The game is stuttering hard

This drives me crazy - the game (0.5.9) slutters at consistent intervals, freezing for around 1/6th of a second every time resource clouds are ticked. Each one of these slutters the ATP bar jumps down for a brief moment. the Is there any fix to this?

I just checked and my GPU usage is at 15% during gameplay. I don’t even know, why does it not use the GPU at all… it’s supposed to be the rendering device?

The compound clouds are simulated at least 4 times per second (there’s a performance option in the menu for this). You are very likely blaming the wrong thing for lag spikes here.

Thrive performance is very much CPU bound at the moment. Graphics performance doesn’t matter that much, unless you have like a 10 year old laptop.

I am sure the lag spikes appear every time the clouds are simulated. Decreasing the cloud simulation rate from 250ms also decreases the time between lag spikes.

It kind of makes no sence to run cloud rendering on the CPU when there is a lot of GPU power unused - i guess the game just needs more time to develop.

I don’t even want to have it use over 1 CPU cores because if i give it all 4 cores (or basicaly 2 or more) theslutters are alos accompanied by ridiculous sound glitching/sluttering.

We use a lot of CPU side code like compound cloud emitting and compound cloud absorbing. Shuffling the data to and from the GPU each frame will likely absolutely destroy performance.

If you actually had a case where each cloud update resulted in a lag spike of 1/6th of a second, you’d be looking at an overall slideshow that always was in the range of just a couple of FPS. If you are not seeing that then it is very likely something else (actual profiling data would prove me wrong).

I could record a video. Overall, It’s a 60fps output with consistent lag spikes putting the overall framerate down to 10-20, and it is very much like a slide show.

I can believe that that happens, what I don’t buy is that the compound cloud simulation is the cause of that. With the latest spawn system changes there are a lot of entity spawning that happens often.

If you haven’t set the entity limit to tiny yet in the game options, you should do that.

Yup, I have tried that too. The slutter was barely affected. I’ll try that again though.

You should be using the metrics panel (SHIFT+F3) to see a lot more performance details about the game.

for some reason the lag just stopped and there is another issue where clouds of an abundance of everything take up the whole world and flicker/glitch + all my compounds are at NaN

Ok now that is fixed and the sluttering is back, wtf