Some questions for the future of microbe stage

Hello there!
In this topic, I bring some questions I have for the game and also some suggestions / opinions of mine about the Microbe Stage. I await the opinion of the developers about the final planned Microbe stage , and constructive criticism is welcome. And I know I’m new here, but let’s get started.

1- About the MP: How will they work in the future? Will there be new things to spend MP and also how to earn different discounts depending on what you do? Is there anything like a bonus like when you can export to other events?

2- How will patch exchange work in the future? You can not be able to see all the existing patches, can you find out what they are? And the members of the species you leave behind? Will they be affected by auto-evo and will they diversify? And also about a population. I think you need a minimal population to switch to another patch, with your population growing exponentially.

Oh, and another question: is the final stage of the microbe planned to be filled with varieties of options and complexity and real / non-real structures / organelles? Or will it just have the basics between scientific precision and gameplay? How much of the two?
Ok that’s enough for now

I think I was very excited and this is my biggest post so far on the forums, but these are doubts that I have had for some time and I didn’t want to let it go. I await your opinions and responses from the developers.


Organelle upgrades is one often talked about thing to spend MP on. Also things like the behaviour editor will likely cost some MP.

There’s been suggestions to have discounts for organelles for example if you already have one of it. Or if you fulfill some requirements for the organelle to be cheaper.

In the future the patch map will likely be hidden so that only patches next to the patches that you have been in are visible, so you need to explore the map to know about all the patches.

I think they’ll definitely be affected by the population calculation part of auto-evo. And maybe we’ll make it so that they are allowed to split away from your species and start mutating on their own.

From a realism standpoint it makes sense that you need some minimum amount of population to move it to a new patch. But at this time I don’t really see the gameplay point in saying to the player that “you have too little population in this patch to move to the next, please wait one more editor cycle before moving”.

We’ll have enough complexity to represent most of what’s going on on Earth. While balancing it with not overwhelming the player. Also if we go for the endosymbiosis route, then we’ll have just a few premade organelles, all other organelles would be formed from bacteria you engulf.

Physically plausible things will be included. Non-real / unrealistic things may be added once we add a LAWK (life as we know it) toggle.

60-70% of good gameplay, with the rest for scientific accuracy. This is a joke btw, it’s much more complicated than that. But we don’t want to sacrifice gameplay for realism, while at the same time if it doesn’t impact gameplay much or at all, we’ll go for the more realistic option.