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That’s really not how anti-viruses work. If yours works like that you should really get a new one

<be me
<download a photo of a virus for my school project
<windows defender blocks it because of the name

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Yeah no I can’t imagine how it would think virusImage.jpg.exe would be a virus

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look pal i was joking about the virus thing my thing doesn’t function like that

Not really a question but is the number beside the thread the number of replies or posts? Because I saw a thread that said 0 but when I looked at it, it had one post

It’s the number of replies.

This has prob been said before but what language is Thrive in?

will you be able to customize what sounds your species makes

So would it be preset types of sounds or could you like make hello ’ reeeeee’

Also, thanks @hhyyrylainen

Will there be an feature, where you can size your species?

I think that feature will be needed. Otherwise, in order to change size, the player would have to go through each of their organs one at a time and shrink them to match the size they want. I think it also makes sense in terms of actual evolution where size changes without major body plan changes can happen quite quickly, I think.

So if you increased size would it Make +food consumption and + health?

It would definitely increase the energy consumption. But increasing health would be extremely gamey thing to do. A bigger animal will die like a smaller one if you cut a few arteries, though extra fat could make it a bit harder to deal critical damage. But similarly in the cell stage the size of your cell doesn’t determine your health.

hey wheni is the next update

You can find the milestones on our Github. This is the next one: https://github.com/Revolutionary-Games/Thrive/milestone/12

currently it is planned for Due by July 06, 2019

After seeing the games at E3, there was a game called Carrion, it looked very interesting. So would it be possible in thrive to create something much like this creature?

Here’s the trailer for those who haven’t seen it:

It doesn’t look very realistic to me. It’s basically a tentacle monster. Such a thing isn’t very realistic, in my opinion, as you can’t support a population of huge monsters, that just doesn’t happen. So for the first when someone is talking about including something other than underwater civs,my answer is: no.

Of course with an open development model nothing is ever completely impossible, but I doubt that making such a thing possible is any developer’s priority.

I think that it looks like a glowing octopus with fast reflexes, about the size of an octopus too, I think that should be possible. But slower.
Edit: nevermind I watched the rest. It looks like glowing mass of stretchy, sticky flesh. That might be possible, but maybe not.
Edit2: literally a mound of flesh that kills people to grow. About twice as fast as a person running, and it seems to shoot webs of its own material. Maybe possible, probably not as fast or sustainable though.

I say octopuses are the closest thing we will get to that sort of thing.

hey how do i update thrive i was opening the locher and clickin play nothin difrent and then i opend the versions but there are no new versions