THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread (Part 1)

I found this by looking at the development forums.
cool fish
I will not give the context.


Quiet day on the forum today huh


We will have a bit of activity when 0.5.9 is released (is it June or July after all?) From what I’ve seen on the development forum, we will have some Easter eggs too. Yay

I think hhyyrylainen said that it was in july

From the quick question thread:

Easiest thing is to just check on Github to see if the release milestone has a due date set. Here’s the link:

Why “strong text” is just a bit smaller text?

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Much more active than it used to be.

Still amazed at how much more active this forum is

It’s some kind of font / CSS glitch, which I’m too lazy to try to correct. If someone can come up with the CSS magic to fix it, I can put that in.

I can easily imagine this forum being inactive for weeks. We now have a good argument against those guys on YouTube who comment “Thrive is dead as they are still in the unicelular stage after 7 years”

There’s always the colour.

Which is weird because the bbcode one works

strong text
strong text

Maybe it’s the issue with the default font used on the forum.

Pandora without horizon has ended, and now me and frale will argue for all of eternity about weather or not our people survived

Spoiler alert: canon says no

Spoiler alert: math says yes.

Canon math, doesnt .

Real math does . It’s called if-then.

Honestly? It doesnt prove you right, since to make it work you had to make a lot of out-canon assumptions that were wrong because stated so by the canon.

I suppose no one ever would talk about this, so I’ll bring it up:

Idk maybe they pray to disturbance or something