THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread (Part 1)

The last person to post in the Shoutbox II was hhyyrylainen

will this be the final shout?

Apparently shoutbox is a thread now…
I’ll close this for now. If the plugin is ever fixed I can re-enable it and unlock this thread.

Whelp I guess @hhyyrylainen is even more incredible. Congrats on being orders of magnitude more than human.

Now that we are talking about thread kings… I’m still the misc king, right?

Well, I don’t think so…

No way!!!

I may have made a cell so big that it rivals entire nations


it’s a link

WOW, I didn’t notice

New developer, yeah!

Indeed, and not just one but two.

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really perfect,.!

I feel like a lot of new people are joining the forums.

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yes there are

like how many are you talking about here, also my mac just ran out of memory running thrive

I have noticed at least three new people start posting this week, two of which have become very active.

name them, also who’s the odd one who is’nt active

is active not just very active not inactvie activee

this is going r/ihadastroke


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Penguin and Pokemon. The others I don’t notice much, because as they don’t post much, not many posts from them appear. Also because I do not know if they will stay for a significant period of time, I don’t immediately submit them to my memory.