Rusticyanin Issue

I was doing a run in the caves where I only use rusticyanin for atp, and auto-evo appears to not register my cell as capable of survival, and my population always regresses to 50.
In order to confirm, I played a second game in the vents, rust only, the bug only seemed to start when I placed a flagellum.
Playing on version 0.5.6 hotfix 1.

Hello, and thank you for this feed back.

Could you please provide more information on your build(s)? Iron should definitely be registered as a food source, and it might be due to other considerations on your build (like energy balance, speed…).

Did you play in a patch with many other rusticyaning using species? The energy gain from them works so that if you have less than the competition they will basically get all of the energy and you get almost nothing. If you load up on rusticyanin (for example with cheats), does auto-evo then give you population? Or could you share your save file with us to see?

In my first attempt I was the only one in the caves, second attempt I didn’t pay attention. I forgot to save either of them, I’ll check again and try to get a save file tonight.

Here’s the second save: [auto_save_3]
Heres’s a quick test save to recreate the first run: [Primum_Thrivium]

You know, not accusing you, but it would be really funny if this whole post was a setup and those links were full of viruses

I’m looking not looking forward to when someone manages to make a Thrive save with an arbitrary code execution exploit or something similar.