Strange but Plausible Feature Ideas

Here are some ideas for things that I think are realistic/fun enough be in Thrive, while not being found in real life.
Split Organisms
This is an organism which is composed of distinct seperate parts, which share a radio-based nervous system. This could evolve, if a cell colony evolved to produce and detect far infrared, in order to find eachother. They may evolve to use more complex signals, and longer wavelengths, until they reach the aware stage, with full on radio communication systems that allow many distinct-looking creatures to share a single mind and nervous system
Organic Guns
These would be firearms, except as a natural part. This could evolve, if a species had a toxic spray in its jaw, that also happened to be explosive. The creature may evolve a beak, which covers the teeth. The teeth would just sit there, until an evolution makes the creature able to ignite the spray, in order to make their bite worse. This becomes more powerful, to do more damage. Later, a mutation makes the teeth grow into the spray chamber. Then, igniting fire the teeth, which launch into the bite wound. The teeth in the spray chamber become looser, but due to development, all the other teeth are loosened as well. The creature evolves a thing which makes the tooth go straighter. Eventually, the blast is powerful enough to fire the teeth at other creatures. The fire-straight-thing becomes mobile, to be aimed, and the back of the chamber gains a sphincter, to shut away the tooth ‘magazine’.
Spouse Conversion
This is where a creature creates certain castes by inserting a parasitoid into another creature, which then is slowly eaten from inside until the parasitoid hatches out of it as an adult. This could evolve if the parasitoid, due to a mutation, is unable to produce a vitamin required to develop into the conversion caste, and so it becomes a parasite, and later a parasitoid.
Does anyone else have more ideas?

Organic guns are added

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Ant’s have a hivemind, some scientists believe that the Queen Cast of ants with Queens (sorry Gamergate species) act as a data bank.

They don’t share a nervous system, though


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