Space stage exploration: Ideas

This thread was for suggesting and discussing ideas of interesting anomalies, planets and other galactic items of interest that could be in thrives space stage some day for the player to find and explore the significance of such things is currently unknown so you can make up a reason why anomalies would be rewarding to discover other than being interesting (maybe bonus science score or a new research gets more unlocked). i say was because i have since changed it for just ideas of interesting space stage ideas like end game events or special races that could add challenge
i’ll put brackets next to some of them to signify whether they’re easter eggs or references to something

Binary Blackhole system - a binary star system which had both its stars turn into black holes simultaneously

Shattered world - a planet which has been blown up or shattered into many pieces by unknown forces strangely life has thrived still but only on the now smaller ground area which consists of the inner parts of the planet now cooled and not like the outer parts forming a massive orbital layer of debris

Line of blood (worm 5 reference) - an extremely long line of blood in a still column protruding from another galaxy clearly coming from a creature which had died in an extremely low gravity planet although it is long it is quite thin and hard to see even when close by.

forgotten dyson swarm - A star is weirdly surrounded by small dots giving it a weird effect (like in those video games when the graphics glitch and it looks like small black lines appear all over randomly) upon closer inspection its a dyson swarm from another civilization which is now long gone (this one has a definite benefit of boosting your research for dyson swarms for your own species)

Home ship - a giant planet sized spaceship made from the conversion of a species actual planet into a mobile space ship world, it has since been abandoned likely due to sustaining a space ship planet being difficult and likely a temporary solution until the species could find a better homeworld (likely their star was about to detonate)

strange broken ring - a strange segment from a ring shaped device which is broken apart with lots of impact marks from weaponry ( although it doesn’t tell you the broken part is actually part of an ascension gate which had been destroyed by an enemy species who wanted to stop the process and succeded if you study it it could provide a minscule boost to ascension gate research )

failed megastructure - a race attempted to build a mega structure around their star however it collapsed in on itself, the megastructure wasn’t completely consumed however it now surrounds the star and is slightly smothering it.

First wormhole - (this is items of interest in general not just neat anomalies) the first wormhole the player finds and could possibly use

rogue planet - a planet which has fallen out of orbit and is now freezing cold all around

(these two ones are similar sounding )
AI dreadnought (stellaris event reference) - a giant warship controlled by AI is sighted and is ready to engage in combat!

Abandoned Super Dreadnought (slight star control reference) - the biggest most powerful ship in the entire arsenal thus far is found (maybe hidden really well and with good defences) left behind by an ancient civilization restoring and using it will consume massive resources however the conquering power is unignorable

Space Bulk (warhammer reference) - a giant mass of space ships from various races and species in the galaxy all having clumped together form a sort of rogue metal planet with its own gravity often infested with malicious aliens

end of space anomalies start of end game events / special aliens

End game events are events towards the very late space stage when its gone reallly sci fi and you are most likely bored because you have galactic peace that will try and disrupt your control and generally give you a fun challenge recovering from

Hiveminded consumers (was going to say warhammer reference but its quite general for sci fi) - a hive minded race of aliens (doesn’t have to be insectoid) comes in and threatens to eat most of your planets and are heading for a direct course through your systems and other people’s systems

Parallel universe Ascended malevolent one - a malevolent member of a race that ascended to ascension stage in another universe comes in to take over yours after exile, fortunately travel from different dimensions and the exile process itself has weakened him and he is killable albeit strong (think the extradimensional fellas from stellaris except only one)

We come in peace! (star control reference) - Poorly programmed von neuman probes with simple attacks have flocked to your galaxy en masse they were poorly programmed as they attempt to assimilate everyone they encounter instead of proper communication protocols

Awaken my masters! (jojo reference because WFC ) - three considerably supreme races team up together to claim large portions of the galaxy however they are limited in that they have extremely specific and picky living conditions (making colonization on other planets impossible ) thus they are confined to one homeworld however reaching there is difficult.

end of endgame events start of Space stage tech

Power armour - most good sci fi has had it and it makes sense to use ( i would seriously love if earlier society stage ground battles were kept so you could watch your power armour guys kick ass)

Lasbeam - (as redemption for my shitty laser beams for thrive space stage comment in another thread then my now cringey response to people criticizing it ) A concentrated self contained beam of plasma that ranges in extreme heats of 1800 Degrees celsius capable of melting through the hull of enemy ships and glassing planets in a form of planetary bombardment (this would have different negative effects after take over compared to other bombardments such as there being no more sand and actual glass and most life being incinerated )

Alpha Nuke (warhammer reference) - “we have arrived, and it is now that we must preform our duty. I declare Exterminatus on the imperial world of marda IV, i hereby sign the death warrant of an entire world.” A giant nuclear explosive (bomb roughly the size of a large football field ) which when dropped and detonated will result in a nuclear blast so big the entire population on the planet will be wiped out in the blast and radiation will prevent colonization, the planet will also crack towards where the bomb was dropped.

Angels of death (warhammer reference ) - Genetically modified and power armour equipped superior soldiers for your race.

Combat Life support (warhammer reference ) - A vehicle / walker that is technically life support for a fatally wounded soldier who volunteered to continue service, they are plugged directly into the machine and control it like they would their own body.

end of my text wall feel free to have your own ideas down below IDK i just had a surge of space stage ideas


What about star systems with 2 stars, were formed from 2 different proto planet discs. This system can have irrational orbits of planets or even lose planets in future, if their “collision” happend really recently.
Anomalies: on the one planet, you see signs of the dead civilization. But you don’t see any skeletons or marks of corpses. Everywhere only disabled robots. Thanks to your scientists, you understand that they were programmed wrong, and simply killed their creators and used their bones as fertilizer. If you know Doctor Who, you found a reference to emoji bots.

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Stellaris player, I see.

Many of these are good ideas, but have you thought about this easter egg: A destroyed colony near the centre of the galaxy. Anyone know the reference?

Groxes? Or some film?

At this point Scyobi remembered that Thrive was based of a trick to try to make EA make spore better, Scyobi shouldn’t browse forums when they first wake up.

Empire, 2020. At 23:05.

Trantor from Foundation?

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