RSA

Hello, this General Klein, of the Union of Terran Systems. We have sent a military force to dispatch the nuclear force at, Rather Sour Apples… Please do not engage in an assault against them, keep to the defensive, and attempt to continue terraforming efforts. Until we arrive, give them what they want.

We will be arriving at several locations planet wide to engage them. Armaments for the settlements will arrive shortly.

Klein, calling out…

Nuke all cities that don’t buy apples (6):

With nuclear weapons obtained, the seemingly insane ‘CEO’ of RSA demands that all cities of Alterra buy his apples, or face his wrath.
Luckily for him, the world bows to his favorite fruit. But seems other worlds don’t agree, as the Union of Terran Systems (UTS, the government that paid for Alterra in the first place) seem to disagree with RSAs business practices, and send armed forces to stop them, but the first advances towards the RSA are halted by several nuclear explosions launched as warning shots, requiring UTS soldiers to retreat.

Protect the colonists (4):
ARK builds several ‘Kinship Vaults’, a nuclear bunker to protect civilians. With the vaults, they cue a mass evacuation, though they can’t fit everyone, they’re able to save all kinship members plus several thousands more, providing somewhat comfortable living and job opportunities underground.

Create temperate trees (6):
Even with nuclear annihilation on the horizon, Alterra must continue to have natural life. ARK plants many species of deciduous trees from many different planets and, while many don’t survive, a different species is planted until the remaining species thrive on Alterra.

Improve First Alterrans (4):
While traditional improvements won’t be helpful right now, Crest realizes putting some peace of mind to the citizens who didn’t evacuate is important, and while requests for missiles was turned down, the UTS has provided all colonies anti-air rail guns to install, and with RSA being ‘payed off’, First Alterrans is considered somewhat safe.

Set up a satellite network (2):
Crest makes an attempt to build a satellite network, and succeeded, they notice that there has been one working this entire time. The satellites are handy, but ultimately weren’t needed.

Have the Florida monitor RSA (6):
Being one of the most influential companies in the Republic of Florida, the IFC call upon them to get involved in Alterran War.
Being already part of the UTS, and seeing as the UTS planet is in danger, they are happy to help.
Sending many agents, spies, and hackers to monitor RSAs efforts, giving key insight for the UTS’ next attack, even contributing their own soldiers.

Setup a militia (1):
After recruiting help, the IFC is granted permission to attack. Assembling an army a thousand strong, consisting of UTS and Floridian soldiers, and Alterrans looking to defend their home.
With the army on the march, they meet a crushing defeat…
A single nuclear strike wipes out the entire force, a small recording was caught from the event… The bomb flashed over the horizon, before a blast of supersonic nuclear ash covered the entire army, killing all of them from the blast alone, and those who survived that likely died of suffocation or burning in the ash. These are first deaths at a nuclear explosion in Alterran history, and the people of Alterra grow somber after this.

Map Alterras surface (4):
After the disaster, the IFC attempts to map the surface. With the new satellite network, this is easy.
The surface consists of one major continent, as well as a few mini continents to the east of that, with islands scattered all across the ocean, which itself is rather shallow compared to earth (still very deep though). The surface is still somewhat patchy with vegetation, with some forests, and farmland visible, but most is still a grey wasteland. While mapping it’s obvious where the bombs went off, leaving massive craters, these bombs are far more powerful than any ever bomb used on earth.

Modify Spimbius (3):
While the spimbius was slowly falling out of favor, UGF plants their new variety, while not very different, it should grow in dryer climates. With the new breed, they aren’t widely grown, but do commonly find use in foodstuffs and decorum.

Engineer Coral (5):
UGF fills the oceans with their new varieties of coral. These corals grow faster than earth coral, making them spread much faster, finding themselves quickly growing massive reefs to the east.
Another benefit to the coral is that it’s edible, though this point ends up being fairly small, as most people don’t want to eat coral guts out of a rock.

Deploy farming robots (6):
With civilians evacuated, Mirage deploys robots to farm automatically farm the crops, no matter what. The robots are a huge success, making Mirage big business. With no humans to manage, farmland is able to be spread far across the planet.
Best of all, when nuclear devastation draws in, the robots will still work, got to get that value out of this planet.

Plant beneficial bacteria (3):
While not much, some bacteria are ingrained into the robotic far plots, these bacteria make the soil for fertile and keep back plant blights. While their effect is small, it help regardless.

Plant genetically modified filter feeders (5):
DARK decides to put some filter feeders in the water. Most of what gets introduced are small fish, but then someone suggests a whale…
But regardless, all species introduced are genetically modified to suit the planets conditions better, but usually aren’t modified more than that.

Build ‘DARK-land’ (4):
DARK builds a colony with their company name on the west coast, which is currently the planets quiet side. It’s initially mistaken for a theme park with the name, but it is a regular colony with ‘targeted advertising’ as DARKs executives would say. Quickly becoming one of DARKs main factory locations in the galaxy.

Release a mutated plague (1):
SGC takes an initiative to drop a plague against RSA, despite all prior warnings. They manage to drop several ‘plague bombs’ onto RSA territory. Unluckily, the plague spreads planet-wide quickly, affecting nearly all populated locations within a matter of years.
After the news that a plague was loose, you were called in by your superiors, your budget was cut, the SGC mostly returning to how it was before the grant, except now they have a few facilities on Alterra, and while they don’t have a budget for terraforming, it’s not like that can stop them from planting something on the planet.

Commercialize the pumpkins (2):
After the news broke that the SGC was dealing with a lethal plague, many distributors would not ship SGCs goods off world, that includes their pumpkins, being unable to ship them from Alterra to major buyers. All this relegates SGCs Alterran pumpkins to Alterra, to be bought and sold on Alterra.

Political Report:

UTS soldiers have arrived and will assault RSA soon.
Warning nukes have prevented UTS soldiers from attacking immediately.
All colonies have payed off RSA.
Florida has become involved in the nuclear crisis.
A military force has been annihilated.
Requests for anti-air missiles have been denied, but UTS has provided anti-air rail guns.
Yersinia pestis (the plague) has been released and is at least somewhat affecting all cities.
SGC has had a budget cut.
RSA is receiving income.
Edit: Forgot this while making the round:
Crest attempts to resell the Sour Apples, taking the ones they can sneak out and selling them to BioBatteries Inc. for a small profit.

For anybody confused, the Union of Terran Systems (or UTS for short) is a group of interstellar nations that ally themselves, and
they are the ones who funded the expedition to Alterra.

Planetary Review:

The magnetic field generators are intact.
The planet is lightly covered in fallout.
The planet has cooled slightly from nuclear winter.
Lakes and Rivers are forming.
The weather cycle is now active.
Deciduous forests are planted and thriving.
Coniferous forests are expanding.
Corals are growing in the water.
Fish and species of whale now inhabit the oceans.


1: Set up AntiPlague Stations in the colonies to work on disease cures and ensure vaccinations.
2: Set up public Alterran History Museums to display the events that have taken place on the planet and continue updating them through the years.

(Merlok keeper of the liberty top-hat) #79

Vote 1: set up a larger army with anti nuke railguns
Vote 2: put colony under high alert and dont let anyone in or out
and make sure to buy trees from ark

(🔥😈🔥The Lord Of Bored🎄🎄🎄) #80

Make battle droids with anti nuke things.
Set up Med-Stations in the colonies to work on disease/fallout cures an things.

(Evolution4Weak) #81

Action 1: Help With The Cure With The All New Experimental Cure-It-All 2.0++ Now With 200% More Cures
Action 2: Use The Experimental Fallout-Get-Outer 3000
The Non-Action Action: Continue Buying The Apples And Selling Them