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I don’t see your character sheet, what do you mean?

I didn’t make a sheet, but you asked about my race idea here when I discussed custom lineages;

And I responded here;

Edit; basically, it’s super complicated, but the way features would be decided would be mainly Dragonkin, with some Yuan-Ti, and then maybe some from Simic Hybrid or one from Warforged if it made sense

I think it’s more for having a reason for you to be a teifling orc than to turn your character into Frankensteins monster.

Ye but complication is fun lol

I’m thinking at most having one advantage from Simic , maybe one from Warforged, and one (maybe two?) from Yuan-Ti, while trying to balance by potentially removing some of the advantages a dragonkin would have? Basically I just like having an interesting character

Anyway I can work out logistics, I just wanted to see if you were cool with it

Is there a format for making custom lineages you can follow? If so just follow that and come back to me with the results so I can see how OP it is at level 1 against 4-8 goblins.

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Idk I’ll check, if not I’ll do my best to balance and we can do the same type of check

Edit: @Centarian figured I’d update you. Custom Lineage differs from what I originally thought - it can be literally any hominid, but it doesn’t acquire racial skills. So for example, just because I’m dragonkin, doesn’t mean I have a breath weapon, because I’m custom lineage

The way custom lineage actually works is that I get a +2 in whichever of the six categories I want, plus either Darkvision or +1 in a proficiency of my choice, as well as a choice of one Feat, and that Feat can be any existing Feat that I want (as long as DM agrees, ofc), as well as knowing Common and a language of my choice

(I think I also am required to have 30 foot speed with Medium size, but I am going to double check that - I think I’m mixing up CL and Reborn)

Edit 2: I was correct about land speed, I can choose between medium and small

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Great, so what does your character sheet look like so far?

Still building, haven’t had much time today cause my family’s been getting ready for Super Bowl

I have the modifiers, haven’t assigned them though. I’m looking over possible Feats to decide which I want

Edit; I’m considering classes, particularly looking at multiclassing. Two questions for @Centarian , and one for any DND player;

  1. If I chose the Dragon Fear feat, could I gain a breath weapon, due to the trait affecting the breath weapon, despite my character being a custom lineage? It’s not a set rule, which is why I’m asking you, as the dm

  2. You said we go up to level five. If we multi class, does that apply to both/all classes we multi class in, or are the levels split like they would be normally?

(This is the question to everyone)

  1. I’m considering multiclassing, and was wondering what your guys opinions would be on what I should choose. I’m considering 5 or 6 options, and am aiming for two, maybe three. Thoughts on which of these I should choose; Artificer, Druid, Great Old One Warlock, Hexblade Warlock, Ranger, and while I’m not sold on it I’ll include Undead Warlock to see what y’all think. Generally just looking for input, as I am new to DnD, and want to k ow your guys opinions on these classes

Edit 2; another question for you @Centarian -

  1. Is the Feat rule active during this game? What that means is on the 4th, 8th, 12th, etc level can we choose a Feat instead of an ability proficiency?

Edit 3; another @Centarian question -

  1. Typically, one cannot multiclass into another version of the same class (so, using above examples, I couldn’t be both a Hexblade and a Great Old One Warlock). However, as most things, this is largely left up to the DM’s discretion. In this, would I be allowed to multi class into another subclass of my current class, or no?
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I’ve completed my character @Centarian , how do I share it with you?


Send a screenshot of the character sheet.

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Sorry if I’m drowning you with questions, Centarian - I tend to do that when I find something new and interesting (just ask doom - you could prolly cover the planet multiple times over with the number of questions I sent him about Pandora’s Horizon lol)

Question 3 is the obsolete, as I can figure that out myself, but the other ones if you could answer them that would be great, and then I can get to building my character, as I don’t think I have any more questions at this time I can’t just google

@doomlightning are you going to join? (Asking to know if we need to add you to the dm)

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Since this died, I figured I’d mention that I’ve been playing DND 5e on a Westmarch server (Many Dms, Many Players, no set campaigns/parties) on discord for a few months now called the Forgotten Forest. If anyone is interested feel free to join!

Forgotten Forest

Edit: You’ll need to follow the instructions to get a role before you can see everything, but after that it’s a fairly simple process to make your character(s) and get started

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I joined but do you mind if I advertise my server through discord?

Ah, you human or WhisperingCrow?

Wouldn’t recommend it. People who advertise usually get kicked for being scammers or for only joining to advertise, as the server has had a lot of negative experience with that kind of thing in the past.

If you want to ask the other mods for a more concrete answer, I’d recommend asking in the channel labeled #questions-and-suggestions

What made you think I was one of them?
The former is me.

I’m a moderator, so I could see that they were the only people who had joined the server