THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread (Part 1)

no one so far have rech 5K posting, need to chnage to 3K XD

Not that I have seen, which is why it is my goal to get there (though there are a lot of people farther along than me towards that goal of being first, such as you doom)

Then again I’ve only been here a month and am at tribal (nearly 300 posts)

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i not writh alot comper to most, soo that goal it far fetch for me

You want to get to that ascended grindset

Also just a random thing is anybody else having a glitch where they can’t see who has used the emoji reactions on their posts? For me it just cuts off the top half of the ‘tooltip’ (not exactly but dunno what to call it) where it shows their names.

Edit: here’s an image of it happening for me, I can’t see them for anyones post;

Like I know who did or can guess in this case, but I can’t see it

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no for me atlist.
if we on this topic, i go have some weird stuff, it is normal?

it hart my eyes

something elese

on other side, i think i have something to tell:
i think i going to revive the crazy that should not exsit, but everyone remeber that:

but in complitly diffrent deracten that i want to unit some stuff:

  1. i want to practis more on drawing
  2. i want to create some fan and more “ez” game then may ongoing “P.H”, that not devoid my mind resouse on that.
  3. i want to progress my idea for hypothetical evolution project that can be intesting, and i want it as a fan and challenge at the same time.
  4. i fell like we have a lack of more “short” time forum game

soo i think i can preper the grown for that

That could be cool, I was thinking of doing a xenobiology project I am doing (it has some seed worlds mixed in) partially on this forum for ideas, even if the actual project goes in a completely different direction than the game goes in

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have you deleted any posts? i believe they also count towards your total to get spacefaring. I remeber hitting it at around 965 posts

I think topics also count towards it maybe? That could be why you hit it before your summary said you had 1000, as that page separates topics from posts

Also anyone else think it is so annoying the limit on likes? I understand and it but it is annoying.

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i rarly deleted posts, so i do think its just go there

still, 5K it a lot af post, i will take me 5 time to go ther with my corrent posting

i do think this have a resome for spam i think

yeah that happen because people (and by people, I mean me) used to spam them… like just like every post from a person and just creating a notification hell

here’s a start of a thread of why it got limited:

It’s a mobile bug, I have it too when I’m on my phone

its see like, i just want to make that as best as possible without take a lot of time form me, it will be more a free like: no limit on how much player can be, they can enter or exit on any time and nothing will be happen.

i have the skeleton reday, just need my aprovle to excetut it


2 replies left for the 8000th post.

Captura de tela de 2022-03-25 22-46-06
The latest section in the main page already says 8.0k!

1 reply left. Also if anyone wants to know I solved why they didn’t just fly the one ring to mount doom or something.

0 posts are left. Happy 8000th post!


Hello World!

This is me from the future (2023). Um, hi! So, the prototypes just got implemented[1] and the games is becoming better on each update. We have a belgiuming censorship filter now, belgium. This thread hit 10,000 replies so the system automatically made another one. What am I doing here? Well, just revisiting some old, lame messages made by me. See ya next time!

  1. Yes, from Multicellular to Ascension stages. ↩︎

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Yay idk why that’s important but it’s cool.

If I recall correctly the reply limit is 10,000 posts.
Maybe we can reach it next year

Why can I edit your post?

You can turn your post into a wiki post where everyone can edit