The best fallout forum game ever! FALLOUT NUCLEAR WINTER!

the game is set in Anchorage alaska 10 years after the great war you must guide your civ to greatness there will be factions such as the brotherhood of steel and many more.


in order to play you need to make your vault number, (optional) vault experiment, and overseer name, and personality, you can roll once per turn until you get stronger, you can also choose to stay in your vault until you choose to leave, every turn is 1 year, you can also research weapons and much more you can also find name and create new creatures, you can find old F.E.V research staitions and use the F.E.V how you like and even create your own super mutant army,

so get out there and enjoy the nuclear wastelands

anybody interested? (post filler)

man dead before it even started :sob:

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It’s alright man I’ll do it

Vault #: 138
Vault experiment: Log #66: “It’s year… uh… hang on… can’t find a calendar. I’m here to talk about our vault experiment I think. Yeah the scientist are nodding. That’s it. Uhhh I think it has to do with this grey liquid in this bottle. They want me to sniff it apparently. Well anyway the properties of the liquid are as follow…s… huh… can’t remember… the scientist won’t tell me… wait are they even scientists? Where’s my dog? What am I doing here?!”
Overseer name: Starvose
Personality: selfish, purposeful, easily distracted

have you heard of the game fallout it’s an awesome game where you play as different people depending on which one your playing but the story is that atomic energy is what the world depends upon after their universe split from our own after ww2 happened the great war happened in 2070 something (but for some reason it looks like it’s trapped in the 50s) in which every country waged war on each other it only lasted 2 hours but that was all the time it needed to destroy every civilization the vaults where built by vault tech but almost every one of them were doing some sadistic social experiment including exposing their residents to toxins some of these experiments were hundreds of people put into a vault that could only hold 100 people and having guns every where and another which could hold hundreds but only having one person in it and another that was kinda like a rehab for recovering chem (that’s what they call drugs) addicts and then a secret agent would open a secret room stuffed to the brim with chems booze and guns there was no one left alive from any of these except for the the one guy in the second vault but he went crazy and left the vault with a puppet

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I’ve heard of it but never played so that was helpful. But you still haven’t told me what a vault experiment is.

you can make one up also i kinda just did tell you.

also you should play it but be warned almost every location has some kind of really sad backstory and i think that fallout 4 is the best but if you don’t want to buy it then just watch it on youtube i would watch it on generikb or typicalgamer also if you play fallout 4 i have a warning don’t let down preston garvey save shaun and always remember to fight the good fight!!! (he says as he fades out of existence)

Ehh, I’ll join, I wouldn’t want to leave 8 ball by himself.

vault 047

Vault 47’s main purpose was to test out what happens when people randomly become overseers. Basically, a computer prints out a command every now and then with a vault dweller’s name and that person becomes the new overseer.

The current overseer is Marcus Hamville, but it might change overtime. He’s nervous and very cautious, as well as not being very ambitious.

Finished my vault experiment