The meme thread


I’ll allow this thread for now, but to not waste disk space on this forum, could you from now on only link external images (don’t upload them here).

okay my boy.

Oh no

There actually is a meme thread


im scared and excited at the same time

he strikes again…

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what a 26d pause that was



oh shit just realised we weren’t supposed to upload here

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when you think about the purpose of life

when you think of the release date for half life 3

when you think of the release date for thrive

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When you think about the release date of thrive 2

Why does this thread even exist? If we wanted memes unrelated to thrive we would look elsewhere for them.

Edit: And no, that thinking thing also does not relate to thrive.

Its in the “Not Thrive” section for a reason, get over it

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Whatever. But even if so, the ‘Not thrive’ section is still there for the community, and I don’t see how posting random memes really does anything for said community.

End of rant.

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Aren’t you entertained???

I think what he means is once the game gets bigger, people are going to wonder what people regularly do on here, and he doesnt want it to be recognized for meme crap


Who cares its a free country

You mean a freeborn union of socialist republics, united in friendship and labor; belgium?

You democrats created unstability in the middle east,every communist country done nothing wrong

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communist countries spread communism
t h a t i s b a d