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I didn’t know The One is into robotics

Also, the existence of The One implies the existence of The Two


How would you know there is no The Two if The Two is stronger?

The saying is “First is the Worst, Second is the Best” after all

So maybe The Two is the best, and The One is the worst

And The One is just so bad it doesn’t even know that the two exists

But that’s just a theory

A gam—

how about “THE THREE”

Im more of a “the SEVEN” fan because they are so bold, espcially with how they eat “The Nine”

omg The Square Root Of Two is so irrational

After a lot of work (of waiting for the power outage to end), I finished the first one (it’s nothing more than the first one submitted - Nigel!)

On a small note and I think it would be nice for everyone to know and mention -

The new mechanic I’m introducing and probably the most impactful is the “core”

  • Every action, deed or choice will affect the existing one, you can create new ones or change them. They give extraordinary and unique bonuses, based on your choice.

For example: if you killed a lot of entities, if you continue in this line, you will develop a new core ability for yourself depending on how you got there - maybe you will get the “blood thirst” that the more damage you do, the stronger you are. Or alternatively - it could instead be in the other direction of more power bonus to troops you control instead, or you’ll get the “fate control” where you can use the souls of the enemies you’ve killed in unpredictable ways. The possibilities in which you develop it are in general infinite and it is only able to grow - like a garden you cultivate it however you want it to grow - you want vegetables or tea plants or medicinal plants or something in between.

But with great power - also comes a great obstacle - the amount of core capabilities you are able to contain is very limited - up to 5 of these. If you want something completely different - you can combine them to create a powerful version of them (probably what you want to do), but it costs fractions. Or remove them and they won’t return anymore.

Just by mentioning that they are not only positive - as their power increases and you do something that goes against them, maybe negativity will also come to them. But it can also be at a high price for something powerful.

That’s in the rules of this mechanic. You choose how to develop and your own destiny.
Because of this, everyone starts with one!
If you use the soul of immortality from the previous game, you will get a choice of 4 on which bonuses to start. They are 100% based on everything this character will present.
If you use a new soul, you will receive random bonuses based on how you described your character, if any.

It’s basically the replacement for passive abilities, bonus sectors, familiar (although a familiar can spawn from a core ability), pact with the gods (in one form or another), GM rules (partly) and personality with something as powerful as this.

My purpose for viewing this is first - that it was easier for me to write things. Second - to give greater freedom and in the process - earn something from it. The Familiar - even though it’s fun, it requires a vote to promote it somewhere. With this mechanic - does not require any vote at all to earn something - your choice - your reward.

It’s like giving the power back to you. But leave the numbers and the things behind the scenes to me.

Again I mention - the freedom of what to do belongs to you - there is no real goal. You create your goal within a framework I created in it.


: D

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In total, three are done!

Progress abit slow becuse of rl stuff, but i hope that we start in the upcoming week

5 have been done so far.

4 (for now) left to work on

I decided to change things a bit and instead of the GM rules that existed in the previous game, I put them into its own unique ability core that details special things about the race your character controls.

It will behave the same, but the advantage of this is that it will allow you to promote and develop them further.

That means at this rate, we’ll actually start when I mentioned.

All that remains is to work on the others and create the map and the sheet for everyone.


Ayo add me, but put all my stats in mystic

Also let me do a nigel and become a king of their society.

its not like i was automatically-

I wonder how i’ll be treated by the rest of the planet being the only one of my kind

pls be paichen…

my brain its need to reload to make ur all storys to beome… right/wrong

soo acordting to my anwer to ur Q:
that u wil see. a god? a alien? a abonncanr? relice? who know?

who are u again?

The pace of creation is taking longer than expected, I’m afraid I’ll postpone the start of the game to a later day

( @TwilightWings21 make my life very hard to work with )

it was just a general statement lol you didnt have to worry about answering it

It trying to doom, I can just change up my player sheet a little

I though we had adjusted everything tho

Edit: Knowledge was a player of PWH and was in Immortal for about 1 round

@GodOfKnowledge races and character sheets are slightly different, so I would suggest rereading the rules and submitting a full character sheet like everyone else did, if you want to potentially play

Cant I reuse my old one, or are there new stats?

There are new stats, adv and disadv is slightly different, etc

It’s also easier on doom if you properly make a sheet

There is also several new mechanics and loss of old ones, such as no more familiars

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Can someone please post a link for the new character rules, I may be blind but I literally cant find it for the life of me!