Shared Universe

I noticed how Spore made all profiles part of the same universe (suck it, Marvel) And I was just wondering if Thrive would have the option to do the same. I was thinking that you should if you want to, but that’s just me.

I don’t think revolutionary games has any other games…

I meant, shared profiles. You can encounter a creature in one playthrough that you made in another.

ah, I understand now. In that case, it shouldn’t be too hard to implement

I feel like the issue would be that life as a whole takes up a lot of time. While one creature might’ve reached Space Stage in, say, 5 billion years, another species might spend more time in Microbe stage or something, and take 7 billion years, enough time for the first civilization to die out.

How much of a shared universe are you going for?

Simply being able to run into planets with other playthroughs’ species on would be fine, but having multiple games running concurrently would be nigh on impossible due to inconsistent time jumps and the likely inability to simulate many games at the same time.

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How about this
Every time you reach the space stage, it generates an NPC planet with everything from another game on it. So, it’s kinda like the a mixture of the two. If you can’t do that, then simply running into other playthroughs’ species would be fine.

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I thought about having pollinated content based off of players sharing download links here on the forums, rather than the devs having to manage an online database.