Questions for 0.4.3 Release Livestream

This Saturday we are releasing 0.4.3 and as always, we are doing a livestream to celebrate it.

We will be answering questions during the podcast, so if you have any post them here and they’ll be given priority.


What will the next release feature? ^^

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Will there ever be a Thrive the game the board game?
No, really.
And how will the Lamellipodes work.
And at last what will be the first few gens of the multicellular work?
And also every one Merry Christmas!

EDIT: when were gonna have proceduraly generated planets and if in the 0.4.3 is the full gui (like for everything)
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I have a question, when u get to the space age and u find a new solar system that has somesort of a new species or when u put a colony what sort of solar system memory in the game itself , i mean u would need somesort of memory that the colony or sentient species on that solar system so they could develop and thrive…?

Question 1
Will there be galaxies in the game , and if galaxies are
added to game how would custom galaxy feature work.

Question 2
Will be local group like Milky Way Galaxy small and large megallenic clouds and other galaxies.

How do you plan simulating all the different species and their evolution in all the different biomes so when you will get there all the organisms will be already created and rendered?

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how long until the thermoplast and bio luminescent vacule be put in to the game because i feel that the tabs for the non exsistent orgenelles are just mocking my inabilaty to add them to my cell.

also how long until organelle upgrades are added.

do you plan on incorporating any other proteins/organelles? (With the exception of lysosomes and possibly even melanosomes). Or is the current roster Of organelles and proteins a good representation of what it will basically look like?

How will cillia function? Will they be single placeable hexes or will they act sorta like a cell wall mutation. (evolving cillia would place it everywhere on your cells exterior)

Many cells in real life filter feed by using their cillia to create small currents to drag food towards them. Its a bit of an early time to be asking such questions but do you think such a thing would be possible in thrive?

Speaking of currents. What would be a reasonable estimate for them to be implented? (Im not talking about the current currents in game which only affect compound clouds and decaying organelles. Im talking actual currents which dynamically interact with the player and ai)

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Since there is only one engulfing mechanism in the current stage, how could the other engulfing mechanism in the cell stage work out?
will it work like a tentacle, where the body part of the cell stretches out to its victims and absorbs them?

  1. Will Peroxisome be a thing? and if yes, how will it function in the game?

  2. Could rich salty environments where halophilic bacteria exist, be a thing?

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  1. How will you find new people for the project? Will it work?
  2. In the next releases, will there be any huge and awesome feature to be implemented? What are they?
  3. Will there be a kind of ceremony for each time someone leaves (other than F)?
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  1. What stage are you looking forward to the most?

  2. Are any new parts being added in future?

  3. How close to multicellular are we?

  4. Favourite meme from the thrive meme contest?

  5. How long until another meme contest is held?

:f: For TJ Whale

  • When will the Microbe Stage be in 3d? (3d meshes, with top down perspective).
  • Will we have another writing contest?
  • When are we going to have procedural patches?
Merry Thrivemas.

When will the cilia organelle be added?

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