The Book Thread

Similar to the video game thread, this thread is for books you are only writing right now or books that you have written before (or even books that you gave up on in the middle of writing it!) instead of ideas. I suppose I might share some books I’m writing right now.

Thrive’s Bizarre Adventure - yeah this is the story I’m writing in the short stories and poems thread right now and I’m really liking where it’s going. I actually feel motivated to work on this one so that’s why it’s the only book I’m actively writing right now. It was supposed to be a parody of JOJO’S BIZARRE ADVENTURE but I decided to make it its own thing now just because of how much I liked it. I plan it to have an original name soon. I would like to thank @Nover452 for bringing that idea up.

The Banana Cult - I once was writing this but gave up due to lack of motivation. It was about a cultist learning about the seed of doubt and he will have to save everyone by teaching them about the truth of the bananas. I planned for it to be a series with a climax at the end with the banana cultist becoming the leader of the group.

Angry Birds: Shattered Realities - I have written the prologue now and I plan to write the first chapter later. The prologue begins with Yellow Bird getting his skull smashed in, and the rest of the birds dying. King Pig then uses his Unlimited Glove (yes that’s my version of the infinity gauntlet) to launch Boomerang Bird into space only for it to boomerang back and cause the impact to shatter all realities and change the entire timeline of the events. Yeah it was weird as f**k.

Then Red Bird was awoken, still safe in his bed, giving the reader the false sense that it was all a dream when it was actually reality but the timeline got shattered so that’s why it appeared to be a dream. Because boomerang bird shattered the timeline the timeline the birds were in when they died were erased and replaced with the new timeline. King Pig still survived but into a different dimension and he plans to come back to finish what he started, so it is the Angry Bird’s duty to protect their universe from king pig.

They also meet other angry birds and they agree to help as king pig appears to be a threat to their homes as well.

Feel free to post your books in this thread! Or at least ones that you partially written.

I should also explain that in my book the Angry Birds were cosmic level beings but that’s just a theory of mine since they have been shown in the series to resist or even be immune to explosives and other weapons. They also survived going into space but that could just be because of the transformation they had when they were exiting their atmosphere with the wormhole Ice Bird created.

Also why are some of my most detailed posts about angry birds? I’m overthinking the series way too much lol

And also I gave an explanation for the reason the mighty eagle is the only eagle we see in the games

It’s because the pigs hunted them down in fear of being eaten to extinction by the eagles. The mighty eagle survived the entire massacre and grew up to be large enough to be immune to the pig’s weaponry and was also hidden inside somewhere the pigs couldn’t find.

And again that’s just a theory of mine there isn’t a ton of lore in the games except for Angry Birds Epic.

Edit: so no one’s written a book before? Or at least partially written a book?

So uh since no one is replying I’ll describe more of my books

Okay now

Colony of Antarctica - i used to write in it a lot until I lost motivation. (Yeah a lack of time or motivation is usually the cause of me quitting on so many books) and I got to the part where they were going to have a war I think (for context Antarctica was going to have a war against America so it can become independent much like how America did to Britain). America was going to lose of course since they broke the Antarctic treaty.

Later in the book it would describe the Antarctic nation’s slow rise to a superpower.

Alien Planets: Expeditions of the Future - The book essentially follows post - humans finding planets to settle on and they found one planet of many others. One particular planet which was brimming with underwater life. They had already known about the contents of the planet due to robots sending back pictures of the animals and such.

However the colony was going to find itself in a lot of trouble and after more struggle the book would end with the post - humans making the colony an official civilization.
I’ve only written the first chapter and the prologue.

Edit: is no one gonna post? :cry:

Pls no don’t want dis thred to die

I have this book I have started writing. I haven’t gotten very far.

This scientist is on a mission to an unusually small planet brimming with life. His ship has a malfunction from unknown causes (possible sequel) and he crashes onto the planet. His crew died (he thinks) and he has to survive and explore his planet.

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Thank you OoferDoofer! :smile:
I thought this thread was gonna die
Well I have nothing else to say I guess
Other than I was once writing a book documenting some sort of fictional energy source until I got bored and gave up like most of my other books.

Is this necropost?

Please do these

I’m writing a book that’s just the common post-nuclear story. It starts with ww3 and a nuclear war, the most important cities are bombed, big parts of the world become chernobyl 2, and a nuclear winter starts. The story talks about a man who is exploring this new world, talking about how my “o” key doesn’t work this is very different to what he saw in books and movies, going from city-state to city-state, and other stuff that i won’t share because i haven’t written anything i want someone to actually read the thing.
There’s also another book i was writing, it’s a world where magic exists, there’s some levels of magic power, and also magic racism (which is an important part of the story). The main character is a child that’s hated by his family because magic racism, and a magic being (which could technically be called a demon) goes to him with the promise of helping him, but he just want to control the child’s life. He eventually manages to get it.

yay positive stories!


That’s a good necropost
I don’t really have any book ideas for now I’ve stopped working on them for now as well.

Oh… I write the book now… fantasy, but in our universe. Yes, magic in our future world… it’s strange, but i can explain it (in book). I still don’t know, what about i will write. It may be a kingdom, where dead and alive live together. Or a big expedition to explore the old Antiens’ spaceships. Or a story about a mad “doctor Frankenstein” in fantasy world. Hmm, 3 books in one world?