I was wondering if there could be subcultures that develop within a society. Like there would be the dominant culture, but then there would be some small groups who start developping their own culture/community with their own set of values, sometimes being at odd with the rest of the mainstream, which could even give birth to countercultures.


I don’t know how would this affect the gameplay, but it’s interesting.

one way this could affect gameplay is for the new subculture to want independence, causing the society the player controls to get weaker, this might also cause genocide, which is very bad for the player, though these cultures can also benefit them, if they find values they like, then they can support the subculture, which might make it the new culture of the player’s society. those are some ideas.

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Hmmm. I’m sure this idea is a pure coincidence and doesn’t have anything to do with any recent miscellaneous thread posts…


As it is, empires tend to promote homogeneity, due to communication and desire for control.
I think new cultures rarely just pop out of the blue, they exist for longer times than they are actually visible.
Diversity in your civilization would more likely come from integrating distant and different cities, as well as their people’s diaspora through out the world.

That’s what the scholars call the Conjunction of the Spheres.

Actually I was thinking more about « modern » subcultures such as goths, metalheads, furries, otakus, etc. But you got a point.