Random Crash when attempting to go into editor

I would get the crash report but I bought thrive on steam for ease of use, and I can’t find the crash report.

i noticed that the last lines were

145. DamageNumbers found a camera
146. Creating a save with
147. Child process exited with code -805306369
146. Thrive exited abnormally with an error

I use the damage numbers mod on steam, and it didn’t even finish line 146.

The Steam version can report native crashes just as well as the version downloaded from Github. As this is a native crash, there’s nothing useful in the logs. The likelihood that this has already been reported by another player on Steam is extremely high. Our public crash reports are visible here. I think that there’s at least one physics related memory corruption that then crashes the game randomly that happens on Windows. Godot 4 is ditching the physics engine Godot 3 uses, so at this point we just need to wait, the bug has existed for years so I doubt the engine developers will fix it anytime soon.

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