Space stage (and Possibly Nation stage) nation interactions?

how will interactions between races/nations work im hoping in the space stage it will be like star control where you see some dialogue options appear I loved that game

( also while im at it i wonder if possible you could also put the aliens at control panels for the ship like in star control also also while im at it could you customize it?)

also A quick idea related to it Could there be language translations problems like the Orz i came up with an easter egg idea

The topics you brought up in this are very similar to the Language, Interactions, and Currency thread. Maybe post your ideas there. (Shouldn’t this be future game?)

Personally I think the space stage, especially initially, will be very much like stellaris. Very zoomed out where the choices you are making are for planet development on a large scale and techs and trade and things like that.

I like the idea of language barriers though, that’s cool. Especially when digging up artifacts too.

But hopefully it will have more realistic systems than Stellaris.


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