How is it even possible to fail the tutorial?

May this forum stay bot free forever.
Also, there is no Disturbance emoticon, literally unusable. (I jest of course)

I pressed the wrong button when I did the report part. I didn’t realise it was specifically telling me what type of report to do, so I chose the option that just sends you to their dms because I didn’t wanna bother admins. Then I was timed out of choosing the right option because I had created too many topics

the word is flag whoops

@LordClassyus there is a thrive emoticon. Is that enough? : thrive: :thrive:

Aye, that’s good enough :thrive:

@Oliveriver Yes, I got a notification

Many people still haven’t discovered this place…

well to be fair it’s rather hidden

People probably mistook the horn for something else or something

Even though the initial welcome post shows it (but I didn’t draw a red circle around it)

Draw a red circle, that’s what attracts all of the cool dudes

I drew a red circle: Welcome to Discourse

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Hey hey hey

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I cant post on the forum :confused:

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Help I’m trapped in what appears to be a small dark rectangular box with constant voices! :confounded:

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That’s quite the issue

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As @Louix you can still post here I take it that luckily the discourse trust level post limit doesn’t apply to the shoutbox

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Yeah sure

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Ar least

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