THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread (Part 1)

This forum has a group of very persistent Indian spammers who create new accounts and post legitimate looking posts (that don’t fit the context) in random threads.
So far it looks like there are no automated spam bots that target discourse forums.

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who are they? (as in who’s account was an Indian spammer account.)

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I delete the account and ban their IP as soon as I find one. They seem to use very normal looking names with a freshly made Gmail account that matches the username on the forums. The only evidence left after that is that a thread that has a really old last post shows up in the latest topics.

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IIRC the discussion started after the FAQ thread was accidentally caught in the crossfire and got deleted along with some spam, which ended up being the straw that broke the camel’s back, starting the push towards a new forum.

Could you show an example? I’m actually pretty curious right now of how one can make a scam-post look legitimate.

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The replies were like “excellent advice this helped me a lot”
On a thread discussing some game feature. By chance one of the posts by a spammer did actually fit the context of the thread it was posted in, so I left it alone until that account made a second post which did not make any sense in context.

I think they are trying to increase their post count first with innocent posts before they start spamming. That’s because discourse has a lot of automatic protections against new users spamming links and posts, so they first try to increase their post count to appear as a legitimate user, and then start spamming. At least that’s the only theory I’ve come up with that makes sense.


he isn’t the one who made the forum game so why did he post this? might be a spammer, so keep an eye on him.


That doesn’t seem to be one of the Indian spammers, at least based on the IP address, but the post and the user stats seem very similar to the other spammers. Maybe the spammers are now recruiting people outside India.

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No i just forgot my password and im on my phone


Yeah nevermind I get what you mean now.

(Though it seems more to be an epic prank)

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Is the new user of the month badge distributed automatically or do the admins get to actually pick the 2 users who get it?

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IIRC, it is given to two new users depending on how many likes they received. Too bad I didn’t get it. I will never get it.

@blackjacksike is serial liking!

According to the Admin Officers, six victims of liking have been found this evening (including hhyyrylainen, zenzonegaming, Omicron, TeaKing, Novam and OmnipotentFNarr). Their likes were found on their posts in the New Miscellaneous Thread, and the evidences suggest that @blackjacksike was the perpetrator of these awful crimes. Thus, @blackjacksike is an infamous serial liker!
Note: I’ve been reading the old posts in this thread and found out that [REDACTED], [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] had been simultaneously serial liking until Biologicah publicly noticed it.


I’m joking, I’m jokin’ !
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It is I, new user of the entirety of 2017. Bow before me, peasants.


Omicron is our god! We shall praise him!

Terribly funny.

:belgium:! They are trying to steal my necros!

Who finds the deleted FAQ event “terribly funny?”

  • Me
  • Definitely not me
  • I don’t know

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Who feels offended by the spammers stealing @blackjacksike’s our necros?

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  • Not me
  • I don’t know

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By the way, @hhyyrylainen, I’ve got a question for you. I know some of my posts mention it, but I want to make sure I really understand what it is. What’s an artificial post count? Also, why using the word ‘artificial’ as a prefix?

EDIT: My duty is done. I filled the posts 178 to 206 with complete irony.

Posts that contribute nothing to the discussion are pointless. The post count tells others how meaningful part of the forums you are. So if you make meaningless posts you are artificially boosting your post count.
If it was up to me forum games wouldn’t count towards the post count, but sadly there is no such option in discourse.

Tongue Twister time!!

Peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,
a peck of pickled peppers peter piper picked,
if peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,
where’s the peck of pickled peppers peter piper picked?

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But why use the word ‘artificial’? Posts are already artificial! Made by human hands pressing keys on a keyboard!

EDIT : To clarify my previous post, “terribly funny” means that it’s both funny and terrible.

Nobody knew, but you can change your vote on a poll. Just click “Hide results,” then you can change your vote option.

Hey, @hhyyrylainen, is that possible (the middle-earth AI)?

EDIT: Idea for Halloween on the forum

We could have the same thing as in holidays, i.e. there’d be a hat above or over each profile picture. The longer the post is, higher the hat will be. But instead of a hat, it’d be a pumpkin.

What do you all think about that idea?

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I stopped at the part where the video said “becoming smarter than the game itself” as my bullshit detector went off the charts. My explanation for all of that: the developers didn’t properly make the delete save feature, leading it to having a bug where some NPCs weren’t deleted when you deleted the save, and could appear in other saves, but in a slightly glitched state.


Under The Seavilation



smeltal alt delt meltal


all I’m going to say is: CURSED THIRV