Societal and Technological Differences for Species Without Arms/Hands

Okay, sorry, I just wanted to share.

this comment is a fine example of a fine manipulator that does not technically belong to the organism and would have to have their own organs and be their own organisms therefore they would not technically be fine manipulators but that would be their main purpose and they would likely survive in the wild by acting like a group of carnivorous, packhunting, brittle stars (a type of normally detritovore starfish that has the ability to use radiowaves to communicate)

So basically you’re saying that the organism would have a separate zooid for manipulating things? Also, biological radio communication is a bit overcomplicated. The two organisms could use colors, pheromones, or direct neural connections to communicate.

i stated that they A. evolved them separately or B. had a common ancestor with them. also starfish already do it IRL

What you’re talking about is a zooid.

what i’m talking about is two different species that have a symbiotic relationship not a colonial organism as they are not one entity they are likely three

Zooids have a symbiotic relationship. What you’re describing is an organism with a zooid for hands, although I don’t see why that would evolve rather than just limbs.

I think what willow is trying to say is that they are completely separate creatures with a symbiotic relationship, like rhinos and oxpecker birds.

They might have had a common ancestor way back which is why they can communicate, or maybe not and they both just evolved features to better suit their symbiosis. But they aren’t variations of the same organism.

That’s what I’m getting from what they’re saying, though idk for 100% sure tho ofc


that is exactly what i was trying to say and you explained it better than i did