Saving System

Hi I started playing Thrive since the update and i think the game is great! However i noticed that i cant save my game so ive recently gone and made a save system idea for thrive.

On the left side of the image you got the save files and a place to put a sceenshot and on the right side of the image theres a place to put a description (perhaps it just provides detail on the savefile) and under that there will be a Play button to play the save file.

Im talking about this subject because i belive that a saving system is a important thing which needs to be added to Thrive.


Nice idea. I like the idea of a nice big screenshot of your cell, that should really help with remembering where you were.

Saving and loading is important and there’s some technical work needed before adding it. One thing we’re thinking of adding for this release is a freebuild editor so you can jump back into the game and remake your cell as it was when you quit. It’s not quite as good but should be reasonable.


At one point I think there was a saving system. There was only one file though and I didn’t really use it so I don’t know if it worked.

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There was a save system, but it was lost with the new engine (at 0.4.0), and because most games lasted around 30 minutes - 1 hour it wasn’t really deemed a very important feature. Then again, in 0.3.4 the compound clouds would get black textures if you loaded an old save, making it pretty difficult.