Quick Question Thread

But would dynamic data (like loading a map/planet only when necessary) make it easier to load?

That is absolutely necessary. It’s simply impossible to have big game worlds without dynamically loading in the content as the player moves around.


In the society stage, will you be able to play against another sentient species other than yours?

Depends on timescales. For example see this:

Another question: would it be possible to use heightmaps for planets?

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Height maps are very often used for terrain. The only big downside I know of them is that you can’t have caves with them, but they are very often used as most games don’t need caves in their terrain.

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Oh… so how would it work? Would caves be generated after the surface terrain or something?

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I don’t know, I haven’t looked into it. The problem with height maps is that they cannot have holes in them (at least in any implementation I’ve happened to see), so in fact you can’t even add caves afterwards.

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But how does Minecraft actually create the caves then? It doesn’t have heightmaps?

Minecraft has voxel based terrain. It’s really popular method to make terrain that can be modified by the player and it allows any shape including caves, voxels also allow you to use the same technology for all placed stuff (most placeable things in minecraft are the same kind of voxels the terrain is made out of) making it a very powerful technique.


Then, why wouldn’t Thrive use such a thing?

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you’re right, everyone wants THRIVECRAFT, the best survive&evolve game that will ever exist! amazing idea dude!


A concept that I heard would be “marching cubes terrain,” which renders like minecraft, but with triangles instead of cubes.
Smaller terain details would be done through textures and small rock models.
This video was reccomended as Thrive’s basis for terrain generation.


So are Thrive’s terrain gonna use voxels? I indeed seen that it has potential for really interesting terrains and, of course, caves.

In the next releases, will microbes be able to change environmental aspects (gas %, temperature, pH/pOH, compounds) depending on their processes just as it was like before the engine change?

In 0.3.0’s, microbes could eject their compounds automatically.

Considering this, there could be an oxygenation-like event. Also, will the next releases feature more random gas percentage instead of using Earth’s? I know that the game would then need a process rebalance because the percentage wouldn’t be the same, but I think it would be more realistic that way.
Final question: Do the current processes respect the balanced equations’ stoichiometry? If not, will they be re-tweaked to respect them?

Not decided: https://forum.revolutionarygamesstudio.com/t/0-4-4-features-discussion-thread/649

The great oxygenation event has been talked about a lot.


When someone balances the game while following them.

What will thrive look like when it is done because i’m worried that it will look like spore did.


There is no definite answer to that question since the game is still in relatively early stages, but looking at everything the devs have said, it certainly won’t look like Spore.

Will the Thrive launcher ever display MB/GB instead of Bytes when downloading?

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That was already added. I’m waiting to get some more features done before releasing the next version of the launcher.