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You didn’t dm me tho

I mean…if restarting is the best course of action to take then, go ahead I guess.

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You just described my character in a nutshell, the ultimate iskai.
I don’t want the exact same instance though, my character was split across every reality, so in each new one I want to try a bit of a different build.

You could make it so that a pact with a god doesn’t give you a special ability, but gives you a bonus or knowledge on certain areas of magic, such as elemental, telekinetic, runic, ritual, or transformative magics.

I personally felt the map felt a bit small. What you could do is have an infinite map where you draw out the important maps and randomize the others.

Instead of a little pet that follows you around, it could be a sentient entity that gains power as you grow stronger, instead of having to use a vote or action to change it.

Most players like me don’t know just how much they can get away with, so maybe they can set a goal that they want to reach and you tell them how many actions it would take and what they would get along the way.

Give them a power boost based on the average power of the other players. Or you could give them a free god pact for every five rounds in we are or something.


The map was very big and doom only showed a little portion of it.

I’d rather not become an errand boy for some random god.

I actually think they are rather weak since they are based on luck.


Heres an idea: make familiars optional, and if people chose not to get a familiar, they get a different bonus instead (either some ability or great bonus to their stats)

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That not a ba idea, but its can be weird of not done right

It’s been more than 24 hours since the poll opened, and according to what we see, the majority (not me) want a fresh start.
I heard you and so it will be.

In the coming week I will work on the new, more sophisticated and new version. More efficient and has some QoL.

I also read your ideas and your advice. Instead of revealing the changes, I decided, since I didn’t decide, to leave everyone with questions and thoughts, which will move to the new version:

  1. The connection between your former self and your new self had to be. Not everything is taken, but not everything remains either. The influence of your character must influence your new self. Following this, I’m going to add something new, not seen before, as a tribute to the game that went forever, but will always stay with us, at least for a while.
  2. What is a god? A celestial that interferes with what is below, but why? pleasure? Force? boredom? We mortals do not understand their motive. In the previous game, they automatically affected you. But God is much more than that. They must have influence and a hand that can shape the universe itself only if they want to. But where are they now? An answer you will find out soon.
  3. Basic needs of mortals - energy, matter and existence. This thing on the one hand can be too demanding, but on the other hand, indiscriminate. Some of them converted what was required in another form - money. But now that everything has changed, how much will they influence? Did money mean anything or would the basics come first? You will know soon.
  4. The universe is mysterious and wider than one eye or many are only able to understand the fraction it presents to you. But at the same time, it is two-faced - the beauty it presents and the dangers lurking in it. How far we can go and that we can reveal everything, if we succeed. Or will we reveal too much and etch our fate?
  5. We are all connected in one way or another to everyone, even if you want it to be or not. After all, we all came from the same source. But what if not?
  6. Magic and abilities are two sides of the same coin. But where did they come from?
  7. The Overgod sacrificed himself to give mortals powers that only other gods could dream of. How did he do this and why? where is he now? He existed from the beginning and everyone thinks they are crazy even though they aren’t? After all, he got them to sign something, but he violated his side, he has to pay for it. They demand this back.
  8. Souls are one form of energy out of other forms. But it’s one that goes against what the others see. After all, it came from something. If such a form, what will happen to them when they lose the ability of the body they once had to contain them anymore? Is this death? Is this a revival? Or is it a law?
  9. Pets are nice and all, but they don’t stay forever, it’s sad to say goodbye to them, even heartbreak for the closest ones. But they always remain close to our hearts, if you have one.
  10. To get something, you have to work hard. There are no shortcuts. Or is there?
  11. How far do you want to go? World domination? Or maybe even the universe itself in the palm of your hand? Or, maybe you just want to go on a cross-border adventure. Discover new things or just stay in the same place and enjoy what there is. But whatever you do, you are already making a change that could possibly forever change your environment, yourself, and them.
  12. Strength is not everything, but neither is weakness and powerlessness. They go hand in hand, you just need to know how to walk between the lines.

These are all the things I’m going to leave here for now, which will form the basis for a new beginning. You are welcome to decipher them and I will design everything for the future to come.

I will go back to the wild to find all the material for thought that I wrote and I will come back with an answer to everything.

Just one thing I want to comment - it’s not really going to be “2”, these are something between “new beginning” and “continuation”.

I have always been here of course, but you are also welcome to decipher what I wrote down, help with the information you gathered during our game.


doom: PANICC

doom: kalm

and im the only one who actually signed it with (digital) writing ._.

Can’t wait to create the new species. This time I won’t do the mistake of importing species from other game

No more robot cattle?!





Recreate puppet?


Please name Puppet:
Varin Haeva_

Old puppet memories detected
Link to new puppet?

you uh

messed up the color

No i didnt
Wink wink


wink wonk

ho no, how did u get my keys for my safe hyperverses?
i need its back

Why do you want to kill us so much? Should I consider this an assasination attempt towards Shilavyn?

Kill? Im just aiming to create the perfect hyperversal cycle
One that will forever preserve everything in the hyperverse
Saving it from the risk of collapsing in the hands of the dangerous doomputer

I used the tea gods hacker computer powered by Evolumis’ inflitration skillz to get access to the system and establish the preservation cycle, but since this failed due to doomputer collapse, im redoing everything, with a new puppet that is made from the old…

Did the tea god decide to become god of cycles all of a sudden?

He’s the god of balance and preservation
The hyperverse already kinda works as a cycle, with beings that create and destroy, however, the tea god considers this cycle incomplete since there are things that may get completely destroyed and have no trace left of them, becoming completely forgotten from the hyperverse’s history
So to complete the cycle, he links the beginning and end of all together, allowing time itself to repeat infinitely, thus preserving all that occurs across history, whilst also not letting new things happen to not have the hyperverse inflate and expand beyond what it can handle