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Round 6

This is the second to last round now, and next round is the finale, so next round everybody will get 1 vote, which cannot fail, giving everyone a chance to change Alterra before I send everybody off.

Clear the fallout (DARK:2 Mirage:5):
With fallout being a growing concern, DARK and Mirage invent more solutions. DARK attempts to use lasers to charge the fallout and meet its half-life sooner, but the design fails after several realize that this would cause a nuclear explosion, and cut it before disaster.
Meanwhile, Mirage develops a strain of bacteria that feed off the fallout, before sinking themselves deep into the soil. This solution is surprisingly effective, and they start to thrive and consume most lingering fallout.

Release Kumis (2):
DARK, unhappy with the lack of creatures, make their own.
The release a frog-like creature called ‘kumis’, but after release, many of the kumis seem be dying. Research into them indicates a Terran fungal infection has stowed away and is affecting them. Sadly, little can be done, and kumis are now considered endangered.

Build an underground colony (5):
With danger rising, Crest takes action and builds an underground city. The city is close quarters, but ultimately is much safer than any other city on the planet. Entrance to the city is monitored through a single gate, and the city has an active guard. It attracts many Alterran immigrants, who are looking for safety, despite the strict regulations.

Import land animals (5):
Crest, seeing the few creatures, imports some common earth animals. Most of the imports consist of Ungulates and Rodents, as well as some common predators and several species of birds. Nearly all of the creatures do well in the earth-like conditions, mostly unfazed by the fallout. They make Alterra not nearly as silent as it used to be.

Provide protective suits (5):
Mirage decides that they need to start protecting civilians. They start importing carbon fiber and lead plates from off-world, these are used to open factories to produce effective protection. While somewhat heavy and clunky, Mirage mandates that civilians wear the suits while beyond city limits, and provides them at free at government facilities.

Build Cochise City (UGF:1 RSA:4):
With the RSAs end imminent, UGF starts construction on Cochise City.
Conditions begin poorly, with geneticists having to cancel modification to prisoners, due to modifying adults being immensely difficult, and some of UGFs specifications being literally impossible. But construction is still continued… That is, until the supply ship for the prison is unexpected shot down from orbit by RSA and crashes into an Alterran sea, leading to loose of all transported materials, and the death of all on board, leading to Cochise City’s abandonment…

Engineer pacifying coral (2):
While UGFs human experiments on the Cochise Outpost were happening, some researchers also attempted to create a coral to pacify the future prisoners. something goes wrong with the chemical engineered into it, while the coral sometimes pacified, it also caused a variety of symptoms, including (but not limited to):
Nightmares, Insomnia, Increased blood pressure and heart rate, Hallucinations, Aggression, Seizures, and Paralysis.
Usually occurring within a week of exposure. Ultimately several decided to dig a very deep hole, dump the all of the coral, and bury it.

Engineer sapient apple trees (1):
RSA decides that the apples may give some foresight to the UTSs plans. A group of loyalists is gathered to bring their apples closer to the RSA ‘corporation’.
They bring back one sickly apple tree with rotted fruit, and several try to speak to it, but it doesn’t speak back. The ‘CEO’ says that you have to eat the fruit to gain knowledge, within the next few days people start saying they’re having strange visions, of apples, ghosts, plutonium. Some say this may be symptom of long-term radiation exposure, but how could they deny true wisdom?

Continue ransoming with the Plague (4):
SGC, still lacking profit, continues threatening for ransom.
SGC finds luck in an underground city, with the city paying to keep the disease out. Though SGCs employees weren’t allowed in, selling the city the rights to not be plagued gains SGC some cash flow.

Infiltrate RSA (UTS:2&;5 ARK:1&2):

It was finally time. the UTSs plan was ready to unfold. A unit of 12 was assembled to siege RSA headquarters. Of coarse, ARK couldn’t leave them on their own, and assembled their own squad of 18. UTS and ARK meet out side of the bomb sites, equipped radiation suits made by Mirage, the team crossed the wasteland, and made it to RSA base… Upon reaching it, what can be seen is a scrapped together colony surrounded by apple trees, with a massive rail gun looming over it. The attack begins,
and soldiers start pairing of into squads of 6.

UTS squad 1

The first squad goes to rail gun to shut it down. They’re met by hostile RSA units, and having to engage in a fight, the hostiles are killed, and a few soldiers are injured. The rail gun is secure, but it can’t be completely disabled without a dedicated unit.

ARK squad 1

The second squad attempts to claim the perimeter. They engage in a fight with RSA units. The squad ends killing many, but ultimately gets completely shot down after a long time fighting.

ARK squad 2

The third squad is sent to the nuclear weapons facility.
The squad leads a charge through it, killing RSA units on sight. Ultimately clearing out the facility and locking down the nuclear arms.
Though, like the rail gun, they can’t be disabled without a dedicated unit.

UTS squad 2 & ARK squad 3

The final two squads infiltrate the central building. UTS leads, ARK flanks. After shooting through several hallways, they reach the central chamber. A church-like room, filled with RSA ‘cultists’ praying to a sickly apple tree, and a man cloaked in red near the tree making a circle around it with plutonium bars. The soldiers know what needs to be done… UTS break through the front doors, shotguns first, ARK break in from above, shooting down at RSA, leading to the cultists pulling out their own guns and fighting. Eventually, the squads take out enough cultists where they unwillingly surrendered, except for the leader, who resists surrender and pulls out a rifle, but is shot in the leg, knocked out, and captured.

With RSA HQ captured, the soldiers can finally call in backup, and shutdown all super weapon. The soldiers do a final sweep of the facility and capture any remaining RSA units. Several will remain to keep the facility secure from remaining RSA units and allies.

With RSA captured, and Alterra safe, for now. And with the up and coming end of terraforming Alterra, that day will be marked by the execution of the leader of the RSA…
“Hello, civilians of Alterra! I am general Klein. You are here to witness the execution of the scourge of Alterra, and our planet, being accepted as a nation in the Union of Terran Systems. In the decades I have been here, this man has plagued Alterra, but today, will be the end of his tyranny… Executioner, would you do the honors…?” “Any last words…”

The contract:
Alterra is nearing fifty years of age. When that happens, Alterra will become an independent nation in the UTS, and the terraforming companies will have their terraforming budget end. With the end imminent, A final push can be made, for Alterra.

Political Report:
The contract about to end.
The underground colony was founded.
Fallout protective clothing is mandatory.
Cochise City has failed.
The underground colony is being ransomed by SGC.
UTS and ARK have defeated RSA.
RSA leader is about to be executed.
RSAs nuclear hot wiring and rail gun have been disabled.

Planetary Review:
Magnetic field generators are operating normally.
The fallout is thinning rapidly.
Fallout eating bacteria are thriving beneath the soil.
The planet is warming again.
Deciduous forests are growing normally.
Coniferous forests are stable.
The spread of fungal grass is slowing.
‘Sapient apple trees’ are a single dying non-sapient mutant tree.
Corals have stopped bleaching.
‘Pacifying coral’ is deadly, but contained on the outer moon.
Aquatic life is living normally.
Kumis are released and endangered.
Common earth animals are thriving.


1: Create a taskforce meant to protect the citizens and ensure law is upheld throughout the solar system.


Since it’s the final round, you have to take a single action.

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Sorry. Thought you said next round was gonna be the final.

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̶ ̶̷̶ ̶̷̶̶̶̷̶N̶̷̶̶̶̷̶U̶̷̶̶̶̷̶K̶̷̶̶̶̷̶E̶̷̶̶̶̷̶ ̶̷̶̶̶̷̶T̶̷̶̶̶̷̶H̶̷̶̶̶̷̶E̶̷̶̶̶̷̶ ̶̷̶̶̶̷̶W̶̷̶̶̶̷̶H̶̷̶̶̶̷̶O̶̷̶̶̶̷̶L̶̷̶̶̶̷̶E̶̷̶̶̶̷̶ ̶̷̶̶̶̷̶P̶̷̶̶̶̷̶L̶̷̶̶̶̷̶A̶̷̶̶̶̷̶N̶̷̶̶̶̷̶E̶̷̶̶̶̷̶T̶̷̶̶̶̷̶ ̶̷̶̶̶̷̶B̶̷̶̶̶̷̶A̶̷̶̶̶̷̶C̶̷̶̶̶̷̶K̶̷̶̶̶̷̶ ̶̷̶̶̶̷̶T̶̷̶̶̶̷̶O̶̷̶̶̶̷̶ ̶̷̶̶̶̷̶T̶̷̶̶̶̷̶H̶̷̶̶̶̷̶E̶̷̶̶̶̷̶ ̶̷̶̶̶̷̶S̶̷̶̶̶̷̶T̶̷̶̶̶̷̶O̶̷̶̶̶̷̶N̶̷̶̶̶̷̶E̶̷̶̶̶̷̶ ̶̷̶̶̶̷̶A̶̷̶̶̶̷̶G̶̷̶̶̶̷̶E̶̷̶̶̶̷̶!̶̷̶̶̶̷̶!̶̷̶̶̶̷̶!̶̷̶̶̶̷̶

Create A Gigantic Spaceport With A Guardian Drones To Prevent Any Disasters(A Killer Beast And Maybe Some Killer Trees) Using Our Brand New State Of The Art Not-Legos Spaceport 2.5

(Radical Revolutionary) #109

The final action:build an underground colony

(🔥😈🔥The Lord Of Bored🎄🎄🎄) #110

vote: who cares about the humans! space elevator.

(cerealkiller) #111

Vote: release beautiful giant killer beasts that are supposed to limit human population growth on this planet in the future. We don’t want this to be another earth.

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WHAT!?!? b-b-but why?
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because it’s a cool cliffhanger


You people are why I have trust issues.

(Ṁ̴͙͔͒u̴͐͛̓͠ͅś̴̛̮̰̖̑͆͠i̵͚̤̥̝̬̎͋̊c̸̨̛̦̱̯̽̋͛̍ M̴a̸͙̬̐͌̈̄͌ń̸̯̉̃̌̕ ) #115

Expand our colony Occinium

(Uncertain Agent) #116

Vote: Actually create sapient apple trees who are destined to rule Alterra.


Round 7:

Sorry for the delay, Holidays and such. Anyway, I’ve had this part completed for a while, the final report of Alterra still isn’t done, but I’m going to post it separately to get this out. Enjoy.

Create a protective task-force (ARK):

As a final act of goodwill, The Agricultural Reinvention and Kinship recruits the skilled veterans of Alterra. To establish a long lasting force to protect not only Alterra, but the entire planetary system.

Create the spaceport (Crest):

Crest Cheap and Fast Colonization, takes their final year to construct a massive space port above Alterra. The space port brings new visitors to Alterra, and is diligently protected by an array of high-tech aerial rail drones.

Build an underground colony (Mirage):

With Alterra soon to be left, Mirage builds a hidden gem within Alterras crown. A massive city, shielded by the earth itself… The city soon becomes the third largest city in all of Alterra, and gets named “The Oasis” after the Mirage it was founded under.

Build a space elevator (DARK):

With the space port constructed, Deals in Arms, Robotics, and Kittens contributes, and builds a space elevator, all the way to geo stationary orbit. It is an enormous aid, helping common civilians arrive on and leave Alterra.

Create killer beasts (SGC):

Spooky Ghost Company, seeing what has happened to other worlds, even Alterra itself, they make a stand. The creation of enormous creatures, the size of cities, to patrol the planet and prevent destruction of the natural world.

Destroying every unprotected human settlement in their path…

Some give them the nickname ‘Tarrasque’.

Expand Occinium (UGF):

Umarik Genetic Foundation, now the government of Occinium, take it into their hands to care for it.

With whatever funds they have, they use it to expand Occinium, care for It, and protect it from the beasts. Occinium continues on to become the second largest city on Alterra.

Create sapient apple trees (RSA):

Inspired by the execution of their leader, whatever remains of Rather Sour Apples comes together, to truly bring their deities to life…

With modern genetics, leftover plutonium, human blood, a lot of apples, and some luck, RSA finally does it, a sapient apple tree. While slow, one day, they will rise, and spread, and rule not just Alterra, but the Universe…

The day has arrived…

The owners of the remaining 5, Crest, ARK, DARK, Mirage, and UGF can attend the Event.

A celebration of all of Alterra, and its official Declaration of Independence.

“On this day, we gather together, not for war, but for peace and prosperity. For on this day, we will become a nation in the United Terran Systems. We wouldn’t be here, if it weren’t for the brave souls, who saw this planet, and chose to make it what it is today. And now, I will light the apple tree found in RSA headquarters, and we can celebrate independence!”

The apple tree is burned away, and the final documents are signed…

It’s over… Alterra is now an independent nation.

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Damn, just because I released deadly plagues multiple times, tried to blackmail everyone and then created beasts that killed multiple unprotected colonies I don’t get invited to the final party ? Rude.