Rodlaria | Evolution Game | Microbe

Predation is appearing, that’s not good for your health

10 Million Years pass


Ostronada is being hunted by LUCAS, but it can defend itself half of the time thanks to the toxins.
Ostronada recovers from the Nitrogen fall, but not completely.
Ostronada population decreases
Ostronada can now process sulphur.


LUCAS is hunting Ostronada, but it can defend itself half of the time.
LUCAS population increases.

New Ideas

Here i put ideas and ask for your opinion about adding them.
Moving from regions, cost some Evo Points (Maybe 3).
Getting half of the resources that can access a species that you kill.
Glycosomes gives 1 ATP for every 100 Glucose

Next Disaster: Nothing

great idea, but will each region have different stats from he others?

i don’t understand this quite well, what do you mean?

ok, i’m fine with this.

evolve 3 cell walls.

You get more resources if you eat other species

Yes, i already have some regions made.

hey, can I join? if so name mine Lukaria and add one glycosome, one metabolosome, and a flagella onto LUCAS.

the flagella should be next to the other flagella, and the glycosome and metabolosome on either side of the cell wall

Yes, you can join

Ok now everyone wait for TeaKing

how many pointq do i have? because i’d like to add a stabby boi (predatory pilus) and a toxin 2.

Ok Rodlaria is growing

10 Million Years pass


The competition with LUCAS made Ostronada get more defense, but it cost too much ATP, so Ostronada population decreases
Ostronada is endangered


The Ostronada get stronger attack than the LUCAS, and it passes their new cell walls, some LUCAS die, but most of them survive
The new cell walls are too expensive, and the LUCAS doesn’t make enough ATP, so its population decreases
LUCAS is endangered


Lukaria splits from LUCAS
Lukaria is faster because of its new flagella
Lukaria is the most successful species of Rodlaria


Wow i changed this name
Ostronada and LUCAS fight to see which species survives, and get both closer to extinction
Lukaria splits from LUCAS and becomes the most succesful species
A hydrogen increase happens, making it go from ~2% to more than 10%

Ostronada Evo Points: 9
LUCAS Evo Points: 8
Lukaria Evo Points: 8


Migrating to a neighboring region costs 3 Evo Points

New Ideas

Doing a summary of the turn. I put one to see how it would look.
I don’t have many ideas right now, so i ask for your help, give your ideas.

Next Disaster: Nothing


1 metabolosome on above of the other one
2 glycosomes, one above the old one and one to the left
1 Sulphur chemosynthetic protein to the right of the old metabolosome

I am going to make a second creature: PUKLA
1 thykaloid at the front
1 cytoplasm at the back

That’s good, but it has to split from other species, which one would it be?

we’re in the hydrothermal vents righ? if so i’ll move to the bathypelagic zone.

i’ll also add a thykaloid, and remove toxin 1


  • make an evolutionary tree.

  • create Non Playable Creatures/Species, this will make the game more realistic.

So, i’ve got a question, how will we evolve to be multicellular?

I don’t know what to evolve to save my species.

You can use your points to remove organelles.

Oh wow someone remembered that was a thing

im actually doing that, but it looks bad. Maybe i should try to do it again.

Hey that’s a pretty good idea, im doing that

I had planned something that has to do with a certain organelle that all multicellular organisms have

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PUKLA is evolving from LUCA

I like the idea of a evolution tree and non playable species

also, will getting a nucleus boost current organelles, or are there more specifically for the nucleus?

can you put how much ATP a cell produces?

You should say what amount of chemicals are there so we don’t pick something that won’t work.

I actually do, but i don’t know if i should change it to numbers.

The same thing as oofer, i put them below the stats. I make small changes so it stays almost the same as before.

There’s more organelles

Also my pc won’t connect so im using my Indian scammer account

@zenzonegaming you’re the only one left.

2 iron protiens.
2 cytoplasm.

So my pc finally connected to the internet, i don’t know why it didn’t want to, but it’s connected now.

10 Million Years pass

Non-Playable Species

A new species splits from Lukaria.
It’s called NPLukaria
It evolves 4 cytoplasms and 2 nitrogenase


Ostronada migrates to the bathypelagic zone
The resources of the bathypelagic are lower, so the Ostronada can’t make the necessary ATP for it’s survival
Ostronada Population decreases
The new thykaloid gives the Ostronada the ability to photosyntetize, but there’s no sunlight in the bathypelagic


LUCAS evolves more iron chemosinthetic organelles, but it isn’t enough
LUCAS population decreases


Lukaria evolves so much ATP generating organelles that it generates almost two times the ATP that it uses


PUKLA splits from LUCA
The new thykaloid gives PUKLA the ability to photosyntetize, but in the hydrothermal vents there’s no sunlight


LUCAS and Ostronada are still dying
Ostronada moves to the bathypelagic, but there’s less resources
PUKLA splits from LUCA
NPLukaria is the first NPS of Rodlaria
Lukaria generates almost two times the ATP it produces
Lukaria is still the most successful species of Rodlaria

Ostronada Evo Points: 9
LUCAS Evo Points: 8
Lukaria Evo Points: 8
PUKLA Evo Points: 5

Extinct Species

LUCA goes extinct because other species are more efficient in using the resources of the enviroment


Moving to another region costs 3 Evo Points

Region Stats

Abyssopelagic Bathypelagic Hydrothermal%20Vents Mesopelagic

Evolutionary Tree

New Ideas

Making ATP a number instead of a bar

Next Disaster: Gamma Ray Burst. Next turn everyone will have 10 extra Evo Points, but will decrease in population

Some things i suggest spending your Evo Points on

Cytoplasms give 5% health, cost 1 Evo Point and use 1 ATP