Robotic Evolution and/or Genetic Editing

I feel like it would be very exciting if it was possible to continue biological evolution after one’s species reaches sentience through the concept of genetic editing/engineering through methods like CRISPR where you could open a new editor where you have the ability to not only change the behaviour, appearance, casts, and functionality of your species (regular organism editor) but also add previously user-designed tech (in the tech editor) to your species which could essentially turn your species into a cyborg race which could increase their lifespan, (possibly make them immortal, if such a degree of editing was perfected), increase their potential for technological advancement and maximum health for every individual, thus pushing your empire to its full potential. A little bit like the Sovereign; a genetically enhanced species from Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2.


well…that was what Spore promised us in the first place…

i think that would be a good idea, just imagine: an army of Genetically enchanced cyborgs rampaging across the galaxy…or simply attacking the closer civilizations…

Genetic editing was discussed a bit here:

I like the idea of adding it and cyborgs to the game. It’s very far in the future, though.