Sporum Closing Down


Quite an underwhelming 10th anniversary for the game.


Never went on it tbh, but ripperino.

Wasnโ€™t thrive originally based of a post on the Sporum? R.I.P. Sporum. Even though I never once used it.

I read some interesting threads on that forum.

rip in rest, never forget.

need to convince them all to come here.

I think they are more interested in staying spore fans instead of moving on.

What the belgium is sporum? And what is the point of it?

A spore forum.

what is it for if spore is cancelled

โ€ฆSpore isnโ€™t cancelled. You can still play it. The servers are down, but that just means there are less possible creatures (since you canโ€™t use the ones others made anymore). Also, it apparently has a pretty big modding community

wait, im pretty sure the servers were still up, did they shut them down recently or what?

Wait what? I thought the servers had been shut down a pretty big while back

Nope, unless they did something recently the servers are still up!

I think they got loads of backlash from the community and reopened the servers awhile later,

would make sense

this is crucial evidence that Spore is copying off of Thrive
first the idea of the game, and now the migration over to a newer forum


despite the fact that spore obviously came out first

Yes thatโ€™s the joke.


you are winner