Remmortal chat ( Immortal Forum game) - official

I think we should have one infinite thread than a ton of 500 message discussions.

I think that we should have a discord

we have a discord, just form other game. its can be use for that game:

everyone are invaded


I have an account but can’t really use discord at all, so I won’t be discussing there

That why i think its good here, but idk

Yeah, I prefer here too

I’m sad and don’t have discord.

Ok, I think we’ll use that instead of opening a new one

A few months later: 3 users become ascended

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Forum games were anyway a post farming method in my opinion.

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I really see no reason to be ascended other than to show off.
I don’t treat this as a spam farm.
I’m here just to have fun (and to keep Thrive’s morale up for a while)



How many chats have we even gone through since just immortal started? 6? 8?

Edit: I just checked and it was actually 17…

And that’s only including the public chats not the alliance ones or things like that

Edit 2: Also, doom, iirc you said something about adding a speed stat right? Is that coming after these fights, once the event is officially over?

Why do you wink ****

i will give to everyone +5 stats points then its will official come out (after the fight of nigle and tea


hi doom just wonderin how the new round and stuff is going, no pressure or anything cuz ik how i would feel if someone asked me how complete a round of my forum game is. (spoiler alert: im heavily procrastinating)

I haven’t dealt with it in depth at the moment. I’m still trying to get used to the laptop before I start working officially.
I plan to work this on the upcoming weekend (I want to focus on an upcoming retest)


Ah, I see, you think you know much of the void do you? You think you know the underlying mechanisms that bring it to life? Well let me tell you, you don’t. The void is a physical manifestation of all imagination, there are no limits, no end, no one creator, and you believe that the void is supposed to be an accessable place, somewhere you can travel to and from. That is also wrong. The void is simply a clone of our minds, nothing more. So let me ask you, what makes you think you know so much more about the ineffable than the ineffable themselves? What makes you believe that you are the single being that knows all there is to know. Do you really know these things, or do you just want to feel right?

You specifically stated “nothing can travel to or from the void”, but information IS something, and for the void to be a manifestation of immagination it still needs to exchange information with reality, and since everything contains information it also means everything can travel to or from the void.

I’m not saying I understand the void, I’m saying that you are incapable of making logically consistent constructs.

What I meant by “Nothing can pass in or out of the void,” is that people and objects cannot pass through, as they would be destroyed.

Think of your imagination as a membrane that allows you to see into and effect the void. Nothing can actually leave the void through that membrane, but things can find those membranes and lach on, influencing the person, like that tea god latched onto teaking, as well as VoidStrix and I are latched onto Centarian.

you forgot the other 3
im not the only one here, buckaroo, give my servants some credit

you heard him, the 3 apostles are also doing the same

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