Realistic dialouge

Since to become awake your species would probably need to have some sort of language or form of communication, and I was thinking that a way to implement the language and make it so dialouge between your character and other member of your species or in later stages other cities, countries or civilizations is to use an AI sort of like ChatGPT to have much more realistic dialouge. You could for example give the AI broad details about the species of the player, like if they are a predator or a herbivore, based on its biology, and make it base its dialouge and personality on the player’s species characteristics. Since when the later stages are gping to be complete AI is going to be even more advanced than it is now to me this seems possible and a really fun addiction to the game.

This is not perfect, but something similar to this I think would be a nice way to implement how other of your species talk in the game. Of course however you wouldn’t be able ot understand other species with other languages, so this is only for creatures of your species.
This might also be a way to enter in the society stage, you talk to members of your species and you recruit them by convincing them to join, by giving the player not dialouge options but simply letting them say whatever they want with the keyboard, you and start a society with you. After you recruit something like twenty members you start the society stage.

wonder how costly in terms of performance and storage that would be

That is a good point, and I know almost nothing about programming so I don’t really know how they would even add it, but I think if they found a way it would make the game more realistic and much more interesting.

having devs write the dialogue themselves for multiple options of how a civ might interact would be much better imo
it would probably take less time to work on compared to an AI
even if it was nearly 100 pieces of dialogue

But realistically every species and every civilzation would act and talk in a specific and different way, so dialouge options might be too limited for the scope of the game.

what would decide the difference between how some civs and species talk?

For example how they evolved, a species of large solitary predators that has been aggressive for all its evolutionary history is going to have a colture based on aggressivness and violence, and the dialouge of its members will reflect that: they will probably be more territorial towards the player, and will have a language mostly based around verbs and actions in general, based on their active lifestile. Instead a slow herd herbivore with no natural predators is going to have a much different colture and therefore a much different way of speaking: they are going to be much less agressive, they will be friendlier with other members of their species including the player and maybe their language would be more based around nouns and being one with nature, kind of like the difference between the languages of the native americans and of the europeans.

let me introduce you to the spore archetypes
they describe most of what one can think of in regards to species and civ “types”
making dialogue would be as simple as taking inspiration from them

But i don’t just mean it for civ like spore, I also mean every member of the species has a different personality that also relates to the evolutionary history of the species. And I feel that such thign can’t be done with pre-made personality types or civilazation types, but instead just like AutoEvo with an AI that responds to your gameplay and makes every single game completely different than the other ones. And while what I’m suggesting might be very hard to implement now since the later stages aren’t going to be developed for a few years yet AI is going to get smarter and this system might just be possible.

But if such thing would be impossible to realistically implement than very specific civ and personality types would be the next best thing

AI getting smarter has nothing to do with how easy it is to implement
its still gonna take lots of time and resources
not to mention that this is such a needless thing to overdetail
why waste time on super advanced dialogue when you can just work on more important mechanics for the stage itself?

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If it is very hard to implement than you are right, better things could be added on the time they spend on it. If however a way to easily implement this system can be found I think it would be a wonderful addittion to the game

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I’ve been too scared to look, but it would probably cost at least a few dollars per player to use a paid AI service. I think there are some open source / free AI offerings but they are much worse than ChatGPT. And I think the AIs that could actually run on the average player’s computer are much worse still.

Also I already said this somewhere else regarding AI, but how would the AI interact with the game? Just chatting is all fine, but if the player for example negotiates a peace deal for example, how would the game detect that and apply the results?

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I don’t know about other people but I know I would pay a lot for a game like Thrive, so you could probably include the AI system in the price of the game.
As for how to make the game react to the AI choices I really am not sure, maybe you could use like a point sytem, when the AI civilization thinks you have been nice or mean to it removes or adds a relationship point and once your relationship points are high or low enough the civilazation asks for a peace deal or declares war on you, or somethign similar? but once again I know nothing about AI or programming.

thrive is open source, what about the players who get it for free by compiling it on their own?

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For those players the game would keep being free, the price for those AIs might just be included in the price for other players who came later when the game was released.

Someone actually managed to integrate ChatGPT to the NPC dialogs in M&B Bannerlord, but it was pretty slow, the AI needs to think for quite some time to produce a reply, which is probably unacceptable for gaming standards.

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The price would have to be doubled at the least. If not more. Even then some super enthusiastic users might mean that the price would need to be much much higher. I see the only realistic option as an AI component being a subscription only feature where the player needs to pay for the AI system usage fees.

How would we game developers know when the AI has decided that? That’s my entire point that while the AIs can have really convincing talks, converting those to actual actionable game information is hard.

Well then we end up in a situation where we first need to make the entire discussion system for the game and make it fun and playable. And only then afterwards can an AI integration be thought about.

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I was thinking that by the time the game actually came out AI would be advanced enough to let an idea like mine be possible, but maybe it is just not possible for a game right now or in the near future to have that kind of technologies, idk.

Yeah I didn’t really think abput all the possible costs or problems with my idea, but maybe in a decade or so if the game is still being worked on the AI free systems will be much better or new ways to implement them will be found, as for how to make the game and the AI interact with eachother I truly don’t know, but hopefully there is a way to do it.