The Art Competition 2: Electric Boogaloo

I forgot to do my drawing in time.

Sorry about that…
What were you planning to draw?

Some raptor, probably velociraptor.

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Okay this poll closes in a day, I can’t wait to find out who the winner is! (Probably not me)

Also I just found a new stylus (you probably already know that) so I won’t have to use paper and pencil drawings next round.

The poll closes in 12 hours, so if you haven’t voted, make sure you remember to do so!
I’m off to sleep now, and I’ll write up the results in the morning

The results for Round 1 are in!

In 1st place, we have @MechanicalPumpkin


Good job! In this art piece, you’ve really captured that prehistoric feel, with not only a dinosaur but many primeval fish swimming around too! That being said, I can I name a few improvements to be made for next time. All art stems from the idea of having a focus, or core element. In this case, the viewer is left feeling uncertain where to look, as the dinosaur takes up a similar amount of space to the fish and also to the seaweed. Ideally, the fish and plant elements should be smaller in comparison to the dinosaur, as I assume that’s the main focus of the image. There are several methods artists can use to bring the viewers attention towards the ‘focus’, but size is usually the easiest to implement.

Secondly, the sky. Skies are notoriously hard to draw (especially clouds, I despised them for ages), but using real skies for reference until you can draw them off by heart would be a good idea. Maybe practice drawing different types of clouds as well, such as long whispy ones, large fluffy ones, somewhere in between, etc. If you look at night sky, you’ll also notice that stars are typically smaller than shown here. If drawn too large, they could be confused for snow. Aside from those points, this is a really solid piece where your creativity shines through. I look forward to seeing your next entry in the competition!

In 2nd place, we have @OmnipotentFNarr


Good work with this one! Instead of a typical dinosaur scene, you’ve taken the more literal approach of drawing a fossil (a nice twist on the theme). I have a few points that could be made to improve the artwork, the first being the overall design. With context, it is clear that this is a fossil. However, if this image was taken out of context, the audience would be left uncertain what the artwork is of. If the dinosaur design could be emphasized more, perhaps by adding a larger body, this would be avoided.

Speaking of, the colors used could also be sharper to make the image clear. Right now, the grey bones don’t contrast all that well with the yellow rock. You could make the bones a little whiter, and darken the rock as well. If you wanted to, you could also add shading to create depth as well. If the fossil is slightly jutting out of the rock, there could be a little bid of shading on the bones. This would make the fossil stand out quite a bit more, and improve the artwork a lot. Aside from that, good job! You’ve pushed the limits of the theme in a way I was not expecting, and I hope to see your next entry for Round 2!

Congratulations to everyone who entered! The first round was a little lacking in entries, but hopefully next time more of the forum can join in! Thanks for the participation from our fantastic artists, and make sure to tune in next time for Round 2 (To be posted soonish).

If artists have any queries, send me a pm.


well i wasnt expecting to win this challenge!
but hey im not complaining
guess ill give myself a prize

obvious rickroll

also thanks for the feedback quantumcrab!

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Oh I guess I forgot to vote haha. Good job Pumpkin, and all the other participants.


Theme: Jungle/Rainforest

Get ready for round #2 of the Art Competition 2: Electric Boogaloo! This time around we will be focusing on anything at all to do with a jungle environment, whether it be a crashed plane in the amazon, a tribe of people living in a rainforest, a toucan, the minecraft jungle biome, etc. It’s up to you! Make sure to post your artwork before 7 days have elapsed, which is when we will begin voting. Let me know with your submission whether you would like feedback or not. Good luck!


sees new round posted
:belgium: yeah it’s time to terrorize the forums again!

Jungle dinosuar

Question: is drawing dinosaurs fine as long as they’re in a rainforest/jungle?

Also yes you can give feedback! :smile:

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In an effort to save server space, I uploaded my image on imgur.

Jungle Giant:


Feedback pls

Oops, looks like the image didn’t scale properly. Just click on it to see the full picture.

Here’s the fixed version, thanks Evo!


That. Looks. Awesome!!!

I really like the sprouts growing on the jungle giant’s back. The atmosphere feels more… jungle like, at least more than my drawing.

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Here is my submission. please give feedback:
pixil-frame-0 (32)


Just a tip instead of copying the link from imgur, right click on the image itself and click copy image address, and you get a better link for the image

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That looks cool! I like the roots and the fallen tree. Although this picture could use a bit more trees.
Still tho
Good job

yeah. i just couldn’t find a way to put in more trees with the right depth.

well, i have decided i want to change my art to this one. I call it “Deforestation”
pixil-frame-0 (35)


I like the other art piece
But this one is still pretty good

i just feel like this one is more jungle-y

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I wanna join this, when is the limit for posting images?

wait no, just read it in quantumcrab’s post

Ok i did this