What is Mara’zoo’s place/origin in this universe (by universe I mean lore, events, etc.)?

Are you DL?

its unknow so far
one have ask who its is, soo its will maybe unfold in the QnA

I think it goes without saying, don’t you?

(The answer is no, as of now)

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oh hey didnt we make somethin like those in P.W.H? funny

heres my question
where the belgium is the Tea god
i want to bring them back…


I think they we supposed to be killed by the missile thing?

good thing a certain follower of one of his subordinates managed to reincarnate in this universe…


Would the Tea God really be able to defeat Entity X if you managed to bring them back to life?

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consider that the tea god tried to fight DL and apparently almost overpowered them (from what we see on the first post of the thread)
if powered up enough he might actually beat X

Also know, this discussion reminded me that I’ve yet to reveal the “true” form of the apostle gods to yall


Reality is simulation inside of Doom’s computer, that is why the trith layer is mathematical.

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What and who are the “White Men”?
Who else have you fought recently?
What are your other abilities that haven’t been seen by us yet?


Didn’t we already see the drawings of them? Are they jus their first forms?

you saw the tea-ified versions
not the “true” forms
which are based more on their powers and doctrines

It didn’t take long until I sat down in front of Mara’zoo, while starting to collect questions from all my team - to know as much as possible - this is the best and probably the only opportunity we will have to know this.

I look at him and start reading the questions, and he listens to them:

“The Lord”… that name is familiar to me. You mean one of the most powerful beings mentioned earlier, right?
Yes, that’s true
If so, I think that in order to understand what it is, you need to understand what it is. He is considered the head of the Void beings. One who rules over many, like vassals. His ability to grant control is something unparalleled to the best of my knowledge, but my fear that the knowledge I know does not match that of now, if you describe them as the most powerful, I can understand - because it is something that cannot be underestimated. Like a king standing in a castle - he is the very terror of the supreme.

I don’t know the entity DL, but I do know X and the Lord. They each perceive a different aspect in terms of their performance and role in the Void space. The Lord as I described before, the head of the Void, is more like a ruler who makes order and law among all beings. What he says, they do. X, on the other hand, is the banality of a texture between the spaces themselves, reinforcing the order between the spaces themselves and all 3 layers below it. His ability is beyond my understanding, but as I know of him, there are things I cannot tell about him in detail.
Why is that so?
He asked me, that’s all I can say.

Yes. There are quite a few, but not very many either. Each of them plays a different role which gives a feeling that you can say ‘the legality of the void space’. I’m afraid the information about this is out of date on this, but I’m pretty sure in terms of the Lord’s power level, maybe less than 30 are known.
That’s a pretty low number.
This is ridiculously true, but at the same time, makes sense - there aren’t many laws that the existence of Void entities are created into.
Do they have laws for how entities are created?
Yes. I think you know about the ‘Pandora equation’, don’t you?
We gathered a mention of them in the ruins.
Without a doubt. This equation is as strange as life itself. I don’t know anything about it, but this thing is just trouble.
I can more than understand this.

They have been known for a long time. This occurs when the probabilistic fracturing of quantum tunneling is created at a level sufficient to affect the layers, creating rare anomalies that those who lived on this planet would call ‘anomaloids’.
What exactly differentiates them from entities?
They are in fact the result of the formation of entities! They can be said to be the bubbling bottom of their formation. They are life forms that live here, that are borrowed from the layers of the reality that raises them, making them what you saw.
Is this even possible?! You want to tell me that this monster was actually entities?!
not exactly. He is like one, but does not have the ego that is accepted in beings, which distinguishes them. You can’t talk to them or talk them into moving. They act on stimuli and don’t really care about the environment, because they don’t really belong in our space of existence anymore. This explains why you couldn’t capture him in spacetime - they are in a completely different dimensional space.
But how did you manage to kill one while we were struggling with no success at all? Doesn’t it feel weird?
Technically, I also no longer belong to this space of existence, but because of a sin I committed, but to say that I am stuck in limbo. I won’t elaborate on it any further than that.
I understand you.

I am “Mara’zoo Ari’Dukeli from Nor’Lgarish L’Grijab”, from the last Anestasira brood, a descendant of the extinct species ‘Argekhnolit’. The last of the breathers at least. I am the spatial guardian of this planet. Was at least until my fall.
your downfall
Yes, I died in battle. But thanks to something that even I don’t know or understand, I came back to life, with X’s help.
X resurrected you?!
not exactly. He didn’t exactly elaborate on why and why he did this, but what I know here, he asked not to share.
It’s interesting to know.
I know, but I’d rather not betray someone’s trust than reveal something that might backfire, get me?
I understand you.

I’m afraid this is one of the questions I want to know as well. I died before this planet fell, so I don’t know what happened to it.
Do you at least know what happened in your battle?
Yes. The ‘white mans’ surrounded the planet and caused chaos around it. I, my friends, the inhabitants of the star and [untranslatable] creations defended the place. I fell in the ensuing battle.
I remember the description of it in the ruins that they won this battle thanks to what they called the ‘Worm God’.
The worm?! Are they crazy?! He cannot act without the direct command of [untranslatable] or even move without him. Who managed to bypass this barrier?

Looking for a moment from the information we have gathered, before locking on information.

It was mentioned in the quote that this is Middlegronk
middlegronk?! This crazy [censored]! You really managed to do this! You shouldn’t have done this, but I’m both happy and angry that he did this. What happened in the end and what happened to him?
Middlegronk died by an Alliance-requested assassination.

He sat unsteadily for a few moments before continuing to speak

I don’t know what he did that required assassinating him. There was a saying on the planet we’re standing on - “die a hero, or live long enough to be the villain”. I would love to know more about what’s going on, but I’m afraid you don’t have any more information about it.

I didn’t say anything, but he understood the situation. He seemed disappointed by that. I had a picture of him. They were quite similar in form that I fear they are of the same species. Could they be related to each other?

The answer to that is yes and no.
Yes and no?
This is true. Similar versions of this planet exist. If you know enough about why it is time. At each point, due to quantum behavior and chaos, each possibility splits into its own time universe - each of them are the result of that chosen possibility, leading further in the movement of time - like a line.
We are aware of the existence of such behavior. But that doesn’t mean planets like this exist.
Something falls here that even I don’t understand why there is such an exception. A planet that would look like this, inhabited by the same very similar life forms, and perhaps even a similar history, are somewhere in the space of the united universe. But here something strange falls out - from the point where [untranslatable] first appeared, the planet went out of the timeline. No more universes are created from it and there is no replacement of time. I’m afraid I can’t explain more than that, I don’t know this knowledge in depth. But what is certain - this planet is unique and you will not find it anywhere else, no matter how far.
So ‘he’ is so influential that he took this planet out of time itself? It’s crazy that you say this as if it’s a complete myth.
I wish I had invented it, but when I discovered it myself, I don’t know what else I could have done.

Four layers of reality, as I understand them - each of them represents laws in the hierarchy which constitutes the essence of existence itself. I think I told you before and you asked me about this, but as I understand it - the first layer - the reality layer - is the layer that all the laws and equations express - like an incredibly complex simulation.
This is a question that the alliance has tried to try to create a simulation like existence itself, but we have not been able to create an artificial one.
It’s quite expected that you won’t be able to create one without doing it outside the boundaries of the reality layer - because the laws don’t allow it. If you make it, for example, the second layer - the interuniversal layer - you will succeed in creating a universe similar to ours, but you will not succeed in creating time alternatives that distinguish the multiverse and you will also not succeed in creating a hyperuniverse in this layer for the same reasons. The higher you level, the bigger their hierarchy. This is also true for the entities that are created in these layers.
I understand now. Perhaps this is why the alliance failed to create an artificial universe within us. But what are the effects of the ‘unification of the universe’ which X did?
He literally removed the existence of the interuniversal layer and merged it with the Void! Since this layer no longer exists, everyone who could have survived in this layer and the existence of an alternate time has become extinct and everyone has become a unified universe. I don’t know how X did this, but it connects to the fourth and highest layer - the mathematical layer - the layer where everything we experience, see, observe is described there. Because of his position in the power hierarchy, he is able to do this, but why he did this is beyond my understanding.

Arcana technology? Can you explain what you mean?
Obviously - this is a family of technology that no matter how much research is done, without the knowledge of this type of technology, it is practically impossible to implement them.
Are you sure it is impossible to implement them? It sounds ridiculous.
Any technology is possible to produce if they are within the limits of possible. The arcane technology you speak of… if you give the time and knowledge you need, you can create one!
So why do they act like this? No matter what they research, we simply rely on their knowledge.
So you cheat in terms of progress! You borrow someone else’s knowledge and simply build on it. ridiculous! But I’m not in the right place to call them that - such a technology that someone discovered and built to it and others learned it and adapted it to their needs is not something new at all. As ancient as existence itself - there will always be something like this and you are no exception.
So you mean arcana technologies themselves are just known knowledge?
exactly! Whoever invented this word probably just wanted to make them unique, but they are actually just borrowed knowledge. There is nothing special about them - just the knowledge required to use and create one. This is advanced knowledge for beginners.

He laughed lightly while I was in the market - we relied on borrowed knowledge instead of researching it ourselves. It feels like we’re stupid in that sense.

Prime weapons? You mean [untranslatable]'s everyday tool?
You mean ‘Xenolancher’, ‘Chains of Reality’, ‘Argonaut’ and that…

He shows the core he took from his closet.

Shira core?! Is this also a prime weapon?!
Weapon?! you are joking?! Except throwing the core at someone and can kill, then yes, anything is a weapon. But only the Xenolancher or whatever he calls it “sword breaker”, a real weapon. Confirm if only tools. How did anyone think they were all weapons?
You mentioned there were four - we only knew about the first two.

He looked at me stupidly, before continuing to speak:

sword breaker is a merely useful weapon capable of stretching, grasping and penetrating. A weapon leads to terror for those who know how to use it, and only he knew that. Chains of reality are a continuation of his hands. able to actually grasp and act as an outstretched hand. Argonaut…
Yes, what is Argonaut?
His impenetrable armor. Out of all of them - this is the first one he created - to protect his fragile body. It is a full armor that covers his whole body, but it is light enough that it can’t even be felt but at the same time - it can’t be broken.
Sounds like a fairy tale.
Without a doubt. Not even adamantium can do this. This is so mysterious.
And the Shira core?
This is the best supercomputer I’ve come across. It was inside his body, like an invisible partner that helps him calculate everything in single moments. I think that even the theoretical structure Matryoshka computers are not able to calculate with such accuracy and speed as her.
ridiculous. You’re saying this little thing is capable of defeating a galactic hyperstructure computer?! Can you prove this?
No. He asked me to keep this until his return and for a reason I do not know and I am working on my promise - so I cannot prove it to you or even bring it to you. You will know if she even has a defense mechanism against such things.
I understand your point.

They are not that different in everything compared to other objects. But I guess there is one difference.
What difference?
What are they made of - they are all creations of [untranslatable] intended for his personal use. He used a substance I don’t even know what it is.
Do you have a name for it?
Yes. All the residents who are close to him socially, and I, call this substance ‘Crystalium’
Yes. A most mysterious substance of unknown origin - it cannot be created, it cannot be found and it is not known what it consists of. The only source of this substance comes from his body.
From his body?!
Yes. I don’t know how or why, but this is the only thing I really know. It hides more than it shares, also piques my curiosity.
So you’re saying that if we finish this material, it’s possible to create the prime?
Right! But their feature is even more mysterious than their essence. Any source of energy around them simply disappears around them. I don’t know how he managed to get around this thing, but it’s beyond me. But if we talk about something to bypass… I think you mentioned something that can be a substitute for this material.
Did I mention something like that?
Yes! Afernite!
Afernite?! Are you saying that he is able to be a substitute for this material?!
Yes exactly! I remember during my days that there are hypergalactic empires that used this material as a base. The most successful substitute for this material. This is a prophecy from something I can’t remember why… If I remember during the questions, I’ll say them, okay?

He looked at me and thought for a moment. I don’t think he understood the question.

What is the ‘arms of the universe?’

I was afraid of that. I don’t think he knows the meaning of their existence.

How do I explain this… This is a mysterious behavior and its existence is incomprehensible to us. But there are descriptions that it communicates with souls.
Calling souls? You are talking about ‘Supreme Channeling Law’
‘Supreme Channeling Law’?
If it has to do with souls, there is only one thing that links to it - ‘Supreme Channeling Law’ - the one that says that a soul cannot exist in our reality space without being inside a body or a ‘vassal’, otherwise, will this law be manifested?
Yes! That’s what matches!
If so, then I think I can answer this from what I know - know the second law of thermodynamics?
Second law of what?
'Aspiration of a universe to reach equal entropy…diffusion and everything in between. One of the reasons why universes die from the heat death? Mmmm…

He thinks for a moment before continuing:

Know about how atoms want to reach equilibrium when they are in water? Equal concentration in any given volume. So it is the same with souls. A free soul behaves as ‘pseudo-energy’ - behaves like one, but is actually part of space-time. If there is not something capable of holding them like a material and energetic body, the time of free souls is limited before a pull to a more sparse place of their presence is required.
And you mean…
They go up a layer - to the interuniversal layer where souls are sparse or in other words - space-time.
Why would they do this?
Let’s compare them restorations are actually living beings - they produce souls. Also known as living things. When a being with a soul dies, the soul is released from the body unable to hold them due to holes in their existential space. Since the attraction from a place full of souls to a place without souls (concentration) is great, a soul cannot remain in the universe for a while until their space-time simply detaches from the universe, moving into interuniverse space. The universes we live in can be compared to producers or plants. And for every producer, there is his predator. In the case of the souls - the predators are other universes that are based on their existence and entities that live in this space, which were created following the formation of the Pandora equation. It can be said mystically that souls feed on gods who sustain the universe they are absorbed into and create this cycle anew.

I was surprised. How deep is the matter of souls. There was an attempt to create immortality but nothing lasted forever. Is this a caller to this law?

So you’re saying that the Supreme Channeling Law actually comes to describe this behavior?
Right! This is the general description of this law. But according to what I heard, because of the unification of the universes and as I mentioned before - the second layer merged with the third - where the existence of space-time does not exist. This means that souls remain in the same time-space and do not move on, causing stimulation and a change in the concentration of the created souls. Since this law, which still exists despite the merger, tries to move the souls to the lowest place, which does not exist - it seems to me that this law is getting out of control and is itself trying to create a layer with a lower concentration.
What are you trying to say…
I think ‘Arms of the Universe’ is trying to recreate the second layer - destroying the fabric of space-time itself!
Vacuum decay

This is a discovery I have not observed before. I must report this to the Alliance as soon as possible. This also explains why the Apernite technology which is able to interact with time space is able to repel them but not stop them. We must find an alternative solution in this regard and quickly.

I don’t know why you name laws with body parts, but if you’re talking about laws that resemble them… I’d say yes - there are two other similar laws that I can think of, but forgive my lack of knowledge on the matter.
It’s okay, I don’t expect you to know everything.
OK OK… I remember that we changed the ‘Lower Channel Law’ and ‘Probability Separation Law’.
Can you explain them in depth?
I will try to explain what I understand at least - the lower channel is similar to the upper one, only when it is between the second and third layers instead of the first and second. I suppose that compared to the first - the second still behaves as if it exists, saying that it connects to something else that I don’t know yet… probably ‘matter’ or something similar… and the ‘law of separation of probability’ by another name - which separates the observer from the entity. There is a reason why nothing but mathematics exists there and that is this law.
If you gave them body names, what would you give them?
If you name a body… for the law of lowwer channeling I would give it ‘the body of the universe’ and the separation of probability ‘the mind of the universe’… but I guess it’s much more than that… that’s all I can say about it…

Tea god? Is this a joke or did I hear right?
Yes, I said it is true.
Can you describe to me in terms of power level how strong it is?
Mmm. If X and Lord are one power level - the highest. So Tea god and DL are power level two.
So it’s probably a void entity. I guess if so, it’s still out there somewhere. Maybe in my theory, DL and Tea compared to one level, they don’t have legality that they are imprisoned in and for that - they are more free beings who are able to do what they want. But if so, they must probably listen to the Lord. Apart from that, this entity is probably hiding for a moment, to gather strength before it appears in one way or another. I’m really not sure and they are theories based on what I understand behind this matter.
So he will come back.
Yes - they will exist and surely did not cause his destruction by interfering with the higher laws, so he still exists and ‘lives’

I will never forget the ‘White Men’ - ‘creatures’ without a defined form except for a living image, no voice and no expression. I don’t think they even have egos. They were all white from end to end, but their power is above any defined level. They are so strong that I fear they act just like ‘him’. It was especially tough to fight against them.
You didn’t say you killed one of them.
Yes! They are the sons of [censored] which I don’t know what they are from and what they are, but trouble is oh boy, they knew more than anything else. They appeared moments after the disappearance of [untranslatable] and their power is comparable to his, although an ego was missing, they are no less dangerous than the real thing.
the real thing?
They are in the image of [untranslatable] and their powers are similar, so I would say that maybe they are related to me. No wonder I kicked the bucket because of it. But I don’t know about their existence but the fact that they are no longer here means that they are gone for good. Be thankful that you don’t have to face them - they can destroy you in moments without supervision or a way to face them.
According to the records, worm god is the one who managed to repel them.
It was created because of them from the beginning. Even though during his presence, they didn’t exist in this period, he knew they would return sooner or later, even though something prevented their formation, he didn’t decide to take a risk and as you read from your findings, it turned out to be good, but surprisingly they are the ones who didn’t cause this planet to be destroyed that i see now

He chuckled gently before I continued to ask him.

If you don’t count the ‘Anomloid’, then you could say I was resurrected in exchange for doing something incredibly ridiculous - fighting an otter.
They are beings that belong to this planet, but it is of alien origin that probably underwent a convergent evolution which caused their birth in a sapian form. It seems he asked X to fight him, but instead, decided to bring me back to life to fight him back. It went without saying that I defeated him and ate his corpse.
Could you eat an alien?
It is not different in terms of origin, so I could eat this type. Along with that, I don’t think that’s the only reason why he revived me and about that - I won’t expand any further.
You must at least tell something in addition.
No, I said I wouldn’t expand any further on everything related to X, understood?

It sucks to know this.

I think my friends are curious about your performance. You know - about how you managed to defeat this monster.
If so, I think you should know that a warrior does not reveal his cards - who knows if you will become my enemy in the future. I’m not going to reveal my abilities just because they asked me to - we don’t even know each other well enough to trust you anyway.
Good point.

This is all the questions the researchers and you want to ask me?
I guess that’s all. But I have a small question before we part ways: What do you think might happen in the future regarding everything around? In your opinion - what should we prepare for?
This is a good question but I’m afraid I might give the wrong answer. I’m afraid one should prepare for the worst - because I fear the “end of all things” will come very soon.
“The End of All Things”
Yes. This is according to the words of [untranslatable] themselves - every existence will collapse into itself and it will not be possible to hide and escape from it. He managed to prevent this once, but it later turns out that this is a cycle that repeats itself. This is not something that can be stopped and I am afraid that the time of all of us is only borrowed, or will be planned in advance.
Do you recommend anything about this? Is there a way to really prepare for it in case it comes?
To all your loved ones, be with those you know and love. I can’t say more than that, because after the “end of all things”, things will change, and I don’t know what will come after that. I may just be paranoid saying this, but there is no exact date or time when it will happen or it may have already happened and we didn’t feel it, but the story of this civilization can tell the end after it and I guess if you love your alliance, prepare for the worst.

I wrote down everything and hear a report from my team that everything is ready for movement.

Since you know who was alive on this planet, is there a request to keep it or take it apart for research?
I do not have the right to decide what will be the fate of this planet. But all the things I needed to take, I already took. You are welcome to do what you want. It will free me from its shackles and allow me to focus on my journey forward.

I give the signal to start that we are ready to start the planetary shuttle. It seems that Mara is also ready to fold and move on.

Thank you very much for giving us your time. I hope you find what you are looking for.
I hope you too will begin to discover something about the fate of this planet.

Without another word, from his place he began to fade and disappear from his rest, taking all of his words and the prime weapon with him. And the shuttle began to move with the planet to the borders of the alliance
At the same time I am left to understand all the answers he gave and the biggest question of all:

Who is ‘he’ exactly?

End of report collection.


end of all things? so you can end all things? you must be pretty strong.
mind if i fight-

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I think we all know how this’ll end.