THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread (Part 1)

I do not celebrate All Saints’ day, for I am not a Christian, yet, there is still something I contemplate on this day.
It is November the first, 1755, Lisbon. Citizens of the Empire’s Capital are gathered in the churches and streets of the city, commemorating this Holy Day. It is then that the ground, on which in the past they firmly stood and walked on, begins shaking.
Panic spreads, and not long after, the ceilings of the Houses of Worship bury the believers who had gathered beneath them. The walls of the tightly packed buildings crush those who try to escape their doom on the streets. The candles lit for the occasion, toppled, become the instigators of great fires that engulf the buildings that still stand. The survivors rush to the docks, in the hope that an open sky would spare them. The people are now in a state of fervent supplication, while clerics preach to the masses. Has God forsaken Man? Is this divine punishment? The sea has receded more than it has ever in the past. Suddenly, awesome waves rush forward, taking with them anything that crosses their path.
Now Lisbon in ruins lies there, its streets flooded with mud, blood, and tears.

Hey, I’ve read that story in a book too, though it was only told by one of the characters.

Does anyone know the character limit for posts?

As the MAX length? i think it is something close to 10,000

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It’s enough that you can’t hit it unless you copy paste long logs or try to copy paste copyrighted content as a joke.

Wow, I didn’t expect someone to post the US map in this forum.

Speaking of the US, I learned that Trumpet has been defeated!


no polito

EDIT: The fireworks emoji doesn’t look like fireworks. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Let’s change subjects…

@hhyyrylainen, which language do you prefer? C# or C++?

I personally prefer C++ because I don’t have to use OOP features when I don’t need them whereas I need to declare a class and namespace in C# everytime I want to do something.

I’m still more familiar with C++, but working a lot with C# on Thrive has given me some appreciation for the language. I’d still probably pick C++ over C# for any new projects I start, but that’s no longer an absolute. I’d consider C# for new projects if the right libraries exist for it but don’t for C++. Though, for small, performance demanding applications, I would still pick C++.

Especially working in a team, where to put it nicely, not everyone is familiar with computer architecture and the inner workings of C++, I’m much more confident that there aren’t serious hidden bugs in other people’s contributions. If we were doing C++, I’d have to be much more vigilant against other people doing undefined stuff or not following modern C++ standards, which is a less of a problem in C# as it doesn’t have C legacy built into it.

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But why do we always have to define a namespace and a class if we only want to make a single function to execute in C#?

Only scripting languages, like Ruby, Python, Bash are geared towards allowing just executing little bit of code without worrying about things. In bigger projects (when you go past a couple of files) it greatly helps that all code needs to be contained in methods, and the execution starting point is clearly defined.

C# doesn’t actually always require namespaces. At least in the case of Thrive namespaces aren’t used much at all. That might be a Godot thing, but when adding C# scripts in Godot you don’t need namespaces, but you do need classes. That it makes it very simple to put all the code and variables in the same place for, so classes are actually excellent. If you want to participate in software development that goes beyond scripts, that’s done in OOP languages as they help you cut up the big program into manageable parts.

In c# 9.0 you don’t even need classes anymore to execute a function

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Wow, they have just gone and made C# into a scripting language.
At least they are sensible enough that they did this:

Only one file in your application may use top-level statements. If the compiler finds top-level statements in multiple source files, it’s an error.

So anyway you can only use that for one file scripts.

Also I see why microsoft wanted this feature:

Azure functions are an ideal use case for top-level statements.

I really need to learn C#. It seems like it’s growing in popularity. Thrive is using C#. Garry’s Mod 2 is going to use C#. Space Engineers uses C# for custom scripts…
But I think it’d be better for me to learn C++ first to give me a better introduction to C#.

Most people seem to not recommend starting with C++ as you have like all of the stuff in C# (or close equivalents in terms of OOP), and then on top of that you also need to learn about manual memory management and avoid outdated C++ resources.

So I was scrolling up this thread, and I noticed that the 5,000th post was actually only 4996. Why would people delete posts from such a long time ago?

Also, theoretically, if I deleted a large amount of my posts, would I go back down to industrial?

I think it’s possible.
If the post count on your profile goes down when you delete posts, then yes you can go down in rank.



Guess I must adapt to my environment…

Maybe they said something that they regret and that they don’t want some people with dark intentions to use their posts to harass them in the future.
Thanks for the question; I wanted to ask long ago but forgot about it.
EDIT: Does C# have pointers? Otherwise, how making saves would be possible? I never learned how to use them, but I’m sure they’re used for saving, right?

Noticed the new “Replying…” thingy.

In C#, all classes are references, which means they are pointers in disguise. So if you have a class Microbe and then you have variables like this:

Microbe a = new Microbe();
Microbe b = a;
b.SomeProperty = 5;

a and b refer to the same microbe instance. So after that code a.SomeProperty will also be 5.
In effect all variables that have a class type in C#, are pointers. Though as C# is a memory managed language you can’t actually do pointer arithmetic or stuff like that on the pointers, and you can’t accidentally point to some random place in memory, but conceptually the variables a and b are pointers that point to the Microbe instance that was created.

It’s always been there, but now for some reason the theme has decided that it should be left aligned and have a black background.

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Don’t say that’s a Fit video… He makes a lot of stuff up and claims it as a true fact.

I always thought it was a joke so…

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Käännöksen tila

Time to get translating