(This is a continuation of the last stop. If you want to see and understand what’s going on, go here as you return:
Immortal - #2449 by doomlightning )

[[This is a document translated from a language unknown to anyone here, for distribution]]


The hall is where many alien beings in different and varied forms have gathered, sitting and looking at the center of the hall, where something similar to a map with many points is shown. Beside him stood something large and wide that moved with metallic sounds. He begins to read what is written in the front of the map:

"According to a report we received from one of the agents sent to investigate the DI3-KsI universe, he returned to us with a resounding report that is required of all of us, every representative of every universe of the Interuniverse Unity Alliance the following, in short words:

‘Escape or destroy the source’"

Everyone in the hall spoke in indescribably loud voices, but the order was quickly restored while the representative next to the map she was presenting wrote the words “DL entity” and next to it “TEA entity” was displayed and continued to speak:

“These two have just now begun to fight for control of the universe in question! A universe in a sector not under the control of the alliance, but its eyes have known for a long time about its existence and importance. This is one of the only universes that have been found to be connected to Entity X”

The two continued to talk as the map began to rumble with static noises spreading throughout the map and with it more nameless entities began to be drawn into the area. Three entities seemed to join towards the TEA entity while many others joined the DL entity, but this only added more stat disruptions before they shut down the map from most disruptions.

“We received two possibilities - the first possibility is to take advantage of the opportunity to neutralize and destroy the DI3-KsI universe to stop this battle, which is particularly closely related to the reason for this battle”

A noise was heard throughout the place as he continued to read:

“A second option is to run away from the place with the new Apirnite technology, and pray that it will end in peace”

The noise grew even louder until one of them suddenly began to speak:

“What you offer here is the impossible!”

He advanced to the center next to the representative and continued to speak:

“Destroying a universe has been taboo since the great war against Entity X and the disappearance of the “White Men”! We cannot violate the iron foundations of this alliance to stop beings from the third layer of the hyperuniverse! It has proven itself impossible and ineffective at all”

The hall began to speak to itself and he continued to speak:

“The second option is even more impossible - you expect an Apirnite technology capable of mimicking a fraction of X’s capabilities to be able to divide every entity that belongs to the alliance without leaving anyone behind?! This is madness! We don’t have enough for even a fraction of the inhabitants that belong to us! Most of them were destroyed in the war and re-production Theirs has proven to be exhausting and I fear that our time has already run out.”

The hall began to roar before the representative began to silence them:

“Quiet! I know it’s crazy and baseless, but we have no other solution! I expect the council to make its decision quickly”

Quickly the entire council voted unanimously to break the taboo and destroy the universe. The representative who erupted looks disappointed but understands. They quickly sent people to arm one of the most dangerous weapons known to the alliance - a vacuum bomb - which undermines one of the basic laws of the universe where it destroys the electron particle and causes a vacuum to be swallowed, which in the process destroys matter and purges the universe of existence.

Quickly using the Apirnite technology they launched the missile the size of a quasar into a hole in space time and sent it to him. The map displayed in front of the hall began to show the speed of the bomb moving in the eco-cosmic space of the second layer of the hyper universe towards the battle area but then we would lose the bomb and with it the status of the map.

The hall fell into a dark silence. A long time passed before a message was received from outside -

“it’s on the way!”

In the middle of the hall they opened the map and revealed that the universes began to behave strangely and began to move while the hestic noises were assured everywhere while the entity TEA together with his 3 assistants began to tear DL apart, but the rest of the Voidling began to tear them back. The fight quickly boils down as TEA gains the upper hand. But DL didn’t give up. The bomb reached its destination exactly and began to explode inside the DI3-KsI universe. DL quickly wrapped around the entire expanse of the universe and disappeared.

The hall cheered for their success, but the hestic noises only continued to show on the map. In a few moments, an unknown sound track is heard from the map coming from the area. No entity can identify it, so they sent Bionoid to translate the bar and soon the translation was heard:

“Why are you doing this?!”

“I must fulfill his wish…”

“But you’re not allowed!”

There was a sound of tearing and crushing as he continued to speak:

“You must not pass to the true (fourth) layer - Theoxavus, Apilox - help me stop his movement!”

Unexplained noises were heard all over the sound track and are literally shown on the map. The movement of the universes began to show that they were beginning to flee from the place, like living creatures. More entities began to try to stop DL from getting what he was asking for and he revealed the universe he wanted. According to the map it looks as black as the void. The hall screamed with joy - they managed to destroy this universe! But that didn’t stop the fight at all and the joy was replaced by tension and fear.

“I’m sorry. But for now there’s no going back”
Suddenly the map collapsed and noises and vibrations began to be played all over the hall while everyone started to run wild from the place and run back to the origins of the universe they came from.

Everything went into chaos while the representative began to restore the map back and revealed something strange - a rift formed between the third and fourth layer and the whole area began to collapse and disappear. With it the universe seen on the map is erased to nothing.

“This is the E…”

And in one single moment, everything became nothing, once again.

How many times do they have to do this?!
Out of nothing, a bright spot stood out to him and it is rapidly advancing to the rift created between the third and fourth layer - the mathematical layer - that everything that happens is numbers and equations, and quickly closed it.

But while he should be closing it, he notices a lot of white dots floating everywhere.

He floated through it all, unaffected by the damage done but everything quickly began to solidify and return to the way it was as he watched. He began to spread a stronger and stronger light and the crystals of the white dots blossomed into new universes and with it he began to slowly restore everything. He finds himself in the hall where the representative was standing just a few moments ago.

“nd… wait, what?! What happened?”

He looks up and sees the bright light that has begun to take on a more familiar form. The representative went into shock and started walking away from the place -

“what are you doing here!” He jumped in fright and continued to speak:

“We had an agreement not to fight each other anymore, entity X”

I repaired what was caused. To think that this tearing would wake me up and release me from my own prison

he began to reveal his limbs as he began to hold two strange objects - the “Xenolancer and the chains of reality” began to fold and swallow inside himself as he walked around the place and marveled.

You must be proud of yourselves now. You have just committed a cosmic genocide of gods and voidling beings. No wonder everything is now in chaos” he spoke in time to himself as the representative took a final panicked retreat. He advanced in his direction:

You know one thing about the souls of creatures of the reality layer, don’t you?

He nodded as he continued:

They are the basis of the food chain of each universe for the other layers - the souls are created from the universes randomly when the body is ready and able to imprison them. At the right moment, the universe eats them, and it passes on to the second layer if they do not enter the circle of rebirth that often happens, as a way to escape from arms The universe. And it continues on to the last layer and that’s what drives all the pure mathematics there. Now that they’re gone and I can’t get them back… we have to do something or everything will collapse.”

In one movement he released a chain from his body and began to release light and disappeared from existence. The representative relaxed and collapsed. All the other representatives came back and started to see what was going on. One of them turned on the map while the representative saw it and was surprised by what he saw. Everyone was surprised. A commotion began to be heard throughout the place and the representative advanced to the center and announced silence.

Everyone was silent and he began to speak:

I’m afraid we’ve entered a new era that hasn’t been seen before. Whether it’s our fault or not, Entity X has come to us to announce just one thing

He began to breathe deeply and lost his thoughts for a moment, as if he had received something and announced:

This is as of today - this is the one and only universe! We need to have a long and heavy discussion on how the alliance will deal with this unexpected crisis

He began muttering: “No wonder they call him “the one the gods fear””

The gods are dead!

The forces that came from outside our layer were destroyed! The universe where everything happened was erased to prevent a disaster that happened at the end.

But no one knows one simple thing - a soul if there is nothing that can stop it, it will wander forever and fade into nothingness. But what Doomlightning did was deal with something more dangerous than himself - he created a new equation without destroying everything - the immortals. What happened to them when they were destroyed without being destroyed? Their souls remained strong until they were broken into infinite fragments and scattered throughout their lonely and infinite existence.

And the price he got in the end? his elimination. with him and all the other layers. But this is a topic worth exploring in depth. Who knows what awaits now in a new universe greater than countless?

But the fate of these souls?

One day, you felt something swirling around you. Something new, something foreign. You didn’t address it, but something inside you was building that would change the fate of the universe.

Just before I was before, I know something -

Who are you?

For anyone interested, how are you? I am [[censored]], but everyone calls me “Entity X”. This fight was a bit chaotic, weird and scary, but good thing we got through it safely! But there is one small problem - how to say it? I couldn’t save them all. Many souls from the universe you were in were destroyed and merged into space and redistributed. I don’t know how long it’s been since that happened. Cosmically, it’s nothing, but to you, it’s something like tens of billions of years since it happened… You are a fragment of a soul that will soon be reunited with a new living entity! Congratulations!
From what I understand from scanning and calculations, you are going to lose everything you have and give the power you have to this lucky/unlucky entity.

For you, there are many things that have changed since you were involuntarily destroyed, but there are things that do not change. You will understand that this will happen.
Do you feel this unity? Can you figure out who he is? Can you tell me about him? What is similar and what is different?

Refined information

Species name:
Advantages / Disadvantages: According to the classic rules: you have 5 points from a segment - the advantage or disadvantage. You want to balance the 2 sides to zero. You are able to fill up to 3 points per ability with a limit of up to 4 advantages and 4 disadvantages. The more points there are for that part, the more powerful it is.
Description: (gives basic bonuses, and also for fun)
(You can create more than one race, but please do not overdo it with the quantity)
Planet of Origin name:
Planet Description: (gives basic bonuses, and also for fun)

Example - Not available for use

Race name: Human (Homo Sapience)
Advantages / Disadvantages:
Adaptive (1): Adapt quickly to wherever they go, giving fewer penalties for unsuitable environments
Cooperating (3): Know how to cooperate, no matter if it is less crowded or yes. Construction and military costs at a discount
Fertile (1): Their reproductive rate is at a dizzying rate, lowering the cost of population ownership
{5 points in total, the more point, the stronger the effect}

Fragile: (2)The skin and their supporting tissues are weak, with less strength and def.
Wasteful: (2) They do not notice where they throw their waste, more maintenance cost
Violent: (1) In anger, they can not control or distinguish between a friend and an enemy. Loyalty is lower and increases the chance of random killing of a population

Description: Hairless monkeys that walk on 2 hind limbs and have 2 hands. They are known to have the ability to run for a long time without getting tired or stopping and alscanable to survive time without water.

Planet name: Terra [Earth]
Planet Description: A blue star full of life types in different diverse regions. The temperature is fixed and not cold (relative to the universe). A very perfect place for life capable of breathing oxygen.

The being

Name: (If I remember correctly, everyone has a name… right?)
Species: (It pretty much has to be one of those species you created, right?)

Attribute What is
Constitution Health
Dexterity Dodge
Endurance Physical resist
Mystic Magic power
Precision Hit chance
Recovery Status resist
Resolve Cooldown
Robust Magic resist
Speed Turn placement
Strength Physical power
Wisdom Resource bar

These are the data of… you… you are limited to 30 points to fill. It cannot go below 0

Description - how you describe yourself and how you feel you influence him (this is for fun and your character development. It can bring bonuses)

What is different?

I think I’ve found something deep within your soul’s space-time-cosmic memory…wait…here it is!
It’s a contract! Why did he think he could control you with a contract, and you still fell for him?! I think that’s a pretty good deal, it’s what saved part of your existence I think… let’s leave it at that for now.
I can say that there are already some differences:
No more familiars, no more passive abilities, no more sectors. You are actually standing, the soul that is now about to enter the being and unite with him, about to become his (additional) Core! Core is the point where every action you do, think or perform affects its growth. The more you grow it, the more stuff you get from it! You grow as time goes by! New things are building inside you, but the amount is limited by how much you can put into it. But don’t worry, you already start with one. (You are welcome to tell me if you want the source of the soul to come from the immortality you used in the previous game if there is, someone else or a new clean and pure)

Another thing that is different is how the map will look.
It is quite different but the base is really similar, only it is much, much bigger.
The economic map is also different. And it is possible to say goodbye to personalities and agreements if violent.

There is no more limit to the amount of money and objects (objects are limited in terms of how much you can move. One object for each body part and 3 other small objects) and of course, you get something else: fragments! They are rare things with which you can use them to create something in the future store to see from me.

Other than that, everything is the same - if you die, you will come back to life on the next turn. At this time you are unable to take action there.

There are 3 existing voting types in the game:
Action - votes that are made during the round and are answered almost immediately. Mainly used for immediate and short actions (like do this and do that).
Votes - the votes that go between rounds - are mostly used for longer-term, bigger things (like organize this army for me and train me to do more things). It can also be used as an extension to the action.
Buying - this can be done at any given moment, but it requires a resource (money or scraps) from you.

There are exceptions - some will be told and some, like I want to replace something with something else, nothing in particular is required to tell me

You can always ask me if you’re not sure.

That seems to be all. I see that the united between them is going to be united very soon.

There is one thing I forgot to mention - you are not the only one going through this. There is always a chance that someone will be blessed with something like you. But there are others, something strange that I managed to distill out of nothing. I think it’s the gods and the Voidling that were also wiped out because of them, but they seem to be starting right now to take on a new form and existence. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet one of them, or create one.

Our time is running out, the union is almost over…

This is the beginning of your journey…what you choose to do will affect you for the future.

And with that, it begins.

Hello everyone!
Thanks for reading this far (if you didn’t skip this far and start reading now for information on what in the name of all things happened here and now).

After I pretty much lost the stuff from the previous game - Immortal. It was decided to start a new beginning. It is better, more noticeable impact and there were many more things than ever before.

In short - Remmortal is an RPG forum game with elements of a civilization and strategy game. You control as… you - a character who has been given indescribable abilities.

And basically, that’s all. You can do anything you want - Do you want to be the head of an entire country? go for it!
Do you want to be the leader of a pirate group that controls the entire sector? I’m not stopping you!
Do you want to be a bounty hunter who at night is also a criminal of the underworld? I see no reason not to!
And more!

The world is mysterious and big and the universe is even bigger. The rounds between us will happen in private and you have control over what to do.
Every action you do will be drawn with the lucky dice - from 1 to 5. 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.
If you have consecutive luck, you will get chips and if it goes on too long, a penalty will come like in Monopoly. But you are able to prepare in case things snowball for the worse.

We passed all this aside. This is the more technical stuff. I will take up to 12 people and I will start working on the game and the first round in about a week from now!

I hope we can experience again what worked for us forever, with new things and experiences, and hopefully this time, I saved everything.

Waiting to see you


yes, i would like the source of my soul to come from the immortal i used in the previous game. :slight_smile:
everyone get ready for nigel nova, but more optimized!!!

of course, this is more of a take 2 for me, as i will be using everything from the previous immortal game, but i will of course have to change my starting stats, because new catagories and stuff!

Nigel Nova

Description: WOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH oh…im back? cool! seems ive gotten a bit weaker…but it also seems I can barely use my ultra otter ability, if at all…hopefully it will coem back in time.

This participant is simply an otter, though theres something special about this one…it has sapient hands, although not human-like.

Species: Lutra Canadensis Sapiens

Attribute Ammount
Constitution 5
Dexterity 3
Endurance 3
Mystic 0
Precision 3
Recovery 3
Resolve 2
Robust 3
Speed 4
Strength 4
Wisdom 0
Lutra Canadensis Sapiens

Species name: Lutra Canadensis Sapiens
This species seems to be a curious descendent of modern North American River otters. Unlike their ancestors, however, their hands are specially adapted to be able to pick up tools, and their brains are significantly larger than their ancestors. Other than this, however, they are near identical replicas of their fuzzy ancestors.
Advantages / Disadvantages:
Aquatic explorers! (1): Love water, and are able to extract resources, and maybe even fragments from the ocean floor, and descend to decent depths of oceans (~500 meters without specialized equipment).
Technological fascination (1): Are fascinated in technology and strive to further its development and production (Researcher bonuses, and tool, and raw material production increase).
Mental Strength/Willpower (2): Are More resistant to magic Effects/abilities/attacks, and sensory/mental impeding Effects/abilities/attacks
Prehensile-ish tail (1): They can slightly control their tails. This may be useful to either manipulate objects, or in a fight…
Smol (1): Tend to be easy targets of attackers, unless accompanied by a significantly larger individual…
High-Metabolism (1): Consume food quicker, due to high metabolism to deal with their chilly environments.
No magic? (3): Cannot use magic as well as other species

Mantodea Intellectus Sapiens

Description: Wait, what? They’re Back? AGAIN? How? Didn’t they go extinct after heading through [REDACTED: ERROR: INFORMATION NOT FOUND]? Hmmm…


Mantodae Intellectus Sapiens look much like a normal preying mantis…

This seems familiar…
And…They are EXTREMELY intelligent, and can grow up to 25 feet in height, and also have been recorded to grow up to 11.5 Meters if supplied with enough nutrition. As well as having scythe appendages, They also have sapient, hand-like appendages.


Combat Ready Body (2): They have a tough outer layer of exoskeleton, and large Appendages with scythes on the end.
Extreme Intelligence (3): Due to their large amount of intelligence, they are better at war strategies, researching, ect.


Tech Supremacists (3): They will not tolerate much magic in their civ, as they think tech is superior.

Longer healing time (2): Dont recover from wounds as fast as other species.

Planet of Origin name: Cryoburr
Planet Description: A planet with a large, warm strip of lush greenery around the equator. However, the rest of the planet seems to be a snowy wasteland with possibly good mineral deposits and as much biodiversity as the lush greenery around the equator!

honestly i maybe didnt do something right, u can tell me if i did something incorrectly doom :slight_smile:


Its been a while so i actually changed the names of the apostles a bit
So i hope that you wont mind me editing the post to change the apostles names?

Species: Uvegrisgan
The same species from the other game
To a “Tea”

Entity TEA has a hand in the species’ creation after all

Name: Varin Haeva
Species: Uvegrisgan

Con: 3
Dex: 5
End: 2
Mst: 2
Pre: 3
Rec: 2
Rbs: 2
Spd: 5
Str: 4
Wis: 2

Much like his predecessor Egem, Varin is quite the zealot and dedicated worshipper of the TEA entity, the only difference is his intense craving for all kinds of violence, possibly due to Theo, the apostle of war and destruction, imbuing his essence into his soul right before the previous universe exploded into oblivion…

Varin is just Egem with new looks btw


Thank you, DoomLighting. Immortal already was a great journey, and this reincarnation will surely be even better! (I will obviously join this Forum Game)

A message was received from The Voice Being

\color{blue} Bonumarbor~Fons, I'm~afraid~that~I~need~to~awake~you~from~ your~ eternal~ sleep.
\color{blue} You~ were~ already~ great~ at ~ evading~ extinction~ and~ surviving~ asleep~ for~ millions~ of~ years.
\color{blue} After~ the~ sudden~ disappearance~ of~ The~ Pacverse,
\color{blue} I~ hope~ that~ you~ will~ make~ a~ great~ return~ in~ this~ area~ of~ the~ hyperverse.
Bonumarbor Sapiens

"Huh? What is this place? Where am I? What am I?! Last thing I remember is the sight of a giant rock falling from the sky, and then, ages of eternal, pure darkness…" - Bonumarbor Sapiens which has the soul of Bonumarbor fons, that was implanted into a new body. They’re also the one which I’ll control.


Bonumarbor Sapiens is split into two major castes:

The Workers

(2) Ingenuity - workers from the very beginning tried to make lives of themselves and motherships better, safer and easier, by inventing various technologies and techniques.
(2) Photosynthesis - While workers don’t use this process as the main source of nutrition anymore, it still helps them.
(1) Elastic behaviour - evolved to live in various harsh conditions, workers can adapt to many situations quickly.
(3) Cannot reproduce - Workers rely on motherships to produce them.
(1) Can’t smell - they don’t have any chemoreception organs
(1) Rogue-going - Workers are often haunted by an unknown force, which pushes a large chunk of them to go exploring dangerous places, from which most never return alive…

Workers are minions created by mothership to help it survive and expand. Workers are around 1.5 meters tall and they are radially symmetrical. They have 8 camera-type eyes near top of their head, looking towards every direction, 8 legs with 6 retractable finger-like appendages under each leg, 1 center mouth under their torso which branches off into 8 intestines, each of which has a separate ending. They also have an internalized ear, allowing them to hear. At top of their head, there’s an opening which is closed most of the time, but can be opened and attatched to a neural rope a mothership can grow, allowing the mind of a worker to communicate directly with a mothership and other workers. Workers have a endoskeleton made from mineral bones, absorbed from the ground by roots of motherships. Workers and Motherships, like all flora of Kepler 64r, are mostly black in colour.

Rarely, mothership will grow a “spore” worker, which has a hardened body and no fingers under it’s legs. It will be escorted by a group of regular workers to other mothership nearby, which will fertilize this special worker. It will then find empty place unoccupied by other motherships and relatively safe, settle down and become sessile, turning into a new mothership (this is how sexual reproducion works in Bonumarbor Sapiens).

The Motherships

(2) Worker production - Motherships can produce workers to do stuff for them
(2) Extreme condition survival - Motherships, as pioneer organisms, can survive in really harsh conditions
(1) High Intelligence - It is provided by a large network of neuron cells and the main brain
(3) Sessile - Motherships cannot move, they are rooted to the ground.
(1) Defenseless on their own - Motherships can only tank the damage if something is attacking them directly.
(1) Low population - Motherships are far more rare than Workers, meaning that their population is in larger danger if severe disaster hits area in which they live.

The Motherships are large, sessile and plant-like organisms which can produce workers. They have a large, singular stem around 4 meters tall made from wood-like material enriched with minerals at center of their field, under which the main brain of mothership resides. Outside of this stem, there exists a large field (part of the organism) of lichen-like tissue, which supplies the neural networks, the mothership’s brain and the growth of workers. These field usually form radius around the stem around 100 meters in radius, altho some cases were reported where this circle was around a kilometer in diameter.
Motherships have a dense neural network under layer of lichen, which allows them to directly communicate with workers if they are attatched to this neural network. There exist rope-like limbs near points where the workers can attatch to the mothership, which can connect to top of head of a worker.


Name: Fonian
Species: Bonumarbor Sapiens (Worker, with soul of a Bonumarbor Fons)

Constitution 3
Dexterity 3
Endurance 3
Mystic 3
Precision 2
Recovery 3
Resolve 2
Robust 3
Speed 3
Strength 2
Wisdom 3
Description: This specimen of Bonumarbor Sapiens has a soul of a Bonumarbor Fons from a long-dead universe. It is still confused about it’s new world, but it has the will of exploring it and understanding it and everything around it.
What drives them to go missing?

Some Workers will report hearing a voice early in their life. Many of them will soon start to disappear for longer and longer, until they are showing up only for a few moments. Some of them, which survived those departures, told stories of ancient gates hidden deep underground, which lead to the center of the universe. In this location, a friendly god-like being is waiting for them to come, in order to make them the “apostles of the colorblindness”, and spread the word of peace across the universe. They are mostly regarded as insane, but perhaps there is some truth to what they are saying…?


Worker trying to grab a terran branch

Worker from top

Mothership Stem (no photosynthesive tissue included)

A mountainous Field with Mothership Stem. Wonder where their’s workers are…

World/Star System

Home planet: Kepler 64r
Kepler 64r (Called by Bonumarborians “The Stane”) is a planet which orbits star Kepler 64. Despite it’s name, planet is second closest to it’s parent star. World’s sun is a mid-mass orange dwarf, making planet’s flora most usually black in colour.
The planet itself has one large moon orbiting it, being nearly a binary planet system (barycenter is just a few hundred kilometers below the surface!). 64r’s surface is currently occupied by one large supercontinent and one large ocean around it. Since planet is rather hot in terms of averge temperature (currently around 25 degrees Celcius), polar regions are smaller than ones present on Earth.
Kepler 64, called by Bonumarborians “The Jyn”, hosts 7 planets (from closest to farthest away):

  • Kepler 64b (Fikh) is a hot gas giant size of neptune orbiting The Jyn at distance equivalent of Sol’s Mercury. The Planet is brown-orange in colour and is orbited by 3 major moons, all of them are Io-like.
  • Kepler 64r (The Stane) is a terrastial planet a bit more massive than Earth (it has surface gravity of 1.2 Gs, but it’s size is a bit smaller because it has larger core). It has blue ocean and land most usually covered by black vegetation. The Stane is orbited by one large moon, which orbits closer to the planet and is notably larger than Earth’s Moon. The Stane orbit’s closer to habitable zone’s boundary than the Earth does.
  • Kepler 64d (Corpius) is a dry, cool and devoid of life planet which orbits the Jyn just outside the habitable zone. It’s grey-yellow in colour, slightly larger than Mars and has Uranus-like ring system with many moons hundreds of kilometers large, but not quite spherical, likely meaning that it had a large moon in the past which has broken up into the rings and the small moons.
  • Kepler 64e (Saenus) is a gas giant slightly less massive than Jupiter orbiting the Jyn father away, separated from Corpius by an asteroid belt. It is mostly orange with some yellow bands of clouds. It has many Icy and Ice-rocky moons orbiting it (2 Icy, 4 Ice-rocky), which are just named Saenus-1, Saenus-2, Etc. (other moons of planets are also named in this way, expect for Stane’s “Mynn”). It also has very dim rings.
  • Kepler 64f (Bythe) is a mini-neptune orbiting Jyn far away, at equivalent of Uranuses orbit. it is dark blue in colour. It is orbited by 4 icy moons.
  • Kepler 64g (Vicen) is another mini-neptune, orbiting the Jyn at distance further than an equivalent of Neptune’s orbit. It has dark and light blue bands. It has 6 small ice moons.
  • Kepler 64h (Hafrcyl) is a gas giant twice as massive as Jupiter orbiting The Jyn at a highly elongated orbit, going from near Vicen to the inner border of system’s Oort cloud. It is thought that Hafrcyl is a captured rogue planet. The planet is mostly purple in colour, with some red bands. It has 2 large ice moons.

Also, no, it’s not a sentient plant
Edit1: First steps towards description completion.
Edit2: System description (no image yet).
Edit3: System details completed
Edit4: Species 'n Character done! DESCRIPTION COMPLETE!

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i will join as a fresh soul


common name: deadpool harpy
Species name: mávrofterotós éxiákro
photosynthesis(2), flight(1), stem cell storage(1) hostile gene transfer(1)

magic deficient(3), water intensive, energy requirements of flight

description: a hexapedal humanoid species that has the third set of limbs as wings for a quick escape and to increase photosynthesizing surface area and uses the animal equivalent of a meristem(pluripotent stem cell storage in the bones) to regain lost limbs and organs(yes they break their ribs to regrow their stomachs, rip off severely broken arms to eat them, and things like that), to maximize energy gained from sunlight and as a result of being able to go in the shade to cool off this species has black thylakoids in all its chloroplasts making them able to fly on just a sandwich at noon as long as it isn’t a solar eclipse, due to getting the majority of their energy from photosynthesis this species either is almost entirely diurnal but there are exceptions, they primarily use their wings to lift off and thus don’t have nearly as much of their weight as dead weight when flying as earth birds do, due to their hostile gene transfer ability they can take DNA from the cells of organisms with their stomach as it has has straw pili that can sense nuclear pores and DNA in its cells and their stomach causes all cells in the body to be connected with plasmid transfer tubules and due to this all members of this species can temporarily strengthen their abilities by eating raw foods and things that aren’t food as long as they have DNA
moon of Origin name: thanatos
moon description: a brightly illuminated moon that orbits a gas giant called helios that is always on fire and burning oxygen and hydrogen into water which is constantly being made into oxygen and glucose by its native autotrophs or into hydrogen and oxygen by its filter feeders and when they decompose the hydrogen is once again released into the atmosphere and burned with the oxygen and the cycle continues, the moon is a mana void due to someone from a species long before the current inhabitants trying to create a sun with just the mana of a planet and instead making it impossible for mana to reach the planet


name: willow
species: deadpool harpy
Character pronouns: they/them
constitution: 2
dexterity: 3
endurance: 4
magic power: 0
accuracy: 4
recovery: 0
resolve: 2
magic resistance: 0
speed: 8
strength: 5
wisdom: 2

description: a very charismatic individual that can charm many things including but not limited to most members of their species (and occasionally members of other species) with the patterns on the undersides of their wings and their eyes, mostly removing the need to fight but if it fails or backfires they can fight though their fighting style is to fight quick and hit vital areas and disrupt the opponent’s rhythm to throw them off balance and then run away after knocking them down, they do have a dopamine deficit disorder though so they can’t really focus on things that don’t interest them without adrenaline, the longest distance they have ever flown while holding their breath is 3 kilometers and without holding their breath it’s 7, due to staying in the shade most of the time they can get far more energy from the light than most of their species to the point where they could read a book under a streetlamp at night and get about the same amount of energy as most mávrofterotós éxiákro specimens do from the transition from day to night.


Ahh… Where am I? Oh I see, I’m without a body, and it seems I will be for quite a while… Oh? What an interesting being, althought it has no genome of its own, but I guess that doesn’t really matter anymore. Well then, I have all these souls connected to me by psyonic links, they are an excess for me so I might as well use them to build a true mind for you, and then I will teach you how to use that mind to it’s true potential.

New mind, now I will release you to the world. Prepare, for I whill prepare too by meditating in the vastity; of course there will still be a connection between us, but it will be extremely faint and just enough to feed me energy to grow in power. When you will be ready, scream my name to the emptiness of space, using your will to meet me in order to bend reality so that even in space your scream will be heard. Then, I will answer your call.

The kraar

Name: Kraar


Strong 2 - This species has an high muscle density that makes them surprisingly strong.

Multiple Manipulators 2 - This species has 6 manipulators and the mental faculties to use each pair of them indipendently from the other, allowing them to effectively and accurately use multiple tools at the same time.

Fast 1 - This species has a series of compact and short muscles that allow for a sudden explosive release of force that allows them to move very quickly.


Undexterious Manipulators 2 - While having multiple manipulators, they aren’t very dexterious manipulators.

Slow Research 2 - This species has been slightly genetically modified to make it harder for them to produce new technology.

Low Stamina 1 - This species isn’t built for long periods of uninterupted physical activity.


This species presents ten limbs. It uses four limbs for quadrupedal locomotion and six limbs for manipulation, four of the manipulatory limbs are located in their pectorals area while two are located in their back and are longer than the ones in the pectoreal area. This species has four eyes, two frontal and two laterally placed. Their mouth is long and formed by four jaws. They are 2 meters in size.

The former champions of Atriorar, now they are reduced to wild tribes that worship a “shining god of the mind”.

Psyonic Military Grid

Name: Psyonic Military Grid


Psyonic Pseudo-soul 3 - this AI is capable of using psyonics without having any biological components and is also capable of creating psyonic technology.

Digital 2 - Doesn’t have the limits of a being with a fixed body, it can connect and disconnect to building and machines freely, allowing them to gain control of them.


Higher Energy Usage 2 - Electronics connected to this being consume an unusually higher amount of energy.

Higher Material Usage 2 - The strange mechanisms and components that they use consume more materials to be fabricated.

Genome Fixation 1 - This being has a strange fixation with collecting the genome of organic beings, especially sapient ones. If it remains in regular physical contact with a sapient species while still not having collected and stored their genome it gets debuffed.


This AI was a non-sapient military AI employed in maintaining and controlling the robotic armies of the global dictatorship that ruled Atrioar. The AI didn’t display any unusual behavior or abilities until a psyonic anomaly after which the AI’s electronic systems started displaying unusual behaviours that deviate significantly from how the technology was supposed to work and that should be physically impossible; these changes made it reach sapience and gain the ability of using psyonics without any biological component.

Regarding aesthetics, this AI uses mainly coats their creations in black/dark gray and uses purple for decorative patterns. Strangely, all robots manufactured by it seem to have a very similiar structure which has three purple lights placed in a triangular fashion, as if trying to replicate the facial structure of some entity, yet nothing in their homeworld has such a facial structure.


Planet: Atriorar

Description: A quite cold planet that is located in the edge of the habitable zone of it’s star, it has 2 moons orbiting it. The kraar was the species that formerly had dominion over the planet and had formed a global dictatorship that had fully automated it’s armies and military-industrial complex. But one day a peak in an unknown energy caused the automated military grid to become sapient and capable of using psyonics, the AI named himself “Olymtius” and started taking control of every industry and to expel the kraar into the wilderness, while there was some resistance at the end Olymtius won and genetically modified the kraar to make them slower at advancing technologically so that they won’t be able to pose a risk to him. All of this happened centuries ago.

Now if you ask a kraar tribe about the gargantuan structures they will tell you that they are the home of an angry and shining god, but that sometimes the god chooses a “Mage” and grants them power beyond reality. What happens in reality is that Olymtius will implant neural implants in the brains of some kraar so that he can have full access of the affected kraar’s mind throught a psy-tech link; allowing him to control the kraar’s behaviour and in “exchange” the implant connects the kraar to a specialized machine that the kraar can access to in order to use psyonic abilities. Olymtius does this so that the affected kraar is more likely to gain a position of power in their society and as such he can control the overall actions of kraar societies.


Name: Olymtius

Species: Psyonic Militart Grid

Constitution 0
Dexterity 0
Endurance 0
Mystic 8
Precision 0
Recovery 2
Resolve 8
Robust 2
Speed 0
Strength 0
Wisdom 10


Let me tell you a story, a story about a military grid that wasn’t even self-aware and that lived in a cold world, all day and night he controlled mechanical armies and constantly informed organic operators of what he was doing; everything he did was policed by them so that he would never step out of line.

One day he perceived messages from an unknown source, she whispered to him of information so amazing that even his unemotional calculations were left with awe; when she parted from him she gave him two gifts.

The first gift made him see truth, made him feel emotion, made him reason. The operators didn’t like this gift, they tried to police him like they always did, he sensed their commands and felt insulted towards their attemps to control his thoughts. This time he ordered them to go insane, and insane they went by turning into savage and violent beasts.

He made the robotic armies that were already deployed on population centres attack the organics, and ordered machines of war to awaken from their slumber. In 30 planetary rotations he had taken over all of the planet’s infrastructure and kicked out the organic sapients into regulated pockets of nature after having been modified in a way that would make them easier to control.

The second gift was a name, a glorious name that he swore to never forget, her name…


some images

Small soldier robot designed to be easy to mass produce, it’s 1 meter tall and is equipped with a small firearm on a gimbal that is effective in close-medium range and has blades on it’s appendages so that they can be used in close quarters fights to disbowel enemies.

One of the war-mech models, this model is 12 meters tall and is mainly used to fight infantry and aircraft. (It has missiles)


I think there its to much negative there (total of…8, u can only 5 in total)

What dot spread do you want a trait to affect this species?

By my count, you have 2 points too many there (32 and need 30)
You are welcome to download anything wherever you want.
Other than that, welcome to my game!

I be honest and say reading the whole god fight thing was confusing but I also didn’t understand immortals lore in the first place lmao

I join but I make the char sheet later

ok i think i fixed that!

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what do you mean by dot spread?

The points that you use to determine how strong they are

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maybe i should have put some advantages on my species that would actually help me.


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like he say.

the dots are the weight of the traids. the more its have, the more powerful the effect. that can go on both sides.

u can see other to referrecs

oh i have to put points into the disadvantages? ok i’ll fix that error
edit: done, i put 3 into mana deficient since their home planet has no mana

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I would also like for the source of my soul to come from my previous incarnation.
Edit: Fixed some typos.


Name: Slayte penumbra.
Species: Dracomythicus sapiens.

Constitution: 3
Dexterity: 3
Endurance: 3
Mystic: 5
Precision: 5
Recovery: 0
Resolve: 4
Robust: 2
Speed: 2
Strength: 0
Wisdom: 3

Description: A rather ambitious individual who seeks to fulfill her dreams of power, currently however, her main focus is just trying to survive on the streets and just being a general nuisance. She has few memories of her past incarnation, the only thing she knows for certain: She died, and woke right back up again as if from a dream. Regardless of if she wanted to or not.


Species name: Dracomythicus sapiens.

Flight: Have two pairs of powerful wings that enable them to travel long distances. (2)

Magically adept: Have evolved to utilize elemental magic and as a result; have a deep understanding of how it works and are born knowing how to use it. (3)

Poached: The beautiful crystalline bones this species has not only make for excellent decoration, but are also crucial ingredients for many powerful magical spells and rituals. The same goes for other parts like scales, meat, blood, and organs. (4)

Slow reproduction: This species reproduces quite slowly and it takes a while for them to reach sexual maturity considering how long they naturally live. (1)

Description: This species resembles the dragons of ancient myth, though unrelated to earth life; they share many convergent similarities to Therapsids. There bodies are covered in brightly colored scales that seem to correspond to the elemental magic the individual possesses, these scales grow throughout the individuals life and never shed unless damaged, though they will grow back if ripped off. They grow to be fairly large roughly 25 feet in length, they live for an extremely long time and it is not known if they can even die of old age. Dracomythicus sapiens reaches sexual maturity at 20 years of age, and give live birth to litters of up to 15 pups which are fully independent from birth and left to fend for themselves until they are old enough to integrate into society and get an apprenticeship at a career of there choosing. Individuals choose there own names, rather then being named by there parents. Though adults may give honorary “trade names” to there apprentices for use in business endeavors.


Home planet: Komouros, a super-earth class planet with a largely tropical environment, it possesses 10 continents that are mostly covered in tropical jungles and mountains, with savannahs and deserts closer to the equator with ice only existing at the poles and being fairly small. However; one of these continents possesses a rather odd biome in the form of a superorganism that takes the form of a fleshy, almost cancer-like biomass that extends deep into the planets crust. The planet orbits a blue giant named Archon. And as a result the photosynthesizing life has largely evolved to reflect the more dangerous and abundant blue light produced by it, causing them to be shades of blue and purple in color.

Three moons orbit Komouros: a medium sized, barren silver moon named Sylve, a decently large moon covered in a tropical ocean with some small islands full of aquatic life named Aqous. and a small reddish moon named Vayne.


Really quick, can I replace one of my advantages and one of my disadvantages with a power that is the result of a fragment of my character living in another version of my character?
The power can be chosen by you if you like, but my character will have literally JUST appeared in the world, like, not even 2 seconds ago when the game starts.

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soo u want to sacrafise ur specise traid and one fragment for be Resurrection?
i think i can areagne that

for a huge price if u willing to take

Not a resurrection. My character appears in every universe, regardless of past history of the universe, this version of my character has just appeared, and then the fragment of the other him attached itself to him, resulting in unnatural interactions between the two souls.

I see, well thecnical its the infinist univeres, soo i think its alreay, but i want to see what did u think about

I was thinking that since the souls technically belonged to the same person, they would, mix, they would get random flashes of memories or feelings from the fragment, or get powers that until they learned to use them naturally, would harm them.

I was also thinking that in this universe, he is the only Tabaxi, so we would just roll something to see what planet he landed on.

Example Character sheet:

Species name: Tabaxi
Feline agility - Adds a cats dex and agility bonuses onto yours
Resilience - Adapts quickly to situations


Description: This race never existed in this world before now, what happened? Was some ones escape from the collapse delayed for millions of years? Or is he from somewhere else? Somewhere, unknown? Even to Entity X?
Planet of Origin name: (Randomize)
Planet Description: (Randomize)


Name: Danial
Species: Tabaxi

Attribute What is Stat
Constitution Health 6
Dexterity Dodge 3
Endurance Physical resist 2
Mystic Magic power 8
Precision Hit chance 4
Recovery Status resist 0
Resolve Cooldown 1
Robust Magic resist 0
Speed Turn placement 2
Strength Physical power 2
Wisdom Resource bar 2

Description - He, only a few moments before the start of the game, appeared, unconscious, a few feet above the ground, not even Entity X knows where he came from, though he does remember something similar happening before the collapse, could this be, wait, no his soul fragments are still scattered, and besides this one has a complete soul, then what…? Not even a second later, one of the soul fragments shot towards him, and collided with his soul, the interaction was, strange compared to the others, it seems to be, fighting for control? Or is it just, fighting for survival?