SCP Foundation: Source

Recently, I moved my version of Thrive from Source to Unity. So, my Source project will be an SCP RPG video game (a bit like SCPRP from Garry’s Mod). I named it “SCP Foundation: Source”. This project has the goal of putting the lore of SCP into a Source video game. It will be an RP/G video game in which you will be able to play either as Foundation member, D-Class, SCP or Chaos Insurgency. Depending on your character and your class, you will have different quests, objectives, abilities, etc. The project hasn’t begun yet, but it will begin when I’ll be doing or done with Thrive: Unity. For now, I’m doing the lore. If someone wants to help with the lore, you can join me. Please remember that I will create a document for this.

What are the chances, I just started reading into the SCP articles!
I could provide some lore help every now and then…

Cool. I think I’m going to create a Google Document for the game. I’ll share it with you.

I have been off and on the scp foundation many times so i may help you somehow

I have created the document. I’ll share it with you. But please notice that if I give you access to it, you are accepted as a developer.

I’m pretty much 049 tbh

Now, im not confident enough so i won’t be a developer sorry

That’s ok. Thanks anyway though.

I have now made the itemtest map with hammer. This map will be used to test NPCs and entities.