U have the right documents to approve ur right to claim ownership of that Preim weapon?

I wonder what more items will be discovered on this mystery planet…

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I have accdedntlky reavel that there 4 Prime Wepoan in total
but the Reports are a Lore flavor and teaser for the game continues (that I am still working on that unfonatly. study have cutch me ones again, and this time - Social behaviors in bacteria, ion channel systems, ecology and evolution of animal behaviors, reproductive and fertilization process in mammals, transcriptional control in eukaryotes, protein control, biopharmaceuticals, introduction to marine ecology and laboratory in classical and molecular genetics.

That’s a ton of material)

they will be more

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Report number 54-X3-L7#B - AOG*3, one sector.

The subject of the report - the Words Of Operator Repressor Managers (W.O.R.M)

We came across a whole collection of engravings not far from the location of the ‘chains of reality’ ruins inscriptions. They were no different from the previous ones and we used the same techniques for monitoring and half-life testing of their source.
The results are surprisingly consistent no matter how hard we try to test. They are all the same time frame older than anything else known to us. It was impossible to measure the half-life of the two Prime weapons, but the location mentioned in them gives us a point that was not thought of before - a time before the existence of the hyperuniversal alliance. Many eras before the unification of the universes by X and even before the invention of afernite technology, which allowed the transition between multiverses from the beginning.

Unfortunately, information that we were asked to receive from the archive was answered in the negative, that even the smallest information about this time period, turns out to be considered the highest level of security known. As long as they do not allow me and us to receive at least, we encounter a dead end in this respect. But, in terms of dictation, they reveal to us information that even if known, they say otherwise.

There was once an ancient story about the time before - about those called ‘demigods’. Nothing is known about them, even in the archives, which is surprising. Many studies and a system of importance of many matryoshka computers have not been able to understand what their origin is and what their role is.

Or alternatively - if they existed from the beginning.

The center the new ruins we found were mentioned for the first time and in many other places. There was no other source in the world outside of our testimony of their existence. But here, a much larger number is told, as if they went together with them. Which is strange for someone who knows the most contemporary story about them:

“Those who were divided between the layer of reality and the layer above, are the ones who inherited their power and influence, ruled the universes in which they were born from the beginning. Some say they are the creators of those universes. Others say they are tyrants. In any case, there are groups that rebelled against them. Together, they declared that they will overthrow them and fight against them. But their power is not something that can be challenged. They found refuge in a black hole, where one of them offered a project that would channel a stronger power than them - the Void.
This project turned into the famous partition - W.O.R.M - World Reshapes Manager Suppressor/Souls
The weapon that is able to confront them. This was successful, but at such a great price that they had to ask for help from an entity that existed and seemed to be involved in the creation of the project - the DL entity.
With his help, they managed to isolate and neutralize the project, but by the time they did, none of them remained.”

A cruel fate for self-destruction, but also a lesson not to mess with dangerous forces. The war against X is a result fought from the story of the WORM. But something doesn’t quite add up in the story - we know about a story, but not about its origin and whether it is truth or a mystical myth.

I bring this up because we seem to have found the answer to the true story of the WORM, the demigods, and the creators of the project lurking on this backwater planet, of all places.

This is the most accurate translation we were able to find after much effort:

They came out of nowhere. Those painted in white - no face, no shape, no voice. entities that should not exist. Their power cannot be explained or understood, but their quantity cannot be counted either.
‘This is an invasion!’ screamed one of us before we started arming himself with […] These proved themselves to be effective against them, but it was not enough.
‘How did they get here?! I thought [untranslatable] had managed to block any trans-universal passage to us!’
‘Are you crazy? The Transcosmic Barrier fell with him a long time ago. But don’t worry, we still have something he left for us especially in the case of the demigods’ hypercosmic deviation, or in his words - ‘white people’.
'You mean the worm god?! No one has been able to activate it since it disappeared! It is among his companions - his creation to face the end of all things
‘And what about the Ctronous Leviathan?’
‘They agreed to sacrifice themselves to delay their progress’
‘They’re even crazier than us! Their loss means […] I refuse to take part in this circus’
'It’s not our responsibility. They already found a way to activate it! The worm has already returned to life and manages to repel them.
‘Who managed to find a way to activate them?!’
‘You mean that crazy fool who was trying to find a way to immortality? He’s the one who found a way to activate the Worm God?!’
'There was no choice - he was one of [untranslatable]‘s friends, he knew more than anyone the […] but I know he’s hiding something, so I don’t disagree with you’
‘This piece of [censored] basbelgium. Just let’s all pray for the best and that it doesn’t turn on itself’
The worm managed to defeat them before he was put back into the black hole, the Xeno planet, but when he recognizes that his creator has returned, he will try anything to reunite with him. Our sin against this unexplained force and the resurrection of a more deadly weapon is just the beginning […]

And these are all the engravings he managed to translate. Proves that the urban story about the demigods is real and not real at the same time. Me and my team can’t figure anything out exactly but the archive does manage to distill one piece of information on one of them: Middlegronk:

“Centered by the Hyperuniverse Alliance, Middlegronk is a criminal who has violated Alliance laws and is destined for elimination before any lasting harm. Target - Successfully eliminated, by [[classified]]. Accused - Ethics, dealing with entities above level 3, defections, selling secrets, sabotage”

More than that wasn’t listed unfortunately, but it leads to Middlegronk being alive when the alliance took place. How long did he manage to live? If he is the key among all these things? There are many more charts and engravings to translate and collect and there are many questions - who really is WORM? Whose planet does this belong to? Was the planet destroyed by the demigods or something else?

I request once again, to utilize the Apernite technology to move the planet to the insurers before the arms of the universe arrive on the scene. This planet is an extremely rare find that requires the most in-depth research and that we can explore in depth.

End of report

Researchers 54-X3-L7#B one sector,

Thank you for contacting us about your discoveries about this planet.
We would like to thank you for your surprising discoveries so far, but this is information that needs to be reviewed before it is approved. If your claims and your research is verified and true, these discoveries could undermine the delicate fabric of the hyperuniversal alliance, and for that, we are forced to reject your request to the limit in order to get more information about a deeper investigation of the reliability of your findings.
Regarding your request to use the Apernite technology to switch insurance companies, we have rejected it to the limit. Using breakthrough technology to transfer an unproven planet to the Alliance is a waste of resources that are needed elsewhere. All the engines and the Apernite technologies are used in order to delay the progress of the ‘arms of the universe’ and for that, there is no approval allowing the use of any technological item of the Apernite technology until further notice.
We can provide you with a planetary carrier that can safely transport the planet at your request, but we cant guarantee the safety of this planet until approval from the committee.

Please send us your findings to the Allied Territories for further investigation and approval of the use of a planetary transporter.

Thank you very much and keep up the good research.


im startin to think this “hyperuniversal alliance” is more like “whatever is most profitable to us alliance”

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Bureaucracy chases everyone.
Each and every one of us


oh hey its that one worm we all collectively fought back in immortal


Maybe that worm island thing is located on this planet too?

Edit: guess not.

let the theory-craft commits


Report number 54-X3-L7#B - ASY*9, one sector.

The subject of the report - the Pandora equation

Following their refusal to help us when needed, even though we have many significant proofs regarding the peculiarities of this planet, we still continue to find more findings. But the subject of the report is stranger than usual. Not because of the topic itself, it’s the fact that it’s a topic that only a few deal with because of how complex this field is - Cosmosequology

As I know - by looking at observations to the layer of truth, the whole essence of everything that exists in the spaces and stages below, sealed and converged as pure mathematics. Those who deal in this field, try to decipher the meaning of the infinite equations that say what the universe, the multiverse and the hyperuniverse are made of. By imitating them, they make it possible to create simulations of them for many benefits - from research to industry. It can also lead to a theory that the essence of our reality is nothing more than a simulation.

Even if more knowledge and more time for everything imaginable was in the presence of the alliance, we still haven’t reached this ability to create universes, which is surprising.
Cosmosequology deals in this field to understand these desires and to translate them. What’s even more strange is that even if we reduced all the equations to only those necessary for the possible existence of a single universe similar to the classical one, it still didn’t work.

To this day it has not been answered and all attempts to obtain the ‘artificial universe’ have failed. This is in contrast to the creation of a universe in the interuniversal space (which currently does not exist because of the union), which succeeded a large number of repetitions and was used by the alliance throughout its existence, is only a reproduction of the conditions that exist in the contemporary presence.

This raises bigger questions that I’m not an expert on, but there is a mention in other ruins that mentions the very existence of the layer of truth - something that is rare at all outside of the alliance inflation, indicating that the civilization that existed on this planet possessed the most advanced technological knowledge when it came to transition Between universes (as found in other ruins with the ‘transcosmic barrier’) even from a general technological point of view - we don’t see an advanced presence of this.

How such knowledge developed in a relatively new civilization is unknown and raises many questions, but what they knew about it is even more surprising. A collection of ruins and engravings that were successfully translated manage to shed light on knowledge that probably even the Alliance did not know about:

Report number 290184.
We discovered a new mathematical embolism that did not appear in the mathematical texture of the fourth layer of reality. This equation appeared only a few days ago. The origin of why a mathematical equation appeared out of nowhere that adds something to the reality of the reality we are present and feel, but there is no sensory feeling about the effect of this equation.
A study that has continued in recent days since [untranslated] disappeared from before […] concluding that this equation is a link to the other spaces of reality. especially the second and third. We don’t know for sure what the consequences will be, but two things emerge from them -

  1. As far as we know - it seems that this equation appeared because someone dared to reach the fourth layer - causing this equation to be changed and added, while expediently destroying them.
  2. This happened after ‘the end of all things’.

And according to the solution of the new equation - according to research of the last few days, it seems that this is an equation of an increase in the possible existence of native creatures to the third and second layer! We know more than that at the present time, but we fear that this equation will only lead to trouble since its development.
Therefore, we call this equation the ‘Pandora equation’
I will continue to update on this for further research into this equation and pray that this is not a bad omen.

Interspersed with the archive, the ‘Pandora Equation’ is in our language ‘the mathematics of entities’ - the reason for existence of trans-universal entities - known as “Truth”, “The Lord”, “DL” and “X”. According to this report, which I scanned to agreed upon sources, this civilization is the first real evidence of not only proof of the existence of real life before the existence of beings - which proves the post-Genesis theory, it also brings up something we did not know about before - equations and mathematics is not Static according to them. This means that reality has a starting point, just like many universes do.

This gives some of the questions answered, if they do not deviate from the truth, but of these are many questions that we hope to find in these ruins: how ancient is this civilization in terms of existence, who exactly is [untranslated] that is noted numerous times in several different ruins and how ancient the hyper ancient will be that we live in?

Hopefully the council will accept these additional findings and approve the planetary shuttle as soon as possible.

End of report

Researchers Report number 54-X3-L7#B!

Thank you for contacting us and passing on your findings to us!
After many tests on your findings, we would like to announce that your findings are authentic and true to all usage and definitions under our line of research.
Following this, we authorize you for the passage of a planetary shuttle that will transfer this planet to the insurers to continue its research and discover its secrets. Congratulations on these discoveries.
However, due to the unstable situation, the arrival of this planetary shuttle will take longer than usual, so apologies indeed for this unwanted delay. Hope you continue to provide more valuable information.

Have a successful continuation of research


I know what is going to happen next: The arms of the universe appear and start to make a mess, then the entire cast of immortal appears (Including the worm) and says “Nah, we’d respawn” and then starts fighting. The battle goes on until entity X, DL and Lord appear to start a talent show. Once the talent show ends the shuttle appears and everybody (arms of the universe included) goes inside of it and get breakfast togheter.


neuron activation
oh hey i know that guy


I wonder how a “planet shuttle” even looks like.


Report number 54-X3-L7#B - ATT*1, one sector.

The subject of the report - Monster

We encountered something more unusual than usual. This planet is known to have atmospheric, gravitational and tectonic irregularities at every point. Of course we don’t have to worry about the conditions thanks to technological alternatives to extreme conditions like this, but it’s surprising this planet holds up with all the anomalies that under normal conditions would tear it to pieces from the ground up. But this is not happening and we are in unusual planetary biomes.

We managed to collect more various findings around the planet, that a distress signal was received from those areas that are more friendly to life. There we sent scouts to find out what was happening and this is the point where a change in plans began - an unfamiliar life form was discovered, and more alien than our usual archived data, and they are extremely dangerous.

All the mechnoids monitor his movement. It is difficult to define what it is - it is a long creature that hovers on the ground, but in a bent manner so that most of its small legs that cover its entire body do not even touch the ground below it. His eyes were metallic in white and black that synchronize with each other in a never ending circle. The rest of his body is black and absorbs light, but there is enough textural variation to get the shape I can describe. From the point of view of the sensors we picked up from him, he emits an impure energy that is entirely compatible with the energy from the void. Something that has only been mentioned in several places and in theories, but to see it alive, it just feels something unusual about it.

The mechanoids that advanced to the scene of the distress did not manage to find the source of the distress, not even corpses. But signs of struggle and chaos have been found, and all point to this anomalous creature. This proves that I lost 25 crew members and a fair amount of artifacts and machinery. All we could do was monitor the monster’s movements until the planetary shuttle arrived in a few days.

End of report

Report number 54-X3-L7#B - ASW*6, one sector.

While we have been sorting through and following up on additional finds, locations and evidence of the planet’s possible history, my team is still keeping an eye on the movement of this unusual monster. Combat technology proved useless against him as all high energy technology was absorbed into him like a black hole. In retrospect, it seems just like a living black hole. Thanks to this vigilance, no further losses of life and property were caused, but at the same time it prevents us from exploring areas that could provide valuable information.

This raises an even bigger question - how long has this monster been here? How much knowledge is lost because of it? The planetary shuttle just now arrived at the planet and began the gravitational detection glide that would take this planet to the insurers. But this is already raising the question because of this monster, how safe the borders of the alliance will be. I sent an update on this matter to those responsible for security and they have already brought the Volkais to the scene. I saw with my own eyes how they were not able to repel the monster that, with every touch, tears the delicate texture of the environment around them and destroys them on the spot.

The only solution they could think of was to isolate him from space-time. With the technological inventions of Apernite, which is intended for something like this, they laid a trap for the monster during the final preparations for crossing the safe border. I saw, but the monster is wrapped in space-time and basically they tried to tear it from the texture without knowing where. But even with such success, the creature just got out of the trap without a problem, ignoring the laws of physics of the world.

The one that doesn’t belong.

The Vulcans continued to delay him. Now we have reached a critical point - to continue the transition and take risks with this unnatural mentor, or abandon the planet with these findings.

My team had to rack their brains to think of a solution, but suddenly we were given a decision to abandon the planet and we began to organize with all the findings and let the ‘arms of the universe’ claim it. As the arrangements were being made, out of nowhere, something unexpected happened - something else popped up. In a broadcast of all the regions, the monster fights against something tall with four arms, holding it in its hands without anything happening to it! The sight I didn’t know or saw before, we all kept a distance and saw how he is while he grabs the monster with what seems like a mouth, tearing it to pieces, with each of his four arms, without any problems there and without any weapon.

The void energy that came from the monster disappeared and was sucked into the alien. The alien stood and bit into the creature’s corpse before one of the Vulcans suddenly approached him. The alien surprisingly understood what he said and looked at one of the robots, they called me to come to the scene.

I don’t know what to say as I approached him and saw how big he was, but at the same time, he showed no hostility. His voice began to emerge and I was able to record his words:

Are you the ones on the planet right now?
Yes, we came here only for research, to find out what happened on this planet and there are many things we did not know before. I guess you…
Mara’zoo, call me that.
Mara, it is my honor that you defeated this monster, but how did you do it exactly, what?
Are you talking about this millipede? Yes, he’s definitely not something I’ve seen every day, but compared to him, they’re a toddler to what I’ve seen in my day for so long that I can’t remember anymore.
remember what
It doesn’t matter exactly, I’m here I came to look for something here. I think you found many things.
Hell yeah! Many dictates of history and things that we the Alliance did not know about before.
alliance? Is this an alien alliance?
Yes - the hypergalactic alliance, familiar?
No, sorry, I haven’t heard of them before.
It was expected, it seems that you come from a civilization that does not know about the 4 textures of reality.
Huh, I do know about the 4 textures of reality - reality, the interuniverse, the interuniverse and the mathematical. Trust me, we knew a lot of things, and I guess you found some information about them here.
Yes, yes it is true! Wait, how did you know we’d find them? Are you a resident of this planet?!
No, that’s not true at all, but I know them who were here.

I said nothing as Mr. Mara’zoo looked through the swirling ruins, and began to move in a certain direction. I held him back, and it seems we don’t bother him. I signaled to the others to change the plan and continue with the transition preparations. I continued to talk to him:

If you’re really here, I assume you also came to look for something among all these ruins.
This is true. I’m looking for my gear that I left here.
How long ago did you leave him?
Hmmm… I think spacetime is used to magnify something that is even close to being true. I think I’ll just say a long time ago.
This planet according to the last time dating of these ruins estimate a time longer than even eternity, so I can say that it is true.
A time longer than eternity? This is like the time I was gone. Nothing lasts forever. even a universe.
I certainly agree with you, but we’re still here.

We arrived at large ruins. Using his arms, he tore away part of what resembled a door before advancing without any source of light into the space and deeper and deeper into the dark ruins. I myself turned on a light to see the way and we continued to talk with him:

If I may ask, what exactly did you leave here?
Souvenir from a friend.
I understand you. can you tell where we are
Transition center between universes, why?
wait, what?! This civilization was so advanced that it even deciphered the ability to move between universes?! They discovered the Apernite technology?!
Apernite? The name rings a bell, but not for the good reasons. No. This civilization was not so different than a technology level of using renewable fuels and solar mirrors to finance themselves.
So how did they manage to get technology that consumes a lot of energy, without cheating on a small media can like this ruin?
They got help.

We got to the room and I lit up the place. I could see how the place still looked surprisingly clean. How there are still signs of uncorroded metal and even energy paths that reach the smallest interuniversal gates I have ever seen. Mara’zoo approached the long and from it, he took out a long object and something that resembled a suit of light armor, and from it, he took out something that resembled a hollow core sphere. I guess this is a souvenir from his friend.

Who did they get help from?
From [untranslatable]. wait, what?

I was surprised that I still could not understand what he said, and even more than the reaction of his statement

[untranslatable]… [untranslatable]… [untranslatable!] How in Belgium levels can’t I say his name?!
Can’t you say his name?
[untranslatable]… I can’t even say his name. how is it possible?
Maybe we’ll leave it for a moment… So ‘he’ helped this civilization with the technology we have in front of us.
It is true, the savior of this civilization from extinction, during his presence he received many nicknames - ‘the one whom gods fear’, [untranslatable], [untranslatable], [untranslatable]… I am not able to say these nicknames either? Belgium!
Who is he for you?
my best friend I can’t say more than I am in front of him.
Are you his friend?!

I was surprised to hear this. I’m standing in front of someone who was my life when this civilization still existed. Long before the existence of the covenant and possibly even according to the existence of the entities.

I think it is already understood above him.
so where is he is he alive he is dead?
I… I don’t know. I came here to try to find him. know where he is. I myself do not know if he is alive or not, but if he is no longer among the living, I want to find answers - what happened to my good friend.

I can relate to him more than I can express to him.

I guess he’s not here.
Yes. The fact that he didn’t touch his souvenir only proves that something happened to him.
If he dares to ask you, what is this souvenir you are talking to him about?

He shows me the hollow core in one of his hands.

‘Shira Core’
Shira core?
Yes, one of his most important inventions to his heart. All his life he developed it and took care of her. The fact that he didn’t take her back means that he is probably not among the living, or doesn’t exist anymore.

I comforted him as best I could. A stronger alien who could face something unnatural that we were powerless, he in solitude he managed to neutralize it. I have to ask him more. So I had an idea.

I think in a grief like now, we should find something to distract you from the loss of your best friend. Because I, a researcher who came to this place, just want to know what happened to the place and all that I could collect and translate scriptures, but I would like to know if you can overcome this grief and be able to answer questions that arise for us, the researchers here, and that we can at least respect the legacy created here?

This is a risk I bet against, that if it happens to be successful, that can help the alliance and discover the secrets that this civilization may be hiding, it is the living proof of its existence. It took him a while to respond to me.

Fine. I will answer as many questions as you want to know I can answer. After that, I will go on my way and try to find answers myself.

He sat down across from her in the room in front of the closed gate and began to wait to ask the questions that I and my investigators had. This is a simulation that will not be repeated.

This is an opportunity for all people who follow the Lore of the game - to know more about the Lore!
You are welcome to write down questions related to the game’s lore or related to Mara’zoo that you think he can answer.
There is no limit to the number of questions, but once the QnA starts, it will not be possible to ask any more.

Feel free to ask [me] about things from the lore!

Before we start, can I ask you something?
Yes, what do you want to ask me Mr. Mara?
How do you label this planet?
We have a list of words and numbers that describe his transgalactic location. In our case, we call this planet “54-X3-L7#B”
This is a really technical name, just like labeling varieties of living species.
Without a doubt. I’m sure you know there are too many planets for us to name anything. What do you call this planet? Does it have a name this civilization called home planet?
Yes. It’s called ‘Terra’ in their language, but I like their other name: ‘Earth’


I might be asking for too much, but what’s the lore of Immortal? I can’t get myself to reading it all… (You can tell me, but if you think that reading through all of it will be more fun, then maybe that will motivate me)

Also, as person not familiar with lore, the reveal that planet was actually Earth was big :clap:


yeah, the lord. totally know who that guy is, me and him are like…best friends.
(who’s “the “Lord””???)

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My best guess is that it’s a character from the earlier doom forum games in which I haven’t partaken in.

considering i partook in a lot of doomgames except like zoomagoowhatever 1, thats either not the case or i forgor

Lord is from immortal.

My questions:

What exactly is Lord?

What are the difference between Lord, X and DL?

Are there other beings like Lord? If yes how many are there?

What was the monster from before and why was it capable of escaping the spacetime trap?

What are you?

What happened to this planet?

Are there other planets like this?

What is the difference between the layers of reality?

Why is arcana technology capable of doing things normal technology can’t?

What are the prime weapons?

What is the difference between prime weapons and other objects?

Could it be possible to create new prime weapons?

What are the arms of the universe?

Are there other body parts of the universe? (Brain of the universe confirmed?!?!!)


that part of the text are translate error
it have been fix

but the Lord exsistend its real tho…

Unfortunately, I don’t have the neat version, as it is spread all over the place, but I personally target the starting point in the Pandora Horizon game as a starting point. (It would be nice if someone did this)

But here is the summary of everything that is known:
An alternative history in which a being invaded and changed the fabric of the reality of the earth, also the rise of a world of magic and gods with a prophecy of the return of “HE”.
History happened and with it, because of a spear of one of the civulations that were created, they caused the existence of the first game to spray, giving birth to the second game “P.W.H” which is like the first, only the whole world is made up of floating islands that the civulations learned to connect between them and take advantage of the treasures.
I won’t write all the history there, but there was a war between two groups, one of which detonated an atomic bomb inside, causing a cascade of the other group’s desire to flee the universe following findings.
What turned out to be the one that brought them all down, also to the destruction of the second universe and the birth of a new equation - “Pandora’s equation” in its current name, gave rise to the existence of the game “Immortal”, which under the Void entity ‘DL’ offered in a contract to grant them immortality in exchange for the satisfaction of desires and their sun as “players”, but it seems that due to laws that are not yet explained, it seems that this caused strange things to happen, to the point of insanity that caused the breaking of one of the 4 stages of the fabric of reality - the layer of reality (the universe as we know it), the second layer (the interuniversal space) , the void layer (the hyper-universe space, leads to the concept of ‘hyper-universe - a compound of many collections of multi-universes’) and the truth layer (the mathematical layer - all the reality we know and don’t know is translated into mathematical equations). The entity DL tore through the void layer and revealed the truth layer - something that is ‘impossible to predict’, caused the destruction of existence itself, while destroying it. Not before the Hyperuniverse Alliance, who saw what was happening, sent quasar bombs that caused the destruction of the universe in which the game took place.
Only one Void entity known as X, who came back and repaired the rift, but in the process, united every existing universe into one big universe, removing the concept of ‘multiverse’ from existence. leading us to current events.

I think you may have additional questions that I assume may be answered here except for the event that is being read now.

Hope that clears things up a bit