THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread (Part 1)

I have done it.

Hmm… . I have been playing Witcher 3 for a while and finished the game (including DLCs). Now, I have to beat the game on Death March for the last remaining achievements. When I’m done, I’ll be trying to make mods for Thrive, to test the new Xen maps for Black Mesa that will arrive soon and to make my own projects. Anyone planning anything special ?

Speaking of RPG’s, I have finished Skyrim with my first mage/warrior build, and I am wondering which i should go for next.

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Does the forum have an archiving system? Because I’ve been seeing a lot of necroposting lately.

There is an option to archive a thread. I’m not sure what it does, but I found this:

But as I’ve been saying for a long time it is much, much better to reply to an existing thread about a topic you want to talk about instead of making a new one. Otherwise the same things will be discussed again and again in duplicate topics.


As long as we can make communism, I am happy.

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Why did you make a throw away statement, ELEVEN ENTIRE MONTHS after the original post? Seriously!
Did you even consider the possibility, did it even cross your mind, that maybe, just maybe, the thread stayed dead for a reason? Please do not revive threads with nothing to add to the conversation after it has been quiet for 2+ months.

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Hey fellas, it’s me, the overlord of organisms.

It’s been awhile, has it not? I’ve been exploring the vast depths of the internet and have come back with hypothermia. Besides that, how’s Thrive going?


Ah yes, I have noticed a robo-rhombus shaped hole in the server’s activity. Well, there has been necro posts, new users, stuff like that. The next release may be releasing soonish, and I have been working on a new cutscene! Ya know, the usual stuff…


Nice, can’t wait to see the cutscenes. I’ve begun a few worldbuilding projects involving a thing called the Terran Compact, and I will soon be a big brother. I’m going to Florida in about a month, so that should be fun.


It seems stuff is doing pretty well. The miscellaneous thread should be called the “pleasantries and civility thread” instead.

You naive child,it is clear that your innocents is blocking you from reality

Hey Romb, look! I’m also Omnipotent! I challenge you to a bingo face-off to see who the real universal sovereign is…

For one, don’t necropost.

Second, you dare challenge me, mortal?

Grabs popcorn and a large cheese soda

If you’re here to challange my omnipresence, then i’ll make the extinction of the dinosaurs look like a tea party when I send your ass through the quantum realm.

If thou art silly enough to challenge me, then I shall make the tsar bomba look like a raindrop.
You cannot send me through the quantum realm, because


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I do not intend to harm the Crustacean of Culture, for he is an ally, but the mortal being that calls himself equal to the likes of me is nothing more than soggy bread.

This just in: tensions are ramping up in the Miscellaneous Talk Thread!

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Oh, I thought you were talking to me. Nevermind then.