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First post in Remmortal

G.o.K. just got owned

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@doomlightning what does precision do?

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am i the only one who thinks putting 0s in multiple combat stats when your character is focused on combat…a bit…unwise? Like I get he can train and get more stats probably fast but still…

I mean I technically have 0s in everything too

But that’s just cause almost nothing can hit/see me rn

If I was a being vulnerable to combat and looking for it then yeah I’d definitely put minimum a one in everything

everyone have some form of attack
the minimun of dmg its 2 physical dmg come form the “Attack” ability


…can that be reduced by an opponents defenses?

by default, yes
but also hit chance and dodge chance

but its very maiocer

It’s taking me a lot longer than I thought. I hope that in the next few days we will start.

Life comes first

I have 4 left (because of the new one who joined)

aperantly Teaking have 2 summit and I did the first one and then I check his new one…
i fell stupid


I would say I have a pretty good start, Awakeners have no limit in potential, so I don’t exactly need magical potions and the such. Not to mention I gain a new power evetime I master one, and pyrokinesis is a good power when stranded on an ice wasteland of a planet. No enemies and perfect for training endurance and constitution stats. Not exactly OP but sufficient.

Because of some things out of my control, I felt more comfortable, since the work on everything is progressing slower than expected.

I will officially launch the game on Monday (my day off from academics).
Just a little bit left to work on.
For those who have recent changes, please tell me before opening.


Ok. I finished working on all the sheets!
Now everyone has a ready.
All that’s left to do in the next two days is to work on the map and the turn page for everyone and we’ll start!


this time our location on the map will be random right?
since theres no sectors anymore

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They will be almost 100% randomize.

But sector have now diffrent meaning

Also know as “zone control”

I succeeded!
It took 50% less time to distribute to everyone thanks to the change in where I do this!

I hope you all like what I have done so far. I’m going to sleep and started doing your round already after.

had a good night


What are everyones abilities


Time for questions! : P

(Tho seriously I quoted doom a dozen times in our private chat with questions/comments lol)


Not going to share quite yet, definitely not publicly at this point in time

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All i got are bonuses

i have a chance to dodge things, can’t suffocate in light, and i can’t have permanent injuries. other than that it’s classified

I rolled a 5 on my luck roll.
I think that’s good.

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