THE NEW Miscellaneous Talk That Doesn't Deserve A New Thread Thread Thread (Part 1)

I have been subscribe him for atlist 5 years, and i was supprise then i saw that video.
I glad that happen.

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I’m a big fan of his Stellaris videos, so it’s exciting that he’s played Thrive!

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so hyranialnain, will you allow underwater civ discussions now?

He’s called hhyyrylainen not hryhraien or something

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There’s nothing to discuss aside from the possibility of naturally occurring thermite and the practicality of floating forges. The idea of permitting a polarizing topic without actually having an interesting theory is as useless as necroposting to say “I like this discussion someone please add something” PLUS someone will Burgeon their way through a bs idea. If you have an idea ask hhyyrylainen about that instead

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There’s nothing to discuss before people come up with the start to finish full explanation. Feel free to join that subreddit that was linked a while ago about discussing underwater civs.


This is such a good concept and execution

It’s a rouge-lite with a definite end, that if you win it trashes Cleopatra unfairly and then becomes yet another seven deadly sins based media

neither rouge-lite or rouge-like since there isn’t procedural level generation


1100 posts left

Come on guys at least learn to use the invisible post fillers if you must use post fillers.

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Why do we even have a minimum letter count if people just use post filler anyway?

Because they are not supposed to. If we had more enthusiastic moderation people would actually get warnings for doing stupid things to get around it. Instead people should think 5 more seconds about what they are about to post so that they could come up with an extra sentence to add to their post, or just use the like or reactions.




lets not overdo it now


I’ll link this here as an early preview of something that might be posted as an announcement later:


mean while see what happn in the developent forume and see some pic that make me think about something:

That stupid, i k


Ok why is every topic I click on is anything but miscellaneous talks
How long can you stay offline before losing the regular badge?

So long that your visited days in the last 140(?) days falls below like the 70% mark, I think. Someone can look up the discourse trust level 3 requirements if they want the exact numbers.

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